The Betrayal Tour – Review

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About the Book

From the USA Today bestselling author comes a gripping thriller about a divorce attorney who’s about to discover her own marriage is based on lies when she’s arrested for murder.

Attorney Olivia Sinclair is shocked when she receives an anonymous video showing her husband Richard sleeping with someone else. After years of handling other people’s divorces, she thought she could recognise a marriage in trouble.

She angrily throws Richard out of the home they share. But days later she’s arrested—for the murder of his mistress.

Olivia knows she’s innocent but, with all the evidence pointing at her and an obvious motive, she must find the real killer to clear her name.

She may be used to dealing with messy divorces, but this one will be her most difficult case yet. Olivia’s husband has already betrayed her—but would he set her up for murder?

A gripping and unputdownable thriller for fans of Gillian McAllister, Alafair Burke and A Killer’s Wife.


What a perfect book to ring in the new year with! I had taken a slight book break (AKA I haven’t had a chance to binge lately) in case you cant tell and I finally got a chance to sit down and just read with this one and I am so happy that this was the first book I am logging in a review for this year. Because it was intense and crazy and wild and amazing!

There was just so much to like about this book, but what perhaps was the best part was that it is just a solid and well thought out plot. While I almost always guess the “whodunit” at the beginning of the book (can I blame my addiction to Sherlock Holmes as a child for this?), I still really enjoy books like this. And The Betrayal is definitely one of my new favorites in this genre!

This is a perfect psychological thriller for many types of readers and people. It has a little something for everyone and quite honestly it’ll just hook you from the moment you pick it up. So, go give this one a try (*nudge, nudge*)!

About the Author

Terry Lynn writes the Sarah Bennett Mysteries, set on the California coast during the 1940s, which features a misunderstood medium in love with a spy. The Drowned Woman is a recipient of the IndieBRAG Medallion. She also writes the Cat Carlisle Mysteries, set in Britain during World War II. The first book in this series, The Silent Woman, came out in April 2018 and has since become a USA TODAY bestseller. The Family Secret released to critical acclaim in March 2019, and House of Lies, the third book in the series, released on March 4, 2020. When she’s not writing, you can find Terry Lynn walking in the woods with her dogs or visiting historical cemeteries in search of story ideas.

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Death in the Cloud Tour – Review

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About the Book

A commercial airliner departing Moscow is missing over France. Two days later, with world tensions at an all-time high, that same plane is headed for the White House.

Soon after, following a mysterious breach of the launch codes, US nuclear missiles aimed at Russia are poised for attack. A reciprocal attack is readied by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. The world is on the edge of a nuclear apocalypse.

Since his murder in a Queens restaurant, Alex Nicholas has been living a virtual life in cyberspace. Suddenly he finds himself on the big screen in the White House’s underground bunker, facing the President of the United States. He may be the only one who can save the world from mutual mass destruction. But to do so, he will have to allow himself to be “deleted” – this time permanently.

This latest addition to the Michael & Alex Nicholas series – which also includes Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In, and Death Logs Out – features all the mystery, artificial intelligence, humor, food, and travel that fans have come to expect, but with even more twists and turns. Buckle up!


This book is such a wild ride! And also reminds me why I’m not a huge fan of A.I., but that’s a whole other psychological development that I don’t need to get into. But if you like thrillers, twists and turns, and enemies hidden around every corner then this is the book for you! It really surprised me with how invested in the story I became and it’s one of those books that will be on your mind in the background until you get the chance to continue reading it.

I think what really made me enjoy this story the most was the characters. I always say I’m a world-building type of reader but when there are some well written characters I can’t help but to fall for the book. And what I love the most are believable characters, and our mcs definitely fit into that category! But even outside of the characters this book contains a really crazy, and oddly realistic, story in it! And when I say there are twists and turns I mean it, so buckle up when you dive into this one!

I’ve been trying to expand what I read this year and this is one of those books that my previously (*cough* still *cough*) fantasy obsessed brain would probably skip over. But I’m so glad I gave this book a chance because it’s not only a good reprieve from fantasy, it’s just a really entertaining book!

About the Author

E. J. Simon is a member of the Authors Guild, the Mystery Writers of America and the North Carolina Writer’s Network. He holds an M.A. in Corporate & Political Communications from Fairfield University and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. He lives with his wife and highly intelligent mini-golden doodle in North Carolina in the United States.

