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About the Book

Unlike regular dreams, which faded away as soon as she would wake, this one was always crisp as a fresh memory.

Victoria Drozda

The Opal Amulet (The Forbidden Gems of Regalia #1)
by Victoria Drozda
Publisher: BookBaby
Release Date: October 14th 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy

To begin this book, speak of what question you seek, and it will show you the answer.

Victoria Drozda

Fourteen year old Emberly Tollens doesn’t dream often but when she does its never a good sign, especially when its the same dream. Some nights she would dream of the sweet nothingness of time. Other nights the voices would get louder, the running faster, and the staff colder. Ice cold. But this is just the beginning of her problems.

Things get even stranger when she finds a dangerously beautiful opal necklace lying on the ground at school. Not strange at all. And definitely not strange when your once kind of nice teacher turns into a fire-breathing creature from the past, right?

Now with the help of her hazel eyed friend named Olive and a cute mysterious fire throwing boy. They’re going to discover that there’s a lot more going on than what they think.

That’s like Secret Keeping 101: make sure no one can over-hear you!

Victoria Drozda


This was such a cute and fun book! There’s a lot of action, fun, and fantasy! And it’s just the middle school level book I wish was out there when I was just discovering these types of books. But I mean it’s still a great read for me now, so at least I didn’t miss out! Plus look at that gorgeous cover!

We’ll be two peas in a pod of craziness called life!

Victoria Drozda

This book splits between a few different perspectives, and while I don’t always love this I think it worked really well with this story! I enjoyed getting the various sides to the story and learning a bit more about each of the main characters. Plus there was a lot of action throughout the story to keep the story moving.

Well, at least if I die, I don’t have to take the test!

Victoria Drozda

Now, since this was a middle grade book I didn’t always connect with the characters but I still really enjoyed this book as a whole! It was a fun quick read that took me on a fantastical adventure. OH! And a special shout-out to the titles of the chapters! They were honestly the star of the show and always managed to make me giggle!

About the Author

Victoria Drozda started The Opal Amulet (book one to The Forbidden Gems of Regalia series) in the summer of 2016 before her freshman year of high school and later finished the book in 2020. She is an upcoming college student and enjoys spending her time reading, drawing, baking and of course writing. She currently resides in California and is eagerly working on the next book in the series.

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The Song of the Marked Review

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About the Book

An ancient evil is stirring. The old gods are growing restless. Can she stop the coming storm?

A Devastating Sickness

For decades, the Kethran Empire has been plagued by a strange illness that leaches the very life and soul from its victims.

The Girl Who Survived

Casia is one of the Fade-Marked—one of the few people who caught this sickness and lived. Why she lived is a mystery even to her and the outcast crew of mercenaries she calls her family. It also makes her an intriguing target for the young, enigmatic king-emperor, who claims he wants to work alongside her to find a cure.

Unfortunately, working alongside him also means working with the handsome but infuriating captain of one of the most prestigious branches of the Kethran Army.

A Soldier With No Past

This infuriating Captain Elander also has secrets: A past that Cas can’t seem to uncover, a powerful but strange brand of magic, and a deep distrust of the very monarch that he’s sworn to serve. She feels oddly drawn to him in spite of these things…

But can she really trust him?

The Fate of an Empire

As the bodies pile up and strange monsters begin to wreak havoc throughout the realms, Cas and Elander will have to work together to protect their world whether they trust one another or not. Because one thing is clear: Something ancient and evil is stirring in the shadows of Kethra.

And the empire will not survive its full unleashing.

But how can they save a world where nothing and no one is what they seem to be— including Cas herself?


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Ok, so I haven’t read any books from the Serpents and Kings trilogy but holy heck, after reading this book (which is set in the same world) I have been MISSING OUT! I had really high expectations going into this book because, well, just look at this cover! And the synopsis is just just exciting! And I am here to say that after reading it I still think everyone and then some needs to read this book.

