The Watcher Tour – Review

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About the Book

From the award-winning author of The Scamp, Jennifer Pashley is back with a searing literary noir about what it means to live on the margins of society and what happens when no one is watching…

Pearl Jenkins is a nobody. She was a woman who lived as a hermit in the woods. One day, she’s nowhere to be found, and all that’s left behind is a pool of blood and a child no one knew existed, raised completely off the grid and in the grip of Pearl’s manic paranoia.

Kateri Fisher is used to being an outsider. Now, she’s the only female detective in the tiny upstate New York town of Spring Falls, where everyone knows everyone, but no one will talk. It’s fitting that she takes the case that no one else wants. But as Kateri struggles to navigate the harsh rules of a new town while trying to learn the truth about the Jenkins family, only one thing becomes clear: neither she nor Pearl are as invisible as she first thought. Someone’s always watching.

Praise for The Watcher

“Pashley’s seamless, yet meticulous writing pulls the reader into the bleak world of rural upstate New York…Atmospheric and dark, yet emotionally compelling, The Watcher is simply phenomenal on all counts. Jennifer Pashley is nothing short of a rising star.” —Wendy Walker, bestselling author of All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night

“The Watcher is a taut literary thriller about desperation, desire, and what people are capable of when they’ve got nothing left to lose. Pashley’s masterful prose makes your heart ache and your pulse pound for every single character populating this chilly, unforgiving—and unforgettable—world.” —Layne Fargo, author of Temper

“The characters in The Watcher will rip your heart out…There is hope at the heart of this novel, and also redemption and justice. You’ll find yourself reading faster to discover what happens next and slowing down to wallow in the beautiful prose. Pashley writes about the people on the fringes of society with clear-eyed compassion and grace. It’s a gift.”—Tiffany Quay Tyson, award-winning author of The Past is Never

“Do not miss this dark and gorgeously told mystery that combines both the literary and noir. I was completely enthralled…You will not be able to turn away from The Watcher.”—Vanessa Lillie, Amazon bestselling author of Little Voices and For the Best


Since I grew up in tiny town NY it’s always nice to read a book in that setting! It always feels like coming home to me, even if I’m reading a crime based book. The Watcher is the first book in a new crime series and I can honestly say that after reading the first I cannot wait to continue this series! Pashley just has a way with words that makes them flow off the page in such a delightful way!

For being a crime book this read is incredible atmospheric, which I think is the perfect addition to crime novels. It just adds that perfect extra sense of dread and etherealness that helps to captivate you as you read. And even outside of this the characters were all really interesting. I enjoyed learning more about them and getting all sides of the story.

Knowing small town antics I could easily see a small town crumble like it did in this story. And overall this was one of those books that I couldn’t look away from. It just had that perfect combination of realness, amazing writing, and an engaging story that will leave you needing more. And I really look forward to seeing what Pashley comes up with next!

About the Author

Jennifer Pashley is the award-winning author of two short story collections, States, and The Conjurer, and a novel, The Scamp. Her stories have appeared widely in journals like Mississippi Review, PANK, and SmokeLong Quarterly, and she has been awarded the Red Hen Prize for Fiction, the Mississippi Review Prize for fiction, and the Carve Magazine Esoteric Award for LGBT Fiction.

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Teen Killers Club Tour – Review & Author Q&A

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About the Book

Framed for the murder of her best friend, a young girl joins a super-secret society of teenage assassins to avoid a lifetime behind bars–and discovers her own true self–in this mesmerizing debut novel.

Seventeen-year-old Signal Deere has raised eyebrows for years as an unhappy Goth misfit from the trailer park. When she’s convicted of her best friend Rose’s brutal murder, she’s designated a Class A–the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile. To avoid prison, Signal signs on for a secret program for 18-and-under Class As and is whisked off to an abandoned sleep-away camp, where she and seven bunkmates will train as assassins. Yet even in the Teen Killers Club, Signal doesn’t fit in. She’s squeamish around blood. She’s kind and empathetic. And her optimistic attitude is threatening to turn a group of ragtag maniacs into a team of close-knit friends. Maybe that’s because Signal’s not really a killer. She was framed for Rose’s murder and only joined the program to escape, track down Rose’s real killer, and clear her name. But Signal never planned on the sinister technologies that keep the campers confined. She never planned on the mysterious man in the woods determined to pick them off one by one. And she certainly never planned on falling in love. Signal’s strategy is coming apart at the seams as the true killer prepares to strike again in Teen Killers Club.