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The Watcher Tour – Review

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About the Book

From the award-winning author of The Scamp, Jennifer Pashley is back with a searing literary noir about what it means to live on the margins of society and what happens when no one is watching…

Pearl Jenkins is a nobody. She was a woman who lived as a hermit in the woods. One day, she’s nowhere to be found, and all that’s left behind is a pool of blood and a child no one knew existed, raised completely off the grid and in the grip of Pearl’s manic paranoia.

Kateri Fisher is used to being an outsider. Now, she’s the only female detective in the tiny upstate New York town of Spring Falls, where everyone knows everyone, but no one will talk. It’s fitting that she takes the case that no one else wants. But as Kateri struggles to navigate the harsh rules of a new town while trying to learn the truth about the Jenkins family, only one thing becomes clear: neither she nor Pearl are as invisible as she first thought. Someone’s always watching.

Praise for The Watcher

“Pashley’s seamless, yet meticulous writing pulls the reader into the bleak world of rural upstate New York…Atmospheric and dark, yet emotionally compelling, The Watcher is simply phenomenal on all counts. Jennifer Pashley is nothing short of a rising star.” —Wendy Walker, bestselling author of All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night

“The Watcher is a taut literary thriller about desperation, desire, and what people are capable of when they’ve got nothing left to lose. Pashley’s masterful prose makes your heart ache and your pulse pound for every single character populating this chilly, unforgiving—and unforgettable—world.” —Layne Fargo, author of Temper

“The characters in The Watcher will rip your heart out…There is hope at the heart of this novel, and also redemption and justice. You’ll find yourself reading faster to discover what happens next and slowing down to wallow in the beautiful prose. Pashley writes about the people on the fringes of society with clear-eyed compassion and grace. It’s a gift.”—Tiffany Quay Tyson, award-winning author of The Past is Never

“Do not miss this dark and gorgeously told mystery that combines both the literary and noir. I was completely enthralled…You will not be able to turn away from The Watcher.”—Vanessa Lillie, Amazon bestselling author of Little Voices and For the Best


Since I grew up in tiny town NY it’s always nice to read a book in that setting! It always feels like coming home to me, even if I’m reading a crime based book. The Watcher is the first book in a new crime series and I can honestly say that after reading the first I cannot wait to continue this series! Pashley just has a way with words that makes them flow off the page in such a delightful way!

For being a crime book this read is incredible atmospheric, which I think is the perfect addition to crime novels. It just adds that perfect extra sense of dread and etherealness that helps to captivate you as you read. And even outside of this the characters were all really interesting. I enjoyed learning more about them and getting all sides of the story.

Knowing small town antics I could easily see a small town crumble like it did in this story. And overall this was one of those books that I couldn’t look away from. It just had that perfect combination of realness, amazing writing, and an engaging story that will leave you needing more. And I really look forward to seeing what Pashley comes up with next!

About the Author

Jennifer Pashley is the award-winning author of two short story collections, States, and The Conjurer, and a novel, The Scamp. Her stories have appeared widely in journals like Mississippi Review, PANK, and SmokeLong Quarterly, and she has been awarded the Red Hen Prize for Fiction, the Mississippi Review Prize for fiction, and the Carve Magazine Esoteric Award for LGBT Fiction.

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The Girl in Cabin 13 Audiobook Tour – Review & Author Q&A

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Author: A.J. Rivers

Narrator: Claire Duncan

Length: 7 hours and 32 minutes

Series: Emma Griffin FBI, Book 1

Publisher: Altered Path

Released: Aug. 15, 2020

Genre: Thriller

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The First to Lie Tour – Review

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About the Book

Release Date : August 4, 2020

We all have our reasons for being who we are―but what if being someone else could get you what you want?

After a devastating betrayal, a young woman sets off on an obsessive path to justice, no matter what dark family secrets are revealed. What she doesn’t know―she isn’t the only one plotting revenge.

An affluent daughter of privilege. A glamorous manipulative wannabe. A determined reporter, in too deep. A grieving widow who has to choose her new reality. Who will be the first to lie? And when the stakes are life and death, do a few lies really matter?

Bestselling and award-winning author and investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan delivers another twisty, thrilling cat and mouse novel of suspense that will have you guessing, and second-guessing, and then gasping with surprise.

