Daughter of Dreams and Dread Review

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About the Book

When fate tears Estelle Verndari from an ordinary world, dreams become a sinister new reality. In Kiliac, different is dangerous. Different means magic, and magic is punishable by death.

Lost and alone in a forest of nightmares, Estelle is saved by Rose, a man with fire in his eyes and blood on his hands. But she must learn to survive this brutal new world if she ever hopes to make it home. As the forest becomes a sanctuary, Rose captures her heart, and Estelle discovers a secret magic in her soul—the ability to heal in a world full of ruin.

But an ancient power is calling her name. A tyrant king is drowning the forest in death, and taking up arms to defend it means giving up on finding her path home. If Estelle’s secret is uncovered, everything she’s grown to love will be destroyed.


Click the image to see my booksta post!

Apparently night time reviews are my *thing* now. I think the shorter days have just completely thrown off my sense of time and being and I just keep losing my days. BUT ANYWAYS, this book deserves all of the love and then some. It’s just one of those books that takes you by surprise and makes you really fall for it. It has so many elements done so so well that it just all weaves together into an amazing story.

The friendships in this book is something special and the bond between these characters is really refreshing. This is a story more about these bonds than it is about a girl losing herself in love with a boy. And the character development is sublime and I wish more books had such growth in the characters. Plus this book gets dark. And you know that’s an instant win for me. I love me some dark and gritty themes because I always feel as if it makes the book more realistic in a sense.

This book is just such a joy to read and it’s incredibly fast paced. So grab your blankie and some hot cocoa, cuddle up, and be ready to be surprised by this delight of a book. And psssttttt, there’s animals for all my animal companion story lovers. You know that makes you want to read this even more *nudge, nudge, wink wink*!

About the Author

Clare Kae has always been a dreamer, finding her place in worlds and characters that seemed more real than what should have been expected. Though, when she’s not daydreaming about faraway worlds, she’s teaching primary school children in Australia.

Born and raised by a wonderful family, and lots of spotty dogs, Clare had innumerable opportunities to see the world and enjoy life the way she wanted to growing up – especially via endless amounts of tea and books. For that, she will be forever grateful. She now lives with her incredible fiance and two dogs – one spotty and one not. 

When daydreaming became something more, and words flowed out of her head like rivers, Daughter of Dreams and Dread was born. Now an indie author, Clare is a newbie to the journey, but an excited soul to say the least. 

*I received an e-arc in exchange for an honest review*