Wolf Den Hollow Review

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About the Book

It’s the dead of winter, and Sila, a bewitching Cherokee teenager, has just fled her marriage to a brutal drunk. Desperate for work, she finds herself knocking on the door of a mill office in the Missouri Ozarks. There she meets the handsome owner, Charley Barclay.

Despite the fact that Sila and Charley have virtually nothing in common and thirty years between them, a spark ignites. Their passionate love affair quickly intensifies, and for Charley, there is no going back to his loveless marriage—especially after Sila is with child. They marry, and his empire expands as they face tragedy and treachery along the way. Just as their lives seem perfect, Charley falls victim to cancer. Sila’s devastation is compounded by the onset of the Great Depression. She loses her inheritance and is faced with losing her home. As her situation grows increasingly dire, Sila—determined to protect herself and her family—is forced to make a desperate decision.

Inspired by a true story, and replete with natural healing, glimpses of the logging boom, and heartbreaking drama, Wolf Den Hollow brings to life this unlikely, captivating romance of the early 1900s.


I expected to really enjoy this book, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. This is just one of those stories that instantly pulls you in and refuses to let go of you. It’s just so haunting but beautiful at the same time.

The writing in this book is really lyrical and fit so well with the story. And the characters had so much depth to them that I couldn’t help but want to learn more about them. Plus there was such an interesting romance featured along with the steam that makes it so much more interesting. And the setting again just added so much more to this. I mean, just all around there were so many surprising and amazing aspects to Wolf Den Hollow.

The really interesting part about this story is that it is loosely based off of the authors own family. And after realizing that I could reflect on what I read and see just how many extra little details the author added. And you can also see how much research Murray put into making the perfect story.

About the Author

After living in Bali, Indonesia, where she designed and manufacturing garments, Donna Murray relocated back to San Francisco. She worked with the San Francisco Ballet on their Opening Night Gala in 2010, and when she left the event that rainy evening, she stepped into a deep pothole―and broke both her feet. With months of recuperation ahead, she embraced the opportunity to write her first novel: Wolf Den Hollow.

Donna has a passion for the arts and culture, travel, nature, food and wine, and living the good life in the beautiful Napa Valley.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*