Praise for The First to Lie

“Hank Phillippi Ryan is at the top of her game. THE FIRST TO LIE is a masterfully twisty tale full of all my favorite things: interesting women, family secrets, and well-plotted revenge. Start reading early, because you will tear through the pages of this breathless, keep-you-up-all-night thriller.”—Jennifer Hillier, award-winning author of JAR OF HEARTS and LITTLE SECRETS

“The First to Lie is a twisty, winding road of deception and secrets that starts with a bang and ends with an explosion. Put this one on your list because Hank Phillippi Ryan is at the top of her game.”—Samantha Downing, USA Today bestselling author of My Lovely Wife and He Started It

“With flawless pacing and impeccable character development, Hank Phillippi Ryan delivers yet another powerful, relevant story of deceit, betrayal, and the extent to which someone will go to right the wrongs they have suffered. The First to Lie is a magnificent, intricately plotted thriller that will have you questioning everyone’s motives until the stunning ending.”—Samantha M. Bailey, bestselling author of Woman on the Edge


Wow this book is one freaking wild ride! It’s just a web of deception after deception after lies and maybe back to a bit more of deception. And the best part of it all is that it was so good because you could tell that Ryan in an expert in the craft. A mystery/thriller/suspense book can easily fall apart if it isn’t written well, and The First to Lie decidedly does not fall into that category.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book, so keep your thinking caps on! There are a lot of characters and they each have their own set of secrets and twists to divulge. And while the plot can sometimes feel a little convoluted, that’s what makes the story so interesting.

After this book I definitely need to check out the other books from the author. And that’s how I know it was a really good read, when it makes me want to find out what I’ve been missing from Hank Phillippi Ryan. But for anyone who likes a good suspense/thriller/mystery, this one is definitely worth the read!

About the Author

Hank Phillippi Ryan is the bestselling author of eleven award winning novels of suspense. National reviews have called her a “master at crafting suspenseful mysteries” and “a superb and gifted storyteller.”

Her upcoming domestic suspense thriller THE MURDER LIST is a Most Anticipated Book of Summer 2019 from Criminal Element. AJ Finn calls it “a fireworks display of a novel–explosive, exciting and likely to leave you gasping.” BA Paris says: “A cracker of a read!”

Her first psychological standalone, TRUST ME, is an *AGATHA AWARD* nominee. It was named a Best Book of 2018 from REAL SIMPLE Magazine, BookBub, PopSugar, Bustle, CrimeReads and The New York Post. Mary Kubica says: “Dazzling!” and Lisa Gardner says “Mesmerizing!” The Booklist STARRED review says “’s a knockout. First-rate psychological suspense.” 

Her thriller SAY NO MORE is a Library Journal BEST OF 2016. And a nominee for the AGATHA AWARD, the DAPHNE award, and the MARY HIGGINS CLARK AWARD! Associated Press calls it “stellar” and Publishers Weekly calls it “thrilling” “unflinching” and “gratifying.”

Her 2015 book, WHAT YOU SEE, is a Library Journal BEST of 2015, an ANTHONY and AGATHA Award nominee, and a Top Pick!, dubbed “exceptional suspense.” It received a starred review from Library Journal which says: “Readers will find themselves racing to the finish!” 

Her 2014 book, TRUTH BE TOLD, won the AGATHA Award for best mystery, and is a Library Journal Best of 2014. It received starred reviews from Booklist and Library Journal, which says, “Drop everything and binge read!” 

THE WRONG GIRL won the Agatha Award and the Daphne Award, and is a seven-week Boston Globe bestseller and Anthony Award nominee. 

THE OTHER WOMAN won the coveted Mary Higgins Clark Award, and was listed as a Best Book of 2012 by the Kansas City Star, the Sacramento Bee, Suspense Magazine, and The Boston Globe, won the prestigious Mary Higgins Clark Award, and was the only novel nominated for the Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, Shamus and Daphne awards for Best Novel of 2012.

Her first four mysteries, beginning with the Agatha Award-winning PRIME TIME, feature Charlotte McNally, a Boston television reporter. FACE TIME was a BookSense Notable Book, and AIR TIME and DRIVE TIME were both Anthony and Agatha Award nominees for best novel of 2009 and 2010. They are now available in all new editions.

Hank is also an award-winning investigative reporter at Boston’s WHDH-TV. In addition to 36 EMMYs and 14 Edward R. Murrow awards, Hank’s won dozens of other honors for her ground-breaking journalism. 