Ok, this book is thicc and I LOVE IT! I am such a sucker for extensive world building (as usual, here’s looking at you Tolkien for making me this way) and I just loved how I got to spend so much time in this world. And it’s the perfect combination of adventure and slower parts. I love books with a lot of action and I love books with a lot of descriptors. BUT, when I find a book that has TOO much of either I tend to get bored. And The Song of the Marked didn’t fall into that trap! It was just so well done and had an amazing cast of characters that I absolutely loved getting to know!

So, now that I’m done with book one I’m going to be wallowing and waiting for book two. I mean, it should take too long. Right? BUT, in the meantime I have a whole other trilogy to binge! But if you love fantasies and epicness and adventure and new worlds you definitely have to pick this one up! It’s the perfect stay up late and lose some sleep read!

About the Author

As a kid, S.M. Gaither spent way too much time playing video games like Final Fantasy and reading every book she could get her hands on instead of doing silly things like her assigned homework. As an adult…Well, not much has changed. Her goal is to write books that distract others from their life’s obligations, too, thus creating an army of fellow procrastinators over which she can reign supreme. These days, her personal ​favorite places to procrastinate are in the mountains near her North Carolina home, in the company of her husband, their daughter, and their very spoiled dog.

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Even if we Break Review

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About the Book

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp comes a shocking new thriller about a group of friends tied together by a game and the deadly weekend that tears them apart.

FIVE friends go to a cabin.
FOUR of them are hiding secrets.
THREE years of history bind them.
TWO are doomed from the start.
ONE person wants to end this.

Are you ready to play?


IT’S SPOOKY SEASON! And this is the best book to dive into for all the season feels. Think Clue meets RPGs meets thriller. And it’s got diversity! So it’s like the spooky read we’ve all been needing. Plus the spooky cabin in the woods setting is basically a fall necessity so I was already hooked before I even started. But the contents are also so wild and intense so I was still hooked right until the very end.

So this book features a rag tag group of friends. And I love how they’re the type of people that you wouldn’t expect to be friends but somehow they just work. While this book was spooky at times, it wasn’t the main focus. It was more of a thriller than a horror for sure but there was also LOADS of drama! I mean, if you have a bunch of friends thrown together in this type of situation drama is bound to follow!

This is overall a fun and crazy read! It’s got a little bit of something in it for so many people and is constantly edges the line of spooky. Plus you get to play the guessing game of who-done-it! And I ALWAYS love stories that give me a bit of a mystery!

About the Author

Marieke Nijkamp a storyteller, dreamer, globe-trotter, geek.

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The Last Angel Warrior Review

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About the Book

“I’m not going to be the good guy in this story. You should know that before you get the wrong idea. You’re probably expecting that I’m some kind of hero, or warrior, or chosen one. Yeah, I’ve heard it all before. But I’m not. I’m just a normal kid. Some would even argue that I’m evil, and I guess… I am. It’s complicated; you’ll see.”

When Kalib Andrews imagined his sixteenth birthday, he never thought his adoptive parents would try to kill him. Or that he’d spend it running away from The Order – a secret society seeking the blood of the last Angel Warrior to raise a lost goddess. Then again, Kalib never suspected that Angels, Demons, Nephilim, and Magicborne even existed. And he never – even in his wildest dreams – thought he was one of them!

Packed full of exhilarating action, suspense, mystery, and magic, this is the first book in an exciting series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Last Angel Warrior is the perfect read for fans of the Percy Jackson series and those who love young adult fantasy novels.


What a fun book this one was! I mean, I am a sucker for anything Nephilim, sooooo, The Last Angel Warrior was right up my alley! Plus this book is WILD! I mean, you will not be bored with everything that happens in it! And also, I know the book isn’t out yet (SOON THOUGH, it releases October 5!), but I kind of want book two like…. Now.

I have to admit, I don’t often read books outside of the “female” perspective and it’s definitely something that I need to stop doing. I mean, this was meant to be the year of me diversifying my reading so I’m glad that this book pointed that out to me. Because I really enjoyed this one! It had a lot of adventure and a lot of fun within mixed in with some more difficult (not the right word, but what is a brain?) topics interwoven throughout.

The one thing that I really enjoyed about this book is that it didn’t fall into the trap of all action and no development. I really loved being introduced to all of the characters and the world/magic. And I really can’t wait to continue with this series and see what happens next!

