Love to Hate Her Review

About the Book

A rare moment of weakness.
A burning desire impossible to deny.
Forbidden words I should never have spoken.

Seven years ago, I confessed my darkest secret to my brother’s girlfriend. When she broke up with him and walked out of our lives, she took my secret with her.
But, with my band set to go on tour around the world, I have a problem. I need a nanny for my autistic daughter. And unfortunately, Viola Starr, my brother’s ex, is the perfect fit.
Now, there is no escaping her. Or our past.
Especially when my brother seems determined to win her back.
Five months and she’ll be out of my life again.
Five months of ignoring lingering, heated glances.
The fire she draws out of me. The way she loves my daughter.
Five months… And my world is about to come crashing down around me.


Phew, I feel like I have come out of a deep sleep with how fast I’ve been reading books the past two days! I had been in slumpsville and only reading books because I had to, but dang did this duet get me out of that!

I mean, this book just immediately hooked me! I’m such a sucker for a good angsty book (must be why I’m so melodramatic) and oh boy was this book angsty! All that pent up frustration! My favorite enemies to lovers plot! I just can’t get enough of it! And this book was still steamy without it even having any hugely smutty scenes!

Now, I’m not usually into stories with kids/single parents, but I have to admit that I absolutely adored Adalyn! As someone who used to work with kids with autism I’m always delighted to see it represented in a wholesome way in books! Now, for those of you who are adamant about person first language, just be warned that it’s not widely used throughout this book. Which I both kind of appreciated (there has been a shift away from it that I’ve seen lately) and was also a little jarring (since I’ve become so used to using it).

Also, another BIG warning is to make sure that you have the second book prepped and ready to go! As soon as you finish this one, you’re not going to want to stop! Plus it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger (in a sense), so it just makes sense to immediately continue the duet!

About the Author

J. Saman is a USA Today bestselling author who loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She’s addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. If she’s not with her kids and husband then you can likely find her chilling out somewhere with a drink and a book in her hand. Hopefully on a beach somewhere because that seems pretty amazing, right?

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Hate to Love Him Tour – Review

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About the Book

A gorgeous, brooding rock god.
An unstoppable chemistry we fight to ignore.
Desperate passion I want indelibly inked on my soul.

Jobless and financially destitute, I have no choice but to see this tour through. Even with my boss hating my guts. A fact he goes out of his way to prove every chance he gets.
Lucky for me, the best part of Jasper Diamond is his daughter. But being the nanny on the road with one of the world’s biggest rock bands poses more challenges than I was expecting – including falling for the elusive front man.
But with the world chasing after us, how long can we hide what others are determined to exploit?
They say there is a thin line between love and hate.
That all good things must come to an end.
Set on a collision course, nothing could have prepared us for this.
Or for what fate has in store for us.


Hubba hubba! This book was so GOOD. I seriously can’t remember the last time I devoured a book this quickly! Just the angst! Ugh! My heart loves to eat that stuff right up! Like seriously, I can’t get enough of it. But uhm, this duet, I kind of started it last night and here I am, already done with it. I just couldn’t stop reading and every time I looked at what percentage I was at I panicked because I couldn’t POSSIBLY be that close to finishing the story!

First off, we were given broody rock gods for this story. I mean, that’s an automatic win in my book! Second off we were given some autism representation through the amazing Adalyn. So I mean, it’s like these books were written just for me! Plus there was so much amazing and sassy banter back and forth between the two mcs!

I mean Jasper was just… phew! And all of the build up from the first book just kind of exploded in the second and just… It’s some good reading (*wink, nudge, smirk*). The only real downside is that the series has to end! I mean, I could just keep reading and reading and be happy! I know this review is basically me just randomly gushing about everything, but there’s just too much for me to gush about to stay focused!

About the Author

J. Saman is a USA Today bestselling author who loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She’s addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. If she’s not with her kids and husband then you can likely find her chilling out somewhere with a drink and a book in her hand. Hopefully on a beach somewhere because that seems pretty amazing, right?

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*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

Let's Get Physical – Available Now!

Let’s Get Physical by Cassie Cross is out early! Check it out and grab your copy today!