Her work has resulted in new laws, people sent to prison, homes removed from foreclosure, and millions of dollars in refunds and restitution for victims and consumers. She’s been a radio reporter, a legislative aide in the United States Senate and an editorial assistant at Rolling Stone Magazine, working with Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Avedon and Richard Goodwin.

Hank is a founding teacher at Mystery Writers of America University and served as 2013 president of national Sisters in Crime. She blogs at Jungle Red Writers and Career Authors.

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Lark’s Labyrinth Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

Print Length: 674 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1461177367
Publisher: The Wild Harp & Company, Inc. (November 28, 2017)
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English

The Spear that pierced Christ’s side on the Cross has played a secret, but major role in history. Charlemagne, Constantine, Otto the Barbarian, The Knights Templar and Adolf Hitler all owned it… and believed it gave them the power to rule the world.

What if they were right?

The first time Dr. Cait Monahan ever heard of the Spear of Longinus was the night her husband was murdered because of it. That was when the terror began.

…right before the U.S. Government, the CIA, Neo Nazis, the Vatican and a secret cabal of 13 powerful global manipulators sent their assassins after her and her 9 year old.


…just before a lethal secret propelled her across Europe following a riddle that hadn’t been solved since the Holocaust.

…just before Cait Monahan became entrapped in an interdimensional labyrinth that her own husband may have helped design.

Now she’s a player in a game that has led to mystery, magic, mayhem and murder for over 2000 years, and only the help of a tribunal of long dead men may be able to save her.

Vibrant and cerebral, filled with intrigue, Conspiracy Theory and more ancient secrets than the Dead Sea Scrolls, Lark’s Labyrinth pits characters you’ll care about against a mystery you’ll want to solve.

Inside Lark’s Labyrinth is a secret men have killed for …now a woman, her sister, her child and their small band of friends are all that stand between us and the dark, insidious power that’s a hairsbreadth away from ruling the world.

You can purchase Lark’s Labyrinth at the following Retailers:

Praise for Lark’s Labyrinth

“Politics and religion collide as Spellman delivers another fast-paced, suspenseful, and totally enjoyable thriller… The author constructs a blistering story–replete with political and religious intrigue–that never slows down and will keep readers turning the pages of this spectacular thrill ride.” Publisher’s Weekly


“…Almost impossible to put down. The Author has the ability to produce one powerful scene after another and the action draws you helplessly on…” ―Publisher’s Weekly on So Many Partings

“…A cross between The Thorn Birds and Ragtime…” ―ALA Booklist on So Many Partings

“Flows along with an inexorable narrative current that propels the readers from one involving episode to the next.” ―Booklist on So Many Partings

“An energetic plot that never takes a breather.” ―Kirkus Reviews on Paint the Wind

“A western extravaganza.. a plot teeming with outsize characters.” ―Publishers Weekly on Paint the Wind

“I have never read a book or connected with an author who has touched me so deeply – as a mother, a grandmother, and another psychic kindred soul!” ―Elizabeth Taylor on Bless the Child

“This book has really touched my heartstrings as both a mother and grandmother. And Cathy Cash Spellman is one hell of a writer!” ―Maureen Stapleton on Bless the Child

“With a seductive, at times spellbinding style, author Spellman (An Excess of Love) incorporates ancient myths into an entrancing romantic thriller.. Spellman succeeds in capturing the reader’s close attention as an unrelenting sense of foreboding drives the narrative forward with power.” ―Publisher’s Weekly on Bless the Child


Well, what a ride! There is just so much packed into this book. While there is so much in this book the world building is extensive enough to help everything make sense. I mean, this is a tome of a book. It’s the thic bottomed girl that I love to see in books (ignore me being weird, I just really like long books). It makes it even better though when I’m reading a big book that continues to make me want to learn more.

You know, it might be the current events that are making me feel this way (honestly though, I’m just typically like this), but I’m really digging all of the elements in this story. I mean, there’s just almost too many to list. Which I know can sound daunting, but it’s really now because everything just masterfully came together. Plus, I’m going to go back to this, but the book is heavy so there’s time for everything to be woven together. But I can’t even say I know what genre I would classify it as because it could fit into so many different ones.

