Revenge of the Slut Tour – Review

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About the Book

Double standards are about to get singled out.

In this stunning debut, author Natalie Walton tackles privacy and relationships in the digital age.

As a lead reporter for The Warrior Weekly, Eden has covered her fair share of stories at St. Joseph’s High School. And when intimate pictures of seven female students are anonymously emailed to the entire school, Eden is determined to get to the bottom of it.

In tracking down leads, Eden is shocked to discover not everyone agrees the students are victims. Some people feel the girls “brought it on themselves.” Even worse, the school’s administration seems more concerned about protecting its reputation than its students.

With the anonymous sender threatening more emails, Eden finds an unlikely ally: the seven young women themselves. Banding together to find the perpetrator, the tables are about to be turned. The Slut Squad is fighting back!


I know you know that this was one of those books that I took one look at, giggled, and said yep, this is a me book. And it was! I was absolutely delighted by this book and just couldn’t put it down. And it’s just a really empowering book, which is something I can’t say no to. I love a book that just takes something absolutely terrible, and scarily prevalent in our society, and gives the power back to the women who aren’t afraid to take it.

This is a book that I feel (god I’m also feeling old right now) will resonate with *teens these days.* Gasp, I am no longer a teen but it feels like yesterday. ANYWAYS, what I’m getting at is that this book reads like a young adult book should read. It’s a little juvenile and a little mature and just the right combination to fit the teenage mind. And honestly the topic of this book is just where it really excels. It opens up the conversations that we should be and need to be having (adults and teens alike in all honesty). Revenge porn and slutshaming is such a fear for many people and too many also have to deal with the repercussions of someone doing just that to them.

I really enjoyed this read and the characters within. There were just so many aspects that fit what women go through, deal with, and fear. And I loved the empowering narrative behind it.

About the Author

Natalie Walton is the author of REVENGE OF THE SLUTS (2.2.21) and the host of the podcast Sex Ed Taught Me. She wrote Revenge of the Sluts while working toward her degree in sociology and criminal justice.

You can find Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nataliexwalton.

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Love and Other Moods Tour – Review & Instagram Giveaway

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Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Love and Other Moods by Crystal Z. Lee hosted by MTMC Tours! Love and Other Moods is a coming-of-age story set in contemporary China, about falling in love, learning to adult, finding strength, and discovering one’s place in the world. Make sure to visit all the stops in the tour & to enter the tour-wide giveaway!

About the Book

Title: Love and Other Moods
Author: Crystal Z. Lee
Publisher: Balestier Press
Publishing Date: December 10, 2020
Genres: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Rep: Own Voices Asian American

Purchase a copy: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | Book Depository | Blackwell’s

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Love and Other Moods is a coming-of-age story set in contemporary China, about falling in love, learning to adult, finding strength, and discovering one’s place in the world.

Naomi Kita-Fan uproots her life from New York to China when her fiancé’s company transfers him to Shanghai. After a disastrous turn of events, Naomi finds herself with no job, no boyfriend, and nowhere to live in a foreign country.

Amidst the backdrop of Shanghai welcoming millions of workers and visitors to the 2010 World Expo, we meet a tapestry of characters through Naomi: Joss Kong, a Shanghai socialite who leads an enviable life, but must harbor the secrets of her husband, Tay Kai Tang. Logan Hayden, a womanizing restaurateur looking for love in all the wrong places. Pan Jinsung and Ouyang Zhangjie, a silver-aged couple struggling with adapting to the ever-changing faces of their city. Dante Ouyang, who had just returned to China after spending years overseas, must choose between being filial and being in love. All their dreams and aspirations interweave within the sprawling web of Shanghai.

This multilayered novel explores a kaleidoscope of shifting relationships——familial friction, amorous entanglements, volatile friendships——in one of the most dynamic metropolises of the twenty-first century.