About the Book

Let’s Get Physical
Cassie Cross
Series: Love Is
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Corinna McKnight is a chronically single girl in need of toned abs and a hot date for a wedding that her highly successful, deliriously happy lifelong frenemy will be attending. The wedding is only six weeks away and she doesn’t have much time to make it look like she has her life together. Luckily, her best friend’s boyfriend owns the hottest gym in town and sets her up with Noah, the best personal trainer he has on staff.

Noah Cutter is at a pretty good place in his life. He has a job and he loves working for his best friend, Hunter. Noah is in high demand, mostly for his talent, but sometimes for his body and Hunter has one very firm rule: no fooling around with the clients.

It’s an easy rule to follow until he meets Corinna, who makes him want more out of life and leaves him straddling the line between breaking a promise and betraying his heart.

Let’s Get Physical is the standalone second book in the Love Is…series!

Order Today:

About the Author

Cassie Cross is a Maryland native and a romantic at heart, who lives outside of Baltimore with her two dogs and a closet full of shoes. Cassie’s fondness for swoon-worthy men and strong women are the inspiration for most of her stories, and when she’s not busy writing a book, you’ll probably find her eating takeout and indulging in her love of 80’s sitcoms.

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This Won't End Well Tour – Review

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About the Book

Release Date: February 25, 2020

No new people: that’s Annie Mercer’s vow. It’s bad enough that her boss sabotaged her chemistry career and her best friend tried to cure her with crystals. But after her fiancé, Jon, asks for space while he’s gallivanting around Paris, Annie decides she needs space too—from everyone.

Yet when Harper moves in next door, Annie can’t help but train a watchful eye on the glamorous but fragile young woman. And if keeping Harper safe requires teaming up with Mo, a maddeningly optimistic amateur detective, who is she to mind her own business?

Soon Annie has let not one but two new people into her life. Then Jon reappears—and he wants her to join him in France. She’s pretty sure letting anyone get close won’t end well. So she must decide: Is another shot at happiness worth the risk?



Well, isn’t this a poignant book for right now! I mean, Annie REALLY would have liked the whole social distancing thing the world has going on right now (excuse my glib attitude, I am trying to *hopefully* lighten the mood). But also, this is just really freakishly applicable to right now? Like, what a time to be alive!

But seriously, as soon as I started reading this I thought, “is this me?” I just… relate so much to Annie! I mean she’s snide and in your face and aware of her quirks and I love it! I also just really love a book with a lot of sharp with to it, and This Won’t End Well is full of it! I mean, it takes skill to get me giggling within the first page or so. And even more skill for me to immediately connect with the main character. Although, I may have bonded with her just from reading the synopsis and knowing that feeling when all new people are honestly the worst thing imaginable (again, not trying to make light of the current situation, just applying it to past experiences).

I also really like how the book is set up through a bunch of journal passages. I’m not always a huge fan of this tactic, but in this instance I really enjoyed the humor of Annie so it really worked for me to literally be able to read her thoughts. Plus, it’s not JUST journal passages so that also probably helped keep the story going. Anyways, that doesn’t matter because this is just such an excellent read!

It seriously read so quickly, which I DEFINITELY need right now! I’ve been struggling to focus on my reading lately, I don’t know if its a slump, I’m stir-crazy, or probably a combination of the two. But I definitely didn’t struggle reading this one! I mean, I kind of mentioned it above, but I’ll say it again: I was hooked from the first page! It’s both lighthearted yet serious, comical yet cringe worthy, relatable yet out there. All of these seemingly different things just fully came together to make such a wonderful book!

About The Author

Camille Pagán is the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of six novels, including I’m Fine and Neither Are You, Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, and Life and Other Near-Death Experiences, which has been optioned for film. Pagán’s books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. She has written for the New York Times; O, The Oprah Magazine; Parade; Real Simple; Time; and many other publications. Pagán lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her family. Learn more about her novels at

Social Media:
Twitter: @cnoepagan

Book Blurbs

“The book’s format includes diary entries, texts, and emails, giving the reader a glimpse of Annie’s robust inner life—she may seem standoffish and distant, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes…[Annie’s] journey takes unexpected, poignant turns, delving into deeper issues while maintaining a positive tone and peppy pace. Fans of Sarah Haywood and Gail Honeyman will appreciate the quirky, yet thoughtfully presented, characters.” —Booklist