About the Author

John W. Wells III was kicked out of the 3rd grade because he had an overactive imagination. Okay maybe not kicked out– but he was sent home for telling other students, that he had super powers. So what better profession could he have gone into other than story telling. John prides himself for being a novelist, playwright, and author of the debut novel The Last Angel Warrior.

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Ruled by Blood Review

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About the Book

Once upon a time, there was a princess with no notion of right and wrong, and a queen a thousand times more twisted.

In the realm of Tenebris, home to the unseelie folk, curses are served for breakfast with a side of betrayal.

Vlari was born a threat to Queen Morgana. She survived her wrath because she never stepped out of line.

Until one night. One man. One war.

Now that she’s unchained, Vlari’s consumed by a desire to drain the lives of all those around her. And yet her decisions shape the fate of the entire realm of the fae.

Sometimes the world needs a hero. In a land of shadows, it might just need a monster.

Ruled by Blood is a tale of magic, secrets, and schemes, perfect for fantasy readers who enjoy a dash of romance.

This version combines both parts: Wicked Court and Shadow Cursed.


Eeeee! The fae are back! I LOVE a good fae book and this one was such a great addition to those reads. Set in a typical cruel and wild world of creatures and nature, Ruled by Blood brings us a delightful cast of dreadful characters. And on top of that there is A LOT that happens in this book! So be prepared for a whirlwind of emotions!

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This book does take a little bit of time to get into. There’s just so much to wrap your head around and that mixed with the ethereal writing just takes a hot minute to get used to. BUT, once you do adjust hold on tight because wow was this a thrilling story! There is just so much for you to devour within. But I think my favorite part of this book were all of the different types of fae that we got to meet along the way.

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This duology bound in one is such an amazing read though. It’s been a little bit since I’ve read a new fae book so I was super happy to get back into the mix of these delightfully terrible creatures. There’s something just so comforting being surrounded by a cast of characters that are perfectly imperfect.

About the Author

May Sage is a USA Today Bestselling romance writer dabbling in different genres.

When she isn’t writing, she spends her time with her German Shepherd and her two Savannahs. She loves reading, ballet, running, and cake. Mostly, cake.

May Sage also writes longer fantasy romance novels as Alexi Blake.

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Stealing Embers ARC Tour – Review

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About the Book

A realm of monsters. A world of lies. She belongs to both.

My name is Emberly, and everything I’ve ever been told is a lie.

Monsters don’t exist. Wrong.
The nightmarish spectrum world is just my imagination. Wrong.
In a few months, I’ll finally be free. Wrong.

It takes being dragged to a secret training academy in the mountains to unravel the truth. My captors–an elite race of angel-born warriors called Nephilim.

The deadliest of them all is an arrogant shape shifter, Steel. He’s gorgeous, lethal, hot-headed . . . and convinced I’ll be the death of them all.

Maybe he’s right. As soon as I show up, the monsters that have haunted me my entire life breach the academy walls. My only hope of saving my new friends is learning how to control my powers, but when a stunning betrayal hurts someone I care about, I have an impossible choice.

Stay and fight for a place to belong . . . or decide once and for all that I’m better off alone.

Enter the spectrum world, a realm in-between worlds where shadow beasts draw blood, reality is a maze of twisted lights and sounds, and life goals are whittled down to just one: survive.

Fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Cassandra Clare will love this Crescent City meets Crave mash up!


So I’m writing this review SUPER sleep deprived because I just HAD to finish this book last night! Well, this morning! To say I was excited for this book is a bit of an understatement. I mean it was compared to two of my favorite authors, Cassandra Clare and Jennifer L. Armentrout! And, as you can see I obviously loved it since I chose to lose sleep because I couldn’t put it down.

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So what I loved about this book was just how unique it was! We have some creatures that we’re used to seeing but it is a brand new world! The spectrum realm is just so unique and I loved learning more about it along with Emberly. I also cannot wait to see how else it expands in the second book as we continue to learn more and more. Then there are the characters in this book, or maybe I just want to talk about our resident love-hate relationship between Steel and Emberly. PHEW! There was a LOT of steam between the two and I just adored the feistiness as they bantered back and forth.

