Two Minds Review

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About the Book

Daddy issues? CHECK

Mummy issues? CHECK

Family issues? CHECK

Fucked up self esteem? CHECK

Overthinking mind leading to insanity? CHECK

Lizzy is your average messed up girl, clearly not taking a break from life’s fucked up routine of hell.

Her parents are the demons of her prison, driving her to rebal by making instinctive choices.

Ultimately leading her to uncover a secret that was hidden from her since birth.

What if everyone you know wasn’t who they said they were?

What if your surroundings weren’t all that you could see?

What if the You, you thought you knew wasn’t who you truly are?

A classically intriguing thriller where every corner is a mystery that could lead to your death or survival…
Would you take the risk?

Or watch yourself burn in the world you thought you knew?



Wow, what a quick but intense read. There is honestly no other way to describe it really. Two Minds pulls you in, tangles you up, then spits you right back out. And I know I’ve said its intense, but this novella really is tangled and crazy and wild. There are just so many ups and downs throughout it.

Where this one excelled the most is the writing. Griffits just expertly wove together the story between Lizzy and Darcy and really ensured that you were engaged throughout the novella. And I also really just enjoyed the two characters and how different yet similar they are. And even though I’m not a huge fan of multiple POVs I think it worked (for the most part) in this one.

I know I’ve already said this multiple times, but be prepared for a wild ride in this story. BUT, on the plus side the length of the book means you won’t have to spend forever trying to get through the twists. I’ve really come to appreciate novellas this year and I think for stories like this one the length works better. At least for my attention span.

About the Author

Naakaree published her first book in 2017, with her second following in 2020.

Naakaree has always found love in reading and writing and graduated with a diploma in Journalism in 2019. During her studies, she started up ‘KBS Magazine’ in 2018, and combined her love for the two different writing styles of Journalistic & fiction book writing.

*I received an ecopy in exchange for an honest review*