You guys, this book! Where do I even begin! It was just so dang good and different and crazy and wild and UGH, I LOVED it! I mean, a secret society of teen assassins sounds like something out of my wildest dreams. Or I could say it’s the book version of all of (what my mother would call “weird”) animes and tv shows I love. But regardless, this book is absolute perfection.

What makes this book so good is how gosh darn funny it is! I was cracking up throughout regardless of the rather morbid subject material. It’s one of those books that doesn’t take itself too seriously in all of the best ways. And even though I was having a great time the story still flowed splendidly and made sense. And honestly, what isn’t there to love with this story? Like I said: murderous teenagers. I mean, I think that’s all that needs to be said!

This is one of those wholly immersive books with so many different aspects to love about it. Plus it’s just so witty and sharp and fresh feeling. And honestly, that’s what I’ve been look for lately. I feel like I keep seeing the same stories and fairy tales told over and over that I always get extra excited when I see something new.

About the Author

Born in Connecticut, came out to Los Angeles to work at Tumbleweed kid’s camp, stayed to go to UCLA. I’ve had a million odd jobs and use them to tell stories on screen, in animation, and in books.

Telling stories is what I do to be happy and help make sense of the world.

I hope you have as much fun reading my books as I do writing them.

Author Interview

Q1 – What inspired you to write Teen Killers Club?

The Hare checklist. It’s used to determine the level of psychopathy in convicts.  I was listening to a This American Life about it and walking my dog, and I thought, how long before this checklist becomes an algorithm? And BAM! The whole premise popped into my head fully formed. I could see the camp, I could see the characters, it was instantaneous. Luckily my dog had done his business so we raced home and I started the outline. 

Q2 – Can you share with us three things about this book that would make anyone pick it up?

If you’ve ever felt absolutely terrified that you would never fit in, or if you like Agatha Christie type mysteries where you CAN solve the mystery but it WILL be tricky, or if you’ve ever wanted to live in a forest cabin with your friends and your crush for a week, then this book was made with love for you.

Q3 – Who in the Teen Killers Club do you most relate to? Which of them is your favorite?

I am very bonded to my main character, Signal. She’s socially anxious misfit and overthinks everything, but she loves her friends and is unendingly loyal. But Erik might be my favorite to write because he always surprises me. And he has the meanest sense of humor.

Q4 – What do we need to know about the members of the Teen Killers Club?

They’re not psychopaths. I’ve seen summaries of the book describing them as sociopaths or psychopaths, but they’re not. Well, one of them is. But not all of them.

Q5 – Could you tell us about the publishing process?

I have absolutely loved the publishing process. My editors at Crooked Lane were very supportive creatively through revisions and hooked me up with the best cover ever, by artist Adams Carvalho. I got to have smart, cool people help me build a dream world, and now we’re about to open the doors for our first visitors! How can that be anything but a pleasure and a privilege. 

Q6 – How is your writing process different for books and TV?

TV writing is very social. You spend all day talking with a room of brilliant people and form a consensus. Writing a book is just you and your brain, lucid dreaming. It’s the difference between going to a crowded house party and being alone in your room in the dark listening to moody music. Very different vibes, but both are a good time.

Q7 – What was your favorite part of writing for CW’s Reign?

I wrote one episode for Reign, and it felt like coming home as soon as I stepped into the office. To talk about Elizabeth Tudor like she’s Taylor Swift with people who felt the same way was truly a life highlight.

Q8 – How did you manage the historical facts and mix them with creating an enthralling drama when writing for Reign?

I came in mid-season, so the dramatic plot points were fixed. I was responsible for pitching the Anne Boleyn storyline, which was framed as a dream sequence, so I had a lot of poetic license.  