All in all I really enjoyed this book. Don’t be fooled by it’s size, it really lures you in! And since it covers so many different things I think any number of people would be really intrigued by it.

About the Author

Photo Credit: Dakota Cash

Multiple New York Times and International Bestsellers, a Paramount Movie, book sales in 22 countries, Cathy Cash Spellman writes stories about love, friendship, adventure, and history. Known for her big sprawling sagas and memorable characters, Cathy writes the kind of stories women like to lose themselves in, and then remember long after the book is done.

Her books range through several genres: contemporary, historical, mystery, mystic and romance. Several take place in two time-frames, both current and historical.

Bless the Child was a Paramount movie in 2000, starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits, and Paint The Wind has been optioned for film and TV.

Cathy is an Astrologer, Martial Artist (Black Belt Goju Ryu Karate) and has expertise in Chinese Medicine, several alternative healing modalities and many metaphysical disciplines.

She has written for Self, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Mademoiselle, Cosmo, Penthouse, Mode, Kung Fu and many other magazines about women, health, empowerment, sexuality, spiritual philosophy and Astrology. She blogs for The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

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House of Lies Tour – Review

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About the Book

Publication Date: March 4, 2020

From the USA Today bestselling author of THE SILENT WOMAN comes a new Cat Carlisle mystery!

In a time of war, nowhere is safe…

While World War Two rages, Cat Carlisle runs a women’s refuge to protect beaten wives. But when one of the women is found dead in the woods behind the house, Cat’s world shatters.

Was the killer a violent husband seeking revenge? A secret lover? Or is something more dangerous at play? Because Cat and her fiancé Thomas have a secret: they’re hiding a precious golden chalice, keeping it locked safely away from the plundering Nazis until the war is over. But someone wants that treasure, and no one will be safe until they get it…


You guys, I’ve been so excited to read this book! I mean, just read that synopsis! Amazing! AND what’s even more amazing is (well, not really, I expected to say this but I’m feeling *melodramatic*) that I absolutely loved this book! I mean, it kind of hits all of the buckets for my favorite things in books so… Yeah, it’s just realllyyyy good!

Honestly though, I think the best part of this story is just how many different subplots are seamlessly interwoven into the main plot. It takes skill to pull this off so successfully! I mean there was the mystery aspect (and I’m a sucker for a good mystery book), to societal issues aspect, and then just all of the character development! Yet even amongst all of these seemingly difficult aspects the book is still a soothing read. I keep talking about “soothing” books lately because those are the ones that are holding my interest in these trying times. I want a book that feels like an escape where I can just relax into the story, and House of Lies was just perfect for that!

Now, I want to point out that I read this book as a standalone. Yes, I know, I’ve been doing this a lot! But, I really like all of these series that I have been coming across lately that I can read the latter books as standalones (and then become obsessed and go back and read the rest). Let me just add in my new favorite phrase again, it takes skill to write a series where each of the books can be read as a standalone. You have to balance the character development and the plot just right to make it work and Thomas is most definitely successful at that!

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April 13th – Reecas Pieces Books

About the Author

Terry Lynn writes the Sarah Bennett Mysteries, set on the California coast during the 1940s, which feature a misunderstood medium in love with a spy. The Drowned Woman is a recipient of the IndieBRAG Medallion. She also writes the Cat Carlisle Mysteries, set in Britain during World War II. The first book in this series, The Silent Woman, came out in April 2018 and has since become a USA TODAY bestseller. The Family Secret released to critical acclaim in March 2019. When she’s not writing, you can find Terry Lynn walking in the woods with her dogs or visiting historical cemeteries in search of story ideas.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Victims for Sale Review

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About the Book

BBC stringer Sandy lives as a paying guest with the Sawants, a regular, quiet family. Or so she thought. Until she woke up to a woman with a knife … and a dark secret.
It is only after she runs a sting operation on a home for the differently abled that Sandy makes a connection between an institute acting as a front for something sinister and the strange family she lives with. Chasing the truth up a trail of brutal murders, Sandy must evade the clutches of a thriving sex racket and expose the predators before her time runs out.

Praise for Victims for Sale

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“Reminds you of a David Fincher movie.” – HT Media.

“A perfect companion for a mystery-solver’s mind.” – The Free Press Journal.

“Brilliant, stylish and compelling. A new voice whose sharp, descriptive prose is reminiscent of Megan Abbott.” – Charles Salzberg, author of the Swann detective series, New York.