You know, this book is everything I want my life to be and then some given all of the COVID restrictions we’ve been surviving through. I don’t know about you, but I always find it so exciting to move to a new place and I couldn’t even imagine the thrills (as well as nerves) of moving to a new country. And while this is a highly enjoyable story, it also takes the time to touch on some important aspects of life.

I really love a book that is entertaining yet still takes the time to expertly cover contemporary social issues. And Love and Other Moods definitely does just this! There are so many layers and elements to the story that all come together to make something so entirely unique. Which is also why this book is just such a good read. And I really loved not only learning about the characters but also about this multilayered city.

This was one of my favorite reads so far this year and I really just loved so many different things about it. It’s a book that I could see a variety of individuals coming together and enjoying for many of the same and different reasons.

About the Author

Crystal Z. Lee is a Taiwanese American bilingual writer and a member of the Asian Authors Alliance. She has called many places home, including Taipei, New York, Shanghai, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She was formerly a public relations executive who had worked with brands in the fashion, beauty, technology, and automotive industries. Love and Other Moods is her first New Adult novel. Her debut children’s book is forthcoming in 2021.

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Head over to my Instagram account where you can enter to win 1 of 3 paperback copies of Love and Other Moods! This is open international & it ends on January 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.

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Like it’s 1999 Review

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About the Book

Love ’em and Leave ’em Alice Kim and “Hot” Steve Lowell are perfect for each other. It’ll only take them ten years to figure that out.

Just because they throw the most bodacious wedding party ever…
Just because they’re perfect partners in pranks…
Just because they love all the same boss movies…
Just because they share one totally bangin’ night of sex together…

Does not mean they’ll break the One Time Rule.
Even if they do… they don’t do relationships.
And they’re never getting married.
Like, ever.

In this friends-to-lovers, marriage-pact novella spanning the last decade of the 20th century, life forces a playboy and a playgirl grow up—and grow apart—before giving them a chance to create a happy-ever-after they can actually be happy about.


Like it’s 1999 is one of those novellas that feels longer than it is, but in all of the good ways. Even though it’s a shorter story the characters are fleshed out better than some full length books. And I mean, like the other books in this series, it’s set in an amazing time period. Plus it’s pretty dang funny, and I mean, I like that.

Like I already mentioned, this book really excels in the expert craft of the characters. They really take us through this story and ensure that we are engaged while traversing through the pages. And our MCs are really likeable characters, so it’s not like you’re groaning through certain parts because you’re annoyed. Plus I really enjoyed seeing the passage of time and how their relationship developed and morphed.

I really have loved and enjoyed this series and I cannot wait to see where it takes em next. Grey is truly a wonderful storyteller and I could easily recommend her books for anyone looking for a funny and amazing read.

About the Author

KAREN GREY is the pen name for Karen White (assumed not to hide her identity, but because her actual name is already connected with a well-known fiction author). A theatre actor in Boston in the eighties and early nineties, she started working as an audiobook narrator in 1999 after moving to Los Angeles. Having returned her home state of North Carolina, she shares a home with her family and probably too many pets, where she continues to record audiobooks as well as make up stories.

*I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review*

Feisty Red Tour – Review

About the Book

“Stacey Kennedy turns up the heat and keeps us wanting more.”
#1 New York Times bestselling author Meredith Wild

Feisty Red, an all-new secret baby, second chance romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy, is available now!

Clara Carter is the brains behind Three Chicks Brewery. The oldest and most responsible of the Carter sisters, she doesn’t have time for anything but taking care of her son and making sure her family’s top beer, Foxy Diva, gets into bars across North America. Which means getting the brew in front of Colorado’s biggest beer distributor. Unfortunately, that becomes tricky when the man in charge of distribution is none other than Sullivan Kenne, the cowboy who ran out on her seven years ago.