Q9 – What led you to writing books and stories?

As long as I can remember I just liked to be somewhere else in my head. I probably have a vitamin shortage or something.

Q10 – What are three things that you want the world to know about you?

1. Over time our biases calcify into beliefs and prejudices, but I believe when we go back to our teen selves we can reconnect with the emotional clarity and openness we had then and push back against that hardening. Which is why I read and write YA.

2. If I had to choose between the superpowers of invisibility or flying, I would choose flying.

3. That’s probably it honestly.  

Q11 – What three books do you think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime?

Locas by Jaime Hernandez. It’s a compendium of 15 years of his Love and Rockets series. I’ve read and re-read it so many times and every time it’s a gut punch.

I’m going to be that bitch and say The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is brilliant, its popularity is completely deserved and its theme of compulsive personal branding gets more relevant every year.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth Speare is one of the best books in the world. Like a lot of the world’s best books you’ll have to go to the kid’s section to get it.

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Never Turn Back Tour – Review

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About the Book

Release Date: October 6, 2020
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Ethan Faulkner is a precocious child with a brilliant but troublesome sister, a war vet for a father, and a weary mother trying to manage their family. One night a young woman rings their doorbell, desperate to hide from two men who are pursuing her, when one of the two barges in after her. The struggle leaves both of Ethan’s parents dead.

Years later, Ethan has a successful teaching career and a budding relationship with a coworker. But he hasn’t quite followed through on his promise to his dying father–to take care of his sister. Susannah is not an easy person to keep tabs on, is a handful even when the tabs are kept, and quite frankly, Ethan wants her to suffer for preventing him from getting to his dad before he died all those years ago.

It was a long time ago and Ethan tries to put all of it behind him. But that’s easier said than done. When news of a brutal murder breaks with evidence pointing to Ethan as the prime suspect, all the painful memories of his past come rushing to meet him. Lyrically conveyed with emotion and nuance, Never Turn Back is a powerful story about family, vengeance, and how some actions echo through the years with irreparable consequences.

Praise for Never Turn Back

The past comes back—with a vengeance—to bite a good-hearted teacher and his brash, broken sister in Swann’s excellent latest. I loved this twisty, sexy, fast-paced thriller.”—Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Never Have I Ever

“Christopher Swann never disappoints. Swann’s unmistakable voice catapults this suspenseful story to the finish line, one dark secret at a time. A must-read.” —J. T. Ellison, New York Times bestselling author of Good Girls Lie

“An intelligent and layered mystery that had me burning through the pages. The balance of darkness and redemption without losing a bit of the tightrope tension is a skill most writers achieve only after an entire career.” —Brian Panowich, award-winning author of Bull Mountain

“Christopher Swann understands the dread that an incidental glance, a casual comment, silence between two characters can conjure. And it’s with this delicate but sure touch that he tells the story of a man trying to make sense of his violent past and prevent it from destroying the new life he’s built.” —Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of Until the Day I Die


What better time to read a thriller than right now? Wait, I take that back, *than this year.* I mean, we’re basically living in one! But if you’re feeling like you need something to set you on the edge of your seat, give you some major suspense, and actually give you a great cast of characters (and a doggy!) then this is the one for you!

Now, this one is set up just like how I like my thrillers because it’s a “slow” start. And what I mean by that is that it sets everything up so carefully and lures you in, then SNAPS and everything gets turned on its head. So you read it waiting for that ball to drop and it just heightens the suspense for me. And I think it just elevates the story because you become so invested in it and a big mind twist at that point isn’t just for the sake of a twist but truly adds something to the story.

And even though I say this one is slow I mean it’s not slow at all. It will hook you right from the first page and you will become invested in all of the characters and what may or may not happen to them. And there is a strong mystery element to this story, which is something I always love to see!

About the Author

Christopher Swann is a graduate of Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. He earned a B.A. in English from Washington and Lee University, an M.A. in English and creative writing from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a Ph.D. in creative writing from Georgia State University. He lives with his wife and two sons in Atlanta, where he is the English department chair at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. Shadow of the Lions, published in 2017 by Algonquin, was his debut novel.

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