“A thriller that accentuates the cadence of a finely crafted literary oeuvre.” – ITV America.

“A dark, well-crafted tale that takes readers on a disturbing ride through society’s underbelly.’ – Adam Hamdy, author, screenwriter and film producer, London, UK.

“Nish Amarnath’s new book gives you the chills, showing how crime can unfold in both lethal and cosy setups.” – The Hindu.

For fans of Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ and Sophie Hannah’s ‘A Room Swept White’, this debut psychological thriller and crime suspense novel, set in London, is a strident expose on an under-reported form of social injustice where the line of distinction between the betrayer and the betrayed increasingly fades into oblivion.


Well, this book started dark and just kept building and building. Throughout the whole story there is a feeling of unease and something sinister lurking beneath the pages. I honestly don’t even know if I could compare this book to any other book I’ve read, there were just so many well thought out stylization choices that made such a perfectly creepy, dark, but tantalizing story. I am honestly shocked that this is a debut novel because it most definitely doesn’t read as one.

Victims for Sale is listed as a psychologically-driven thriller, as typically when I read books like this I either find them creepy, thought provoking/mind twisters, or mind blowing. Rarely, however, do I find them to fit into multiple buckets, let alone all three like I did with Victims for Sale.

I think my favorite part of this book is how it is paced. We get snippets of information here and there instead of a full train of thought type of thing, and I think that this set up really worked in the authors favor for this book. It added to that creepy feel of the story and continued to build on the mystery of the book. The more you read the more the story comes together into a heart pounding conclusion.

Knowing the theme of human trafficking in this story makes all of the secondary characters suspicious throughout the story. Amarnath’s choice to sort of blend all of these characters together was another well thought out move as it made it so you would second guess everyone at some point. The dark themes were also handled really well and made for such a relevant story. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers and/or mysteries.

About the Author

Nish Amarnath, previously known as Nischinta Amarnath, is a New York-based journalist and writer. She is the author of three books: ‘The Voyage to Excellence: The Ascent of 21 Women Leaders of India Inc.’, ‘Citi and its Scuffle with the Watchdogs’ and ‘Victims For Sale’. Her debut novel, ‘Victims For Sale’ was released worldwide as a psychologically-driven crime thriller by HarperCollins in 2018 and is now a paperbacks bestseller in India. Victims For Sale, nominated for the Mumbai Film Festival Awards, has taken Nish on a journey ranging from the everyday challenges of London’s Scotland Yard and a murder trial at London’s Old Bailey to the practice of breaking vermicelli with a local at a Jalandhar Haveli in the Punjab to the United Nations in New York. Victims For Sale, which gained momentum among television channels across the U.S. and India, against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, won Nish the honor of addressing commercial, crime, literary and fantasy fiction authors and novelists as a speaker at Algonkian NYC’s New York Pitch Conference (in March 2019), tagged by Writer’s Mag and other outposts as one of the top ten literary conferences in North America.
Her upcoming novel, ‘Twin Flame’ is a Trans-Atlantic love saga whose theme song, Incarnation, premiered at New York’s Ripley Grier Studios in March 2019.
Nish infuses her fiction work with elements of magic, mysticism and magic realism in ordinary and starkly real settings, although she would not wish to pigeonhole her oeuvres into the box of ‘magic realism’.
Nish is a member of International Thriller Writers, where she is a Contributing Editor at The Big Thrill Magazine. She also contributes to New York’s Writer’s Edge, guiding authors and novelists towards a realistic path to publication, and has given various workshops in that regard at U.S. State Department affiliates, British Council outposts, and other public and private forums. Nish has written for Dow Jones’ outposts, including The Wall Street Journal. She was previously Managing Editor at Euromoney Institutional Investor and a reporter at S&P Global where she was recognized as an Outstanding Reporter in 2017 as part of the AMMYs, or Alerian MLP Awards, across North America. Her articles have appeared in, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, India Today, The Hindu and Times of India’s city supplements, among others. Upon earning a Distinction in Economics at university, she was the youngest post-graduate media student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, where she was a Margot Naylor Scholar. Later, she received the James W. Robins Reporting Fellowship – a development that urged her to quit a well-paying job as a management consultant at KPMG and attend a business journalism program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism instead. A former Londoner, she lives and writes in New York City.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*