On Traigh Lar Beach Review

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About the Book

Eric Winchat, a young writer overwhelmed by the stress of her first book contact, discovers thirteen curious items tangled in the flotsam on the Scottish beach of Traigh Lar. Inspired by the objects, she tells the intriguing story of the owner of each one, uncovering a series of dramatic events — from a Chicago widow’s inspiring visit to Quebec City to a shrimper’s daughter facing Tropical Storm Ruby in North Carolina.

The thirteenth item, a concert laminate badge, gives rise to novella Erica calls an Girls, in which the separate stories of four fans of the Sottish rock band Datha unfold in first person culminating in their reunion at a concert in Chicago — a show where a shooting takes place.


This was such a unique and interesting book! I don’t even know where to begin with my review, but I can honestly say I haven’t read anything like this one before. It just had that flow that draws you in and leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve read it.

I love how this story unfolded. Everything was both interconnected and yet singular in its own manner. And as you read it you felt as if it was both something brand new and something you can relate to. And I just really love the idea behind these seemingly ordinary items almost taking on a life of their own.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s one where you don’t see coming but once you read it it sticks with you. And I love the feeling of reading a book and then just stewing in it long after I’ve finish it.

About the Author

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff is the award-winning author of six books. She began her writing career in magazine journalism. Her poetry, watercolors, graphite drawings, and magazine articles have been featured for decades throughout the United States and Canada.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*