Cracked Coffins ARC Tour – Review

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About the Book

**Cracked Coffins contains profanity, mature themes, sexual violence, and general violence. It is recommended for a mature 17+ audience.**


After Marianna Cortez overdoses on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, the strange circumstances surrounding her survival make her doubt that the normal life she desperately wants will ever be within reach. Yet, when Denendrius Sovetta steps out from the shadows of her past, he brings with him the hope that things could be different.

But Denendrius is a twisted vampire from Ancient Rome with a chaotic past of his own. Marianna can’t ignore the cracks in his sweet façade for long. As she discovers her connection to him, she learns more about his dark past and its influence on hers.

With his claims that they’re meant to be together and his brutal means to keep her from leaving him, Marianna seeks to find the truth and escape Denendrius’s grasp before her history has a chance to kill her future.


Click the image to see my booksta post!

Have you ever had a book give you whiplash? Because I feel like this one did. Every time I started thinking to myself, “wait, maybe I was wrong!” I WAS PROVEN WRONG YET AGAIN! I went into this expecting a love story with vampires. And NOPE, it was not this! This was a heavy and graphic story about obsession and a really abusive relationship. And I couldn’t look away.

This is probably one of the most graphic books I’ve ever read. And that’s because it covered so many taboo topics. This is not the typical vampire story that I’ve come to know and expect. These vampires are mean and take pleasure in pain and are just as twisted as vampires are meant to be. Maybe even a little more. But I wouldn’t say that vampires were the main focus of this story. Having vampires was more of just a side note to all of the other dark and twisted topics (see the trigger warnings) riddled throughout.

This is not a book that you will be able to read in one sitting. I had to pace myself and take breaks from it. But even when I wasn’t actively reading it I was still thinking about it. Something about it stuck with me and made me want to read more even when I knew I needed a break. It’s a difficult story to get through and nothing is held back, but it’s still got that something that makes you finish.

About the Author

Beronika Keres is a fantasy, thriller, and horror writer. After deciding in the second grade that she was destined to be an author, she has spent her life honing her craft and pursuing her dream. Fueled by coffee, she can often be found chasing plot bunnies and writing books.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found spending time with her family and enjoying the forests, mountains, and lakes of where she resides in British Columbia, Canada.

*I received an e-arc in exchange for an honest review*