Sullivan’s life has been filled with one wrong move after another. First, he tried to prove himself to his bastard father by joining a professional baseball team, a choice Sullivan still regrets. Then he bailed on Clara, the only woman he’s ever loved. Seeing her again makes Sullivan determined to right his wrongs. Unfortunately, he wasn’t counting on one of those wrongs being a six-year-old son he never knew about…

Reuniting with Clara and meeting his son is a shocking—and amazing—experience. But as much as Sullivan tries to return to his roots and be the stand-up cowboy of Clara’s dreams, the reality is that she’s having trouble trusting him. Luckily, Sullivan knows the way to Clara’s heart, and he’ll prove to her that a second chance with a cowboy is worth the risk.

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This story was so sweet and uplifting. Although I’m not personally a fan of second chances (stubbornness is strong with me), I really liked how it played out in this story. And this sort of second chance just worked. Plus it had that perfect balance of steam and story development.

What really made me enjoy this story the most was that it wasn’t toxic. Our MCs were aware of their faults and actively working on it. Plus I’m just a sucker for a man admitting and working on better mental health. And the family dynamic in this story was just so cute (who would’ve thought I’d actually enjoy family based romances? Cause I would have NEVER. And I blame my apparent grumpy sounding demeanor on my nap today).

Overall this is a really enjoyable romance with way more to it than just a bunch of steam. It has a great story and it’s one you’ll (hopefully) just really fall in love with. I mean, it’s written so well that I don’t see how you wouldn’t!

About the Author

Stacey Kennedy is a USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary romances full of heat, heart, and happily ever afters. With over 50 titles published, her books have hit Amazon, B&N, and Apple Books bestseller lists. Stacey lives with her husband and two children in southwestern Ontario—in a city that’s just as charming as any of the small towns she creates. Most days, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors with her family or venturing into the forest with her horse, Priya. Stacey’s just as happy curled up indoors, where she writes surrounded by her lazy dogs. She believes that sexy books about hot cowboys or alpha heroes can fix any bad day. But wine and chocolate help too.

Connect with Stacey

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“How long has it been since you’ve done something like this?” she asked.

“Seven years.”

“Seriously? Seven years?”

The light from the fire was impressively bright, revealing the chiseled lines of his cheekbones. “Life is different in Boston,” he explained, gaze on the sky. “Not so quiet. And when we travel for games, we always play in big cities. I don’t get the chance to get out to places where the city lights don’t hide the stars.”

She looked to the sky herself, spotting the milky way. Over the years, many of her old high school friends had moved away with big city dreams. She’d never had those dreams herself, loving small-town life. The old Sullivan she knew would have hated the big city too. She figured she better get to know this Sullivan. “Do you like the big city?” she asked.

“Parts of it,” he said. “Some parts, I don’t.”

She smiled, dropping her head to the side to watch his expression. “Like the bars?” 

The side of his mouth curved before he glanced her way, lifting an eyebrow. “You saw the tabloid article, then?”

She nodded. Everyone saw all the articles about him. Every week, on a new issue in the grocery store line. “What’s going on with all of that? The bar fights and stuff?” And, of course, by “stuff,” she totally meant women.

Obviously picking up on that, Sullivan’s mouth quirked up at the corner again. “Does the stuff wear dresses and high heels?”

She sent her gaze to the fire. “It’s none of my business. You don’t have to talk about it. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

She felt his stare. “You were always a one-woman type of guy. What changed?”

“Nothing,” he said in a quiet voice. She dared to look at him then, and his jaw was clenched, tension creasing the lines around his eyes while he watched the fire burn. “The women, they’re a distraction.”

“From?” she pressed, not even sure why she wanted to know the answer so bad.

The heat from the fire became all-encompassing as he drew in the longest, deepest breath then blew it out through his nose. “From the shit that gets heavy in my head.”

She froze, shocked by his answer. Of all the things she had expected him to say, that certainly wasn’t it. For fun. Because I don’t want anything serious. Something like that, not anything deep.

At the silence, he turned his head to the side, watching her closely. “Distractions help me take a break from that.”