“Never has a quirky lead character been so lovable or well drawn as Annie, the lovelorn chemist who carries This Won’t End Well. Though she pretends to be closed off to the world, in fact she can’t stop caring—and that push-pull of who to let into her life, and under what terms, is something we all understand at a soul-deep level. Annie’s journey from oblivious in love to aware and empowered had me cheering and turning the pages madly, unable to tear myself away. If you want to laugh and lose yourself in a great read, this is the one for you!” —Kelly Harms, bestselling author of The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

“Witty, wise, and of the moment, This Won’t End Well is a story of unlikely friendships, calculated risks, and taking a stand—even when it’s easier to maintain the status quo. Charmingly flawed and endearingly real characters combine with a unique format to make Camille Pagán’s latest page-turner her best book yet.” —Kristy Woodson Harvey, bestselling author of Slightly South of Simple

“Camille Pagán writes with deep compassion for her characters and for all of us who try so hard to do the right thing by the people we love. Annie, the protagonist at the center of her latest novel, is no exception. Quirky and occasionally clueless, charming and vulnerable, Annie’s so real that you’ll want to make her your best friend by the time you’ve reached the last page. This Won’t End Well is Pagán at her finest—capturing readers with warmth, honesty, and keen observations about keeping love simple in a complicated world.” —Ann Garvin, USA TODAY bestselling author of I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Ask Me to Game Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

Today we have the blog tour of Zoe Forward’s ASK ME TO GAME! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Title: Ask Me To Game

Author: Zoe Forward

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Ask Me To Game:

Emma Duarte just volunteered to be the ultimate badass. She agreed to try out for an elite eGaming team to draw out the criminal mastermind behind the dangerous, illegal underworld of video gaming. The problem? She doesn’t know jack about the game she has to pose as an expert of. Second problem? Michael Harrison, her new brother-in-law and ill-advised one-night stand the night Emma’s sister married Michael’s brother, has been hired to train her. Michael Harrison loves seeing straitlaced Emma off-kilter. Sure, she rebuffs him every chance she gets, but that just makes it more challenging—and fun. But at the end of the day, the goal is to get her on the Dynasty eGaming team and catch a criminal. Michael already lost his brother to this underworld, and he won’t lose Emma too. AMTG Avail Now-Twitter

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Teaser2 AMTG

AMTG Teaser1


Yay! This book got me out of my almost slump! It was just what I needed and so good that I literally was avoiding potty breaks because I didn’t want to put it down! What can I say, I’m a sucker for some nerdy romance. And I’m not even a gamer! Lol. Also, I think that this is the first contemporary romance tour I am on, so, to be *punny,* “Thank you for being my first!”

Ask Me to Game is the third book in The Game Lords series, but I read it as a standalone. I read some other reviews saying that it didn’t make sense starting off at the third book and I am here to say otherwise. It made total sense and I honestly forgot this wasn’t the first book until I read those reviews. I mean, once I realized it was the third book some of the parts of this book that weren’t completely clear to me made sense why, but I just thought it was the author being vague on purpose to heighten the *suspense.* I mean, honestly the most confusing part of this whole thing was reading an author with the same first name as me. For some reason this threw me off more than even having a character with my name and every time I see the author’s name I’m just like, “wow, this was really personalized to me!” And this just goes to show how much I really need to catch up on some sleep!

I also have to say that I really enjoyed the characters. They were *damaged* and trying to move on from the past. Emma is the BIGGEST perfectionist and any little thing off will set her off (I felt that in my soul). Meanwhile Michael is the cinnamon-iest of cinnamon rolls and I couldn’t get over how sweet he is! I mean, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who doesn’t want to just “fool around” with girls and wants something that will last. *cue the swoon* Plus he had a dog. I mean, I’m not a difficult person to please, give me a sweet goodest boy named Gump and I am happy and complacent. And so I will leave you with my favorite quote from this book, which is a perfect representation at how I felt over finishing the book:

Fart knocker, this sucks.

Zoe Forward

About the Author

ZForward headshot1 Zoe Forward might admit to you she’s almost prepared for the zombie apocalypse before the fact she writes contemporary and paranormal romances. Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers’ Best Award. She’s best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud Keepers of the Veil series, which has won numerous awards. She’s a board-certified veterinarian. You can find her residing in the South with the love of her life, a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids.

Connect with Zoe:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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