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So, the one bad thing about this book is that I have to wait for the second one. Things went WILD at the end and I was just reading faster and faster all the while dreading that I was running out of pages. So yeah, I’m not ready to be done with these characters and I’m especially excited because we’re just on the cusp of having so many questions answered! So here I’ll be, twiddling my thumbs while I wait for book two.

Out of Context Quotes

So, as I was reading I kept highlighting (it’s a bad obsession) quotes. And after a while I realized that a LOT of these would be quite comical out of context, so I’m going to share my favorite ones with you:

Let me go, you overgrown turkey!

Julie Hall

Seriously, close your mouth, you look like a trout.

Julie Hall

If you don’t let me go I’m going to hunt you down and make sure you’re the centerpiece of my Thanksgiving meal!

Julie Hall

You want me to put what in where?

Julie Hall

I’m pretty sure Steel was walking funny for a full week after our fight. I look back on that week with fondness.

Julie Hall

A gargled cough comes from my left and I turn in time to watch mild dribble out of Greyson’s nose.

Julie Hall

Personally, I think it’s that sparkly vampire dude’s fault. That relationship was messed up.

Julie Hall

Shhhhh. Bring it down a notch, Cow Boy.

Julie Hall

Stop trying to regale her with your Twilight epiphanies. Nobody wants to hear them.

Julie Hall

Not only is he holding a feather, but he has some sort of magic orb or light ball wrapped in his coat.

Julie Hall

R.I.P. pink angora sweater. You were cute, and kept my books hidden from the Forsaken and most of Seraph Academy. Thank you for your service.

Julie Hall

Dude, there was this sparkly glitter bomb that flew through the air, peeing out sparkles or something. It was trippy.

Julie Hall

Wait, if you don’t have any . . . bits . . . then how do you go to the bathroom?

Julie Hall

Can you let go of my hair and my . . . Tinkle please.

Julie Hall

About the Author

Julie Hall is a USA Today bestselling, 11x award-winning author.

She writes YA paranormal / fantasy novels, loves doodles, and drinks Red Bull, but not necessarily in that order. Julie’s daughter says that her super power is sleeping all day and writing all night… and well, she wouldn’t be wrong.

Julie currently lives in Colorado with her four favorite people – her husband, daughter, and two fur babies.

*I received a digital arc in exchange for an honest review*

Horrid Review

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About the Book

From the author of You Must Not Miss comes a haunting contemporary horror novel that explores themes of mental illness, rage, and grief, twisted with spine-chilling elements of Stephen King and Agatha Christie.

Following her father’s death, Jane North-Robinson and her mom move from sunny California to the dreary, dilapidated old house in Maine where her mother grew up. All they want is a fresh start, but behind North Manor’s doors lurks a history that leaves them feeling more alone…and more tormented.

As the cold New England autumn arrives, and Jane settles in to her new home, she finds solace in old books and memories of her dad. She steadily begins making new friends, but also faces bullying from the resident “bad seed,” struggling to tamp down her own worst nature in response. Jane’s mom also seems to be spiraling with the return of her childhood home, but she won’t reveal why. Then Jane discovers that the “storage room” her mom has kept locked isn’t for storage at all–it’s a little girl’s bedroom, left untouched for years and not quite as empty of inhabitants as it appears….

Is it grief? Mental illness? Or something more…horrid?


I have literally been waiting to read this book since the cover was revealed. So you can guess how excited I was to receive a copy for review (THANK YOU The Novl)! I mean, contemporary horror? Yes please! Sign me right up! Plus, this one has been compared to Christie and King, arguably two of the most genius authors for their genres. And, admittedly, going into a book with extremely high expectations has proven disastrously for me in the past. BUT, I am pleased to say that this one HELD UP!

So this book starts out twisted and just continues to twist and turn and get creepier as you move through it. And this book is definitely an atmospheric read, which makes the story even spookier. There’s a story in here but it also flaunts the line of being one extended train of thought. I know this is probably a terrible way of describing such beautiful writing, but hey, I tried.

