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About the Book

The Jade Bones (The Age of the Seventh Sun #2)
by Lani Forbes
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Release Date: February 16th 2021
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

“Tell me you feel nothing.”

— Lani Forbes

Cast into the underworld after an act of shattering betrayal, Mayana and Ahkin must overcome unimaginable odds if they are to return home and reclaim the throne of the Chicome. A river of blood and demons disguised as children are only two of the challenges standing in their way. Fortunately, they are not unequipped. Mayana’s royal blood controls the power of water, and Prince Ahkin wields the power of the sun itself. Ometeotl, the Mother goddess, provides them with other gifts—and an ominous warning that one of them may not survive. But can the goddess be trusted?

“At least as much at peace as was possible sleeping behind a pile of bones on the outskirts of the City of the Dead.”

— Lani Forbes

Back in the lands above, Mayana’s best friend, Yemania, has survived the empress selection ritual—but her next challenge may be more than she can bear. The new empress of the Chicome Empire demands she become High Healer. Yemania has no interest in serving in the palace; she wants to use her healing ability to help the common people. More than that, her heart is no longer her own. She has met an enchanting stranger—Ochix, one of the feared Miquitz people who are ancient enemies of the Chicome.

As Mayana and Ahkin move ever closer to confronting the lords of the dead, Yemania and Ochix must hide their forbidden romance or face the wrath of both their empires. Meanwhile, the new empress has made a dangerous alliance that might destroy everything they hold dear.

Four young people risk their lives to save the world from a looming apocalypse in this captivating sequel to The Seventh Sun. Based on ancient Mesoamerican legends and mythology, The Jade Bones is a compelling and romantic adventure that builds to a heart-stopping climax.

“Without another word, she turned and marched straight into the dark interior of the mountain without him.”

— Lani Forbes


Have you ever had a book that surprisingly stuck with you? Like you read it, fell in love, but then continued to think about it when you didn’t think you would? Well that was what happened after I read The Seventh Sun last year. So, to say I’ve been waiting for this book for a while is a bit of an understatement. I just HAD to know what happened next in this world and I just wanted to dive right back into the rich magic and culture.

Our blood. The blood of the gods.”

— Lani Forbes

And one thing that I am so happy for is that this book didn’t disappoint. So often we see second books fall into the sophmore slump, but The Jade Bones just expertly expanded on the first book while still holding what I fell in love with from the first. Plus we get some new characters, a boatload of character development, and (gasp) my favorite: epic world building. Things just start coming together in this book, you know?

“The empire needs you. It can survive without me.”

— Lani Forbes

Now, I sped read this book so make sure you have some time set aside for this one. I mean, I sped read it because I missed a tour stop (I hate life, my calendar decided to delete my day for this tour, why is February turning out like this?) BUT I also would have sped read it even if I wasn’t a failure and late. It was just that good and I continue to look forward to seeing what Forbes produces next.

About the Author

Lani Forbes is the daughter of a librarian and an ex-drug smuggling surfer (which explains her passionate love of the ocean and books). A former teacher turned trauma counselor, her passion is showing readers the transformative and encouraging power of story on the human experience. She helps others process anxiety, depression, and complex PTSD, both in her stories and in real life. A California native whose parents live in Mexico, Lani now resides in the Pacific Northwest where she stubbornly wears flip flops no matter how cold it gets. She is a proud nerd, Gryffindor, and member of Romance Writers of America and the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Reading Slumps

Sigh, I think I have entered a dreaded slump. School has been so crazy this semester and especially this month that I just haven’t found myself reaching for my book. And then when I do I tend to fall asleep reading it. It doesn’t help that I have so much to read this month. I am in a panic, and when that happens I tend to avoid what I need to get done even more (counterintuitive, I know). So, lets talk on how to handle a slump:

Just Keep Reading

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes you have reading deadlines and need to get through it. In these instances I recommend reading for short periods of time throughout the day instead of just one big chunk of time. Take 10-15 minutes here and there to read a bit and hopefully this helps draw you out of the slump, but even if it doesn’t you’re at least still getting through your readings (albeit maybe a little slower than normal).

Try a New Genre

Try something new! I find that this is sometimes my biggest issue. I get stuck on specific genres and read them so frequently that my mind just cannot accept reading anything more from that genre. This is actually my current issue! I absolutely love (and always have) fantasy, but I find that I went a little too deep and gung-ho on reading SO MUCH of it, with little else to offset it. It’s gotten to the point where some of my favorite recent reads are the few non-fantasy books I read. So, I’m trying to broaden my horizons. I’ve been signing up for more book tours that are from diverse genres (hello all of my upcoming historical fiction books, I am ready for you) and I have been requesting arcs of all different types of books! I’ve also been trying to expand my “adult” books and have been wandering the fiction sections of the bookstores more frequently (even though the YA sections will always be my home). So, I dare you to be genre inclusive in your reading. Explore a little, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!

Revisit an Old Favorite

Sometimes it helps to just read a favorite. Something that you can go back to over and over and love it a little more every time. Something that you crave when you haven’t read it in a while. Something that you find yourself comparing new reads to. I actually try to include one reread each month. I pick either an old favorite that I may not have revisited in a while, one in a series that I have been slowly rereading, or a book that I may have just reread recently but want to revisit AGAIN because I love it so much (HIIIIII Lux series). I find that my *old* self often craves the YA books I grew up with, aka, the original favorites. So, I indulge myself and don’t force myself to always pick the newest hyped up book.

Take a Break

Just. Stop. Reading. Sometimes your mind needs a little break from it! And that’s perfectly ok! Watch some tv, veg out, go shopping, just do something other than reading. We all get worn out from doing the same thing over and over, even if it is your favorite thing to do. Everyone needs a break sometimes. It’s also really important to do this because you most likely won’t enjoy the book if you are forcing yourself to get through it. Save the read for when you’re in the mood and excited to read it, you’ll enjoy it so much more that way and probably draw different conclusions from it!

Get Moving

Get off your hiney and take walk, go on a hike, do a run (or a “sprint” if you die really quickly like me), walk your dog. Get some Vitamin D and your blood pumping! I know this sounds so obnoxious, but it helps to get up and moving to clear away some of that fog in your mind. You become more awake and “wired,” which will hopefully help you in getting pumped to read!

So, what are your tips and tricks of getting through a slump? Share your suggestions!