“I suppose they would,” she agreed gently. She had seen the guy she loved fade when his mom passed away, but he was lost forever when his father’s abuse started. But right here, right now, she could almost see the guy he’d been when his mother was alive. The good guy, the guy who wouldn’t simply vanish from someone’s life so cruelly. “What about this bar fight that got you suspended?”

“It never should have happened,” he said, looking back to the sky with a heavy sigh. “I’m careful not to drink too much, to always stay in control, but that night, my control slipped.”

She took a guess. “Because of your dad dying?”

“I suspect my dad’s death had something to do with it, yeah.” The shame on his face was more punishment than anyone should endure, and the orange hue from the fire detailed every bit of it. “We were leaving the bar, me and a bunch of teammates, and we came across an asshole fighting with his girlfriend. He was screaming at her, and then he pushed her, and she fell.” He stopped to take a deep breath before continuing. “I didn’t know them. I had no business interfering. But something in my head snapped, and I acted before I even knew what was happening.”

“Wait,” Clara said, trying to understand. “Why didn’t you say that the guy was hurting his girlfriend? I’d say that’s forgivable. You were protecting her.”

“Because I’m no better, Clara,” Sullivan said, dryly. He turned his head then, revealing many years of pain in his eyes. “I put my hands on someone in violence, in rage. That is unforgivable.”

She tried to see it his way, but failed. “No, you were giving the guy a taste of his own medicine. Seriously, Sullivan, people would have sided with you.” She watched him for a moment, looking for a single flicker of agreement with her on his expression. Trying to understand, she asked, “So, instead of explaining that, you took the suspension?”

“That’s right.”

She processed, scenting the piney aroma from the trees hugging the firepit. Nothing felt…right. Something was missing. She sat up straight, scooting to the end of her chair to face him fully. “Why are you home, Sullivan?” she asked.

His brows drew together. “You already know why. To get my head right.”

She considered all this again, but something seemed off. “I know what you told me. A bar fight led to a suspension, and you came home to deal with your past because of the fight. But to avoid all of that, all you had to do was tell the truth about what happened. So, again, why are you here?”

Their gazes held before he looked back at the fire. It seemed like he wasn’t going to answer her, but then she almost wished he hadn’t. “When I sobered up that next day at the police station, I knew I was on my way to becoming him.”

“Your father?”

“Yes,” he said slowly.

Clara’s heart squeezed painfully, her breath all but gone.

Before she could even think up a reply, he added, “Of course, not completely. I still think the guy I hit deserved it. But I realized I became the very thing I hate. I pushed all the bad shit down deep enough that I felt nothing. Just rage. Until it all exploded.” He turned his head again, torment swirling in the depths of his eyes, and said oh-so softly, “My dad did that until there was nothing left of him, until only rage lived in the spots that were once good. So, that’s why I’m here, Clara. To face the shit that makes me feel uncomfortable so that doesn’t happen to me.”

The world seemed to slow as coldness swept across her. Not knowing what to say, she looked to the fire because, just like that, the years vanished. This was the Sullivan she did know, and she, behind all the hurt and worry for Mason’s well-being, loved this man. But he was drowning in the dark misery and desperately wanted a way out, but unable to find it.


His soft voice pulled her focus to his warm, gentle eyes.

“I’m sorry for leaving you the way I did.” His voice blistered. “I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to be what you needed.”  Tears welled in her eyes, and nothing could stop them from rolling down her cheeks. For as long as she could remember, she’d wanted an explanation, an apology. Now she had those things, but only one truth remained: they’d both done their best in a terrible situation that no one deserved. As much as she wanted to blame Sullivan for leaving and breaking her heart, she couldn’t. Her aching heart reached for him. “I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to help you.”


*I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review*

Two Minds Review

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About the Book

Daddy issues? CHECK

Mummy issues? CHECK

Family issues? CHECK

Fucked up self esteem? CHECK

Overthinking mind leading to insanity? CHECK

Lizzy is your average messed up girl, clearly not taking a break from life’s fucked up routine of hell.

Her parents are the demons of her prison, driving her to rebal by making instinctive choices.

Ultimately leading her to uncover a secret that was hidden from her since birth.

What if everyone you know wasn’t who they said they were?

What if your surroundings weren’t all that you could see?

What if the You, you thought you knew wasn’t who you truly are?

A classically intriguing thriller where every corner is a mystery that could lead to your death or survival…
Would you take the risk?

Or watch yourself burn in the world you thought you knew?



Wow, what a quick but intense read. There is honestly no other way to describe it really. Two Minds pulls you in, tangles you up, then spits you right back out. And I know I’ve said its intense, but this novella really is tangled and crazy and wild. There are just so many ups and downs throughout it.

Where this one excelled the most is the writing. Griffits just expertly wove together the story between Lizzy and Darcy and really ensured that you were engaged throughout the novella. And I also really just enjoyed the two characters and how different yet similar they are. And even though I’m not a huge fan of multiple POVs I think it worked (for the most part) in this one.

I know I’ve already said this multiple times, but be prepared for a wild ride in this story. BUT, on the plus side the length of the book means you won’t have to spend forever trying to get through the twists. I’ve really come to appreciate novellas this year and I think for stories like this one the length works better. At least for my attention span.

About the Author

Naakaree published her first book in 2017, with her second following in 2020.

Naakaree has always found love in reading and writing and graduated with a diploma in Journalism in 2019. During her studies, she started up ‘KBS Magazine’ in 2018, and combined her love for the two different writing styles of Journalistic & fiction book writing.

*I received an ecopy in exchange for an honest review*

Spirit of the Woods Tour – Review

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About the Book

Alex Knight, the world’s foremost authority on bigfoot research, heads to Canada to investigate a profoundly credible bigfoot encounter. His daughter Sidney eagerly joins the expedition. Accompanied by reluctant Toronto television hostess, Ameerah Ali, Sid and her father’s team adventure north in pursuit of the legendary sasquatch.Prophecy from a forgotten Algonquin tribe and a mystical calling deeply connect Sidney to the creature. The revelation of unknown truths ensures that Sid will never see the forest, or herself, the same again. Foreword by Survivorman Les Stroud.


I mean, just looking at that synopsis should be enough to get you to pick up this book. But, if it isn’t let me just tell you: pick up this book! It’s got amazing storytelling throughout and I mean anything to do about bigfoot is an automatic plus. And the writing is impeccable and draws you fully into this story.

This is just a heartfelt story about discovery and so much more. It’s got adventure and amazing themes and narratives throughout. And even amidst all of this it has a fast pace that keeps the story flowing without ever getting boring. And who doesn’t love a good adventure story? They always seem to have the most impactful themes throughout and always teach me something new.

I really enjoyed this book and diving into this story. It immediately interested me by hitting one of my niche topic interests, but it held my attention because it’s just so expertly written. This is a story that can be enjoyed by many ages and I hope that many people pick this one up!

About the Author

James Alan Ross is the award-winning author of the paranormal/mystery series “The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool.” Concord Films, a Miami-based production company responsible for several movies featured on Lifetime Movie Network, is currently developing a film version of the books. James’ newest release, “Spirit of the Woods: The Story of a Young Woman’s Encounter with Bigfoot”, takes middle-grade readers on a spiritual journey told by diverse characters teaching a timely lesson about environmental conservation. The book includes a special foreword written by world renowned filmmaker, TV star, and best-selling author Survivorman Les Stroud. James is currently working on adapting seven Concord Films KILLER movies into a novel series. His program “The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool and the Evidence Behind her Story” has been hosted both live and virtually by libraries, conventions, and schools across several states.

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Stay With Me Tour – Review

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About the Book

Love has never been more dangerous.

In the sequel to her riveting debut, She’s With Me, Wattpad superstar Jessica Cunsolo brings us the dramatic continuation of a romance that always defies the odds…

Amelia Collins finally finds happiness in the arms of Aiden Parker, who accepts her for who she is―even when their pasts become hopelessly entangled in their present and threaten to completely unravel their futures. As Aiden’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit and struggles to keep his family together, Amelia fights a battle of her own: how to tell Aiden she needs to leave.

Determined to put real life on hold for just a little bit longer, Amelia and her friends leave the chaos of King City behind for a beach house and holiday celebrations. Still, it’s only a matter of time before close quarters reveal their secrets and Aiden fully understands the awful truth about the man pursuing Amelia.

Amelia knows she can’t outrun the painful memories of the past and killer’s obsession with her. Her beloved friends are in danger, and she will not let them be harmed. Overwhelmed by love but haunted by fear, Amelia must decide if staying with the person she loves is worth risking his life. 


This book was such a good read! It had drama and sparks and action and just really engaged me. And while there is a LOT going on in this story it still just makes you want to read. I mean sometimes you need a book with DRAMA instead of just plain old regular drama.

I know a lot of people don’t particularly care for Wattpad books, but I can’t help but love them. They’re always so… extra, and my extra self loves reading all of that. But where this one differs is the mystery aspect. There’s the typical romance drama but we also get mystery and suspense interwoven in this book. And I really loved that extra depth!

This is a fun book to read so grab book one and book two and get ready for a wild ride! It’s really just such a great story and I can’t wait to see what Cunsolo comes up with next!

About the Author

Jessica Cunsolo’s young adult series, With Me, has amassed over
one hundred million reads on Wattpad since she posted her first
story, She’s With Me, on the platform in 2015. The novel has since
won a 2016 Watty Award for Best Teen Fiction, and has been
published in French by Hachette Romans, in Spanish by Grupo
Planeta, and in English by Wattpad Books. Jessica lives with her
dog, Leo, just outside of Toronto, where she enjoys the outdoors
and transforming her real-life awkward situations into plotlines
for her viral stories. You can find her on Twitter @AvaViolet17,
on Instagram, @jesscunsolo, or on Wattpad @AvaViolet.

*I received an ecopy in exchange for an honest review*

In Trouble With Him Tour – Review

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About the Book

In Trouble with Him, a not-to-be-missed, forbidden standalone romance from Stacy Travis is available now!

Falling in love was asking for trouble.

Meeting a hot professor at my best friend’s wedding has hookup written all over it.

Dammit it if he isn’t unexpectedly charming, making me want to abandon one-night stand plans for something more.

But dammit again if he doesn’t run off mid-kiss like a fugitive from Cinderella’s pumpkin coach.

That’s because he’s got a curfew as part of his house arrest for insider trading. Oh well, I’ll never see him again anyway.

Except that he shows up at my office—at my new job where I’ve just been made a law partner.

Turns out, he’s my newest client and he may be guilty of all kinds of things. Would it be a crime if he steals my heart?


PHEW! Today has been BUSY! But I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write this review and let me start off by saying you’re gonna want to read it. You know those books that are just enjoyable? Well, this is one of them!

I went into this story expecting to enjoy it, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with the characters as much as I did. They just really drew me into the story and made me so invested in what was going to happen next. Plus I just extra loved our powerhouse of a heroine and all she stood for. But out of all of this it was really just a clever story that worked and flowed so well.

Remember how I’ve repeatedly said how much I enjoyed this book? Well, it’s true. SO when you read it make sure you’re prepared to devour this and not want to set it down. My favorite set up is a bunch of blankets, some fur babies, and a nice hot chocolate.

About the Author

It’s a rough world out there, and we all sometimes need a good, romantic beach read, even if we can’t make it to the beach. I’ve spent many lazy days walking the streets of Paris and other gorgeous European cities, and if I’m doing it right, I’m bringing you a dash of romance and a vacay fantasy.

I can’t sit still, so when I’m not hiking, biking or running, I’m playing a very average game of tennis. Background music for writing undoubtedly features some U2, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Led Zeppelin. Not necessarily in that order. And if I could only eat one food group, it would be cheese. Or wine. Or bread. Are those food groups? Whatever.


“Wow, time flies, huh?” he said.

“Are you having fun?”

He studied me for a moment. Then he was silent again. Of course, he wasn’t having fun. He was facing potential jail time and major fines from the SEC, not to mention he’d been put on leave from the job he loved, and his tenured position was probably in jeopardy. What a stupid thing to ask. “Sorry. I know this can’t be fun for you.”

After looking through the conference room glass for a moment, he nodded. “Actually, it is. But only because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since we met, and now that I have the pleasure of your company, it makes me happy,” he said.

“Wait, what?” I felt just as giddy as I had at age fourteen when a boy I’d been crushing on for months asked me if I’d mind paying for his slice of pizza after a high school football game. This was pre-cheerleading, to be clear. After I made the squad, the fourteen-year-olds paid for me. Mostly.

“Was that not clear? I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve barely thought of anything but you since we met. And given that I’m charged with insider trading and facing jail time, I find that significant.”



“I mean, that’s… ordinarily, it’s exactly what a woman wants to hear. But now…”

“Now that you know I’m charged with insider trading?”

“No, now that you’re my client. You insisted on being my client. I gave you an out, and you insisted. So now you get lawyer me, not Saturday night me. That was your choice,” I said. It was my turn to look through the glass because I couldn’t keep gazing at him without repercussions.

“I wasn’t aware you were two different people. For the record, I like both,” he said with a smile.

“You don’t get both. That’s not how this works.” I turned toward my notes, hoping he understood that recess was over.

“I’m the client. Don’t I get to dictate how things work?” he asked.

“No, you get to be the client. You answer my questions, and you behave yourself so I don’t get fired or disbarred. I feel like you weren’t listening when I just explained all that.”

“I was listening. I just chose to ignore it.”

He was frustrating. The fact that he was hot in a nerdy chiseled-jaw professor way was also frustrating. I needed to get control of the situation. Looking at the stacks of books on the conference room shelves, I saw nothing to give me direction as to how to handle the situation.

They should make law books for this. Or self-help books. Any guidance would be welcome.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

A Thousand Fires Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

Paperback : 304 pages
ISBN-10 : 1250219426
ISBN-13 : 978-1250219428
Publisher : Tor Teen (October 27, 2020)
Language: : English

Shannon Price’s A Thousand Fires is a breakout contemporary debut―think The Outsiders meets The Iliad―that’s perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Veronica Roth.

10 Years. 3 Gangs. 1 Girl’s Epic Quest…

Valerie Simons knows the city’s gang wars are dangerous—her own brother was killed by the Boars two years ago. But nothing will sway her from joining the elite and beautiful Herons to avenge his death—a death she feels responsible for.

But when Valerie is recruited by the mysterious Stags, their charismatic and volatile leader Jax promises to help her get revenge. Torn between old love and new loyalty, Valerie fights to stay alive as she races across the streets of San Francisco to finish the mission that got her into the gangs.

You can purchase A Thousand Fires at the following Retailers:

Praise for A Thousand Fires


“A Thousand Fires pulls you in close and shows you the essence of what it means to keep fighting. Shannon Price is one to watch.” ―Gwenda Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds

“Brutal and beautiful, A THOUSAND FIRES broke my heart. A fast-paced tragedy of love, betrayal, and vengeance.” ―Heidi Heilig, author of FOR A MUSE OF FIRE

“Modern, unflinching and filled with haunting, lingering imagery, A Thousand Fires gives the story of the Iliad the bare-knuckled update it deserves.” ―Colleen Oakes, author of The Black Coats

“Fast-paced… Vivid descriptions and intricate details bring San Francisco to life … A promising debut.” ―Kirkus

“A heart-wrenching tale… action-packed and intense… A fantastic read.” ―School Library Journal


The Outsiders is one of my all time favorite books and I of course love any Greek story (à la The Iliad), so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this book. And while A Thousand Fires does have some similarities between the two, it is its own story. And let me just say that it is a story that you won’t be able to put down! This is just one of those really fast paced enjoyable reads, plus it deals with gangs and aren’t those always really amazing stories to begin with?

Now, is this book on the same level as its two comparisons? No, but also thats because Price has her own style and her own story. And I really appreciate that (plus The Outsiders is a little too high in my books I love category, so it’s really an unfair comparison to begin with). I am kind of over retellings and I much prefer seeing a smattering of similarities/references throughout versus a near verbatim replay of the original stories. But this story was so expertly woven and I really enjoyed the plot within.

As with any book revolving gangs there are a LOT of characters. And that’s what honestly made this book stand out for me. The characters weren’t just thrown in willy nilly and mentioned for the sake of having more faces. They were well fleshed out and I really got to know and love many of them. And they’re all also incredibly real. These are characters that (probably more often than not) don’t always make the best decisions and are fighting to survive. And I love reading about characters like that, give me all the rough around the edges characters to baby!

About the Author

Photo Content from Shannon Price

SHANNON PRICE is a proud Filipina-American and Bay Area native. She once led an a cappella group for three years despite not knowing how to read music, and she carries that same level of confidence in every area of her life. When not writing, she can be found watching baking shows, exploring old bookstores, and going to the beach as often as she can. 

Her debut novel A Thousand Fires is a YA reimagining of the Iliad set in modern day San Francisco. She is represented by Elana Roth Parker of Laura Dail Literary Agency and thanks her lucky stars that she is.

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My Dad My Dog Tour – Review

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About the Book

When she moves her Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad into the home she shares with her husband and elderly dog, Rachel Morgan expects some complications, but she never imagines the biggest one will occur on the first day, threatening her best-intentioned caregiving plans.

Her normally sweet-natured dad–a former mailman who experienced too many run-ins with biting dogs–is adamant about wanting nothing to do with her big black Labrador. But as Rachel tends to the escalating physical and emotional needs of each, she notices the striking similarities in their aging processes, and realizes these two souls whom she loves deeply are on the same journey.

With time working against her, Rachel must find a way to transform their uneasy truce into a trusting companionship. In doing so, she hopes to make their shared journey less lonely and frightening–and more bearable for those who must someday let them go.


Going into this book I knew it would be an emotional and beautiful read. Everything just comes to life as you flip through the pages and dive into the story. And with the prevalence of Alzheimers in society this is a story that nearly everyone can connect with. It’s just such a poignant and timely book and I really enjoyed being able to sit down and take some time with it.

Be prepared when going into this book and have a stack of tissues at the ready if you cry even remotely easily. This is such a powerful book and you’ll need that at least at some point. The characters are all just so relatable and you’ll easily become invested in their experiences and interactions.

I don’t often read books about dogs, especially aging ones, because they’re always so sad. But this was a book I couldn’t pass up. It is heartwarming and sad all at the same time but it’s one of those books that just makes you feel like it was an important read. And it is also a read that will stick with you for a long time after you’ve finished.

About the Author

Following a successful career in banking, Rebecca Warner pursued her dream of
writing with the publication of her first book, the two-time award-winning political thriller, Moral Infidelity. Her follow-up, Doubling Back To Love, was included in the popular romantic anthology, Peace, Love and Romance. Her third book, He’s Just A Man, offers self-help advice for women seeking healthy relationships. Rebecca newest book, MY DAD MY DOG, will be published by Black Rose Writing on 11/19/20. Rebecca lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, Jason, and their lively, stumpy-tailed cattle dog, Chance. She loves dancing–from ballet to Carolina beach shag–foreign travel and spending time in nature.

Tour Schedule

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