This book hooked me from the very first kooky page (you’ll know what I mean when you start it). Plus it references Alice Liddell and Agatha Christie within the first few pages, so of course it was an insta love for me. But definitely add this book to your spooky season list this year because it will assuredly stick with you!

About the Author

Katrina Leno was born on the East Coast and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is the author of five critically acclaimed novels: The Half Life of Molly PierceThe Lost & FoundEverything All at OnceSummer of Salt, and You Must Not Miss. Her sixth novel, Horrid, arrives Sept. 15 2020.

*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

Soul of the Crow ARC Tour – Review

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About the Book

Nevernight meets Reign of the Fallen in this dark saga where assassins wield not blades, but death itself.

When a mortal wants someone dead, they contract a Reaper of Veltuur, an individual born from the underrealm with fatal magic coursing through their veins.

Sinisa is one of them.

For three years, she’s slain her targets dutifully with the aid of her crow familiar. She only needs one more kill to ascend as a Shade, a coveted status of power. And when the King of Oakfall requests a Reaper to execute his daughter for an unforgivable crime, Sinisa is first to volunteer for the job.

It should be easy.

But when the Prince of Oakfall discovers his sister is in danger, he flees the palace with her. Sinisa is left with only two options: journey through the mortal realm to find and slay her mark, or face the consequences of returning to the underrealm empty-handed. It’s no choice at all. She has come too far and is too close to earning her title to let it be taken away from her now.

Besides, no one can outrun a Reaper of Veltuur.

Or can they…

Soul of the Crow is a dark high fantasy adventure with reapers/assassins, bandits, prophets, and enough death magic to keep the entire mortal realm quaking with fear. If you loved Throne of GlassDark MajiKing of ScarsThe Shadows Between Us, or books by Jenna Moreci, Jay Kristoff, Kel Carpenter, and Laura Thalassa, you will devour this epic, gothic saga.

Come. Walk through the forest of the underrealm and discover what’s lurking there in the shadows.


Click the image to see my booksta post!

Ok, I had to admit that this story took me a little while to get into, but once I did oh mamma was it good! I mean, I am the queen of all things doom and gloom and dark and dead. So when yo give me a book with reapers and crows and just such twisted elements you know I’m going to salivate and contemplate numerous was to sell my soul to get my hands on it. But yeah, melodramatics aside this book was everything I could hope for and then some!

So yeah, did I mention that this book has reapers? Because it does. And the creation of these reapers is so interesting. The world is so unique and in this world killing any creature means a life sentence of a reaper, continuing to bring death with just a touch. And then there are crows. Gah I love crows. The crows in this one are the trusty (welllll, as trusty as a crow can be) sidekicks of the reapers, and they have some pretty cool powers of their own. But I think most shockingly my favorite character was the Prince. Can’t say that I’ve ever related to a prince so much but as soon as I met his awkward anxious self I immediately wanted to coddle him because I get it.

But that’s really as much as I want to get into the story plot wise because I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything. Like I said before, this book took me a little bit to get into (and I mean literally about a chapter) because I just had to adjust to the writing style and should honestly probably stop picking up books and starting them at midnight, but it is SO worth sticking with it and devouring this amazing story! And, just a gentle PSA, there is a prequel story to this world and you best believe I’m off to skip away and read this next!

About the Author

JESSACA WILLIS is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the dark, the horrifying, and the paranormal.

She studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees, and incorporates themes from her education (family dynamics, mental health, oppression) into her writing.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to cosplay at conventions, play video games or read comics in her downtime, and to binge-watch the latest fantasy and sci-fi television series. Along with a bunch of other self-proclaimed nerds, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies.

Her debut series, The Awakened is an apocalyptic fantasy series about four people from across the world, trying to learn to live with their powers after society has collapsed.

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A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder by Dianne Freeman
Publication Date: July 28, 2020
Kensington Books
Genre: Historical Mystery
Series: A Countess of Harleigh Mystery, Book 3

In Dianne Freemanís charming Victorian-era mystery series, Frances Wynn, the American-born Countess of Harleigh, finds her sisterís wedding threatened by a vow of vengeance.

London is known for its bustle and intrigues, but the sedate English countryside can hostóor hideóany number of secrets. Frances, the widowed Countess of Harleigh, needs a venue for her sister Lilyís imminent wedding, away from prying eyes. Risings, George Hazletonís family estate in Hampshire, is a perfect choice, and soon Frances, her beloved George, and other guests have gathered to enjoy the usual country pursuitsóshooting, horse riding, and romantic interludes in secluded gardens.

But the bucolic setting harbors a menace, and itís not simply the arrival of Francesís socially ambitious mother. Above and below stairs, mysterious accidents befall guests and staff alike. Before long, Frances suspects these ìaccidentsî are deliberate, and fears that the intended victim is Lilyís fiancÈ, Leo. Francesís mother is unimpressed by Lilyís groom-to-be and would much prefer that Lily find an aristocratic husband, just as Frances did. But now that Frances has found happiness with Georgeóa man who loves her for much more than her dowryóshe heartily approves of Lilyís choice. If she can just keep the couple safe from villains and meddling mamas.

As Frances and George search for the culprit among the assembled family, friends, and servants, more victims fall prey to the mayhem. Mishaps become full-blooded murder, and it seems that no one is safe. And unless Frances can quickly flush out the culprit, the peal of wedding bells may give way to another funeral toll…

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound


This seems to be the year of me finding new series to explore by reading one of the books in the middle. Phew, that was a long and winding sentence but it’s been happening a lot this year. So, as you can probably guess I read A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder before I read the other books in the series. And while I wasn’t confused, it did make me want to read the others in the series. So I guess you could say I enjoyed this book haha.

This book was just such a fun read, and lately that’s what I’ve been enjoying most. I just want to escape for a little while when I pick up a book and this one definitely did just that! It was a delightful and quick read and still maintained all of the quirks of the time period. The characters are fun and enjoyable. The storyline, while it may be a smidge predictable, is engaging and just a delightful tale. And plus, I’m just a sucker for a great mystery.

All in all, much like the cover this is a cute and adorable read! And now I need to go and read the rest of the books in the series! It’s been to long since I’ve enjoyed a good mystery series, so these are just perfect!

About the Author

Dianne Freeman is a life-long book lover who left the world of corporate finance to pursue her passion for writing. After co-authoring the non-fiction book, Haunted Highway, The Spirits of Route 66, she realized her true love was fiction, historical mystery in particular. She also realized she didnít like winter very much so now she and her husband pursue the endless summer by splitting their time between Michigan and Arizona. She’s been nominated for an Agatha and the prestigious Mary Higgins Clark Award, and won the 2019 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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During the Blog Tour, we are giving away a copy of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder + a $10 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, please use the Gleam form below.

The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on August 21st. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder

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Chasing Starlight Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen (August 11, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765399512
ISBN-13: 978-0765399519

Movies, mansions, and murder in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Teri Bailey Black’s Chasing Starlight is a historical mystery from the award-winning author of the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel.

1938. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Palm trees and movie stars. Film studios pumping out musicals, westerns, and gangster films at a furious pace. Everyone wants to be a star―except society girl and aspiring astronomer Kate Hildebrand, who’d rather study them in the night sky. She’s already famous after a childhood tragedy turned her into a newspaper headline. What she craves is stability.

But when Kate has to move to Hollywood to live with her washed-up silent film star grandfather, she walks into a murder scene and finds herself on the front page again. She suspects one of the young men boarding in her grandfather’s run-down mansion is the killer―maybe even her grandfather. She searches for clues.

Now, Kate must discover the killer while working on the set of a musical―and falling in love. Will her stars align so she can catch the murderer and live the dream in Old Hollywood? Or will she find that she’s just chasing starlight?

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Praise for Chasing Starlight

“Chasing Starlight dazzles with richly drawn characters, a breathtaking mystery, and a vivid 1930s Hollywood setting. Black masterfully evokes the glamour and darkness of a mesmerizing era steeped in secrets, lies, and dreams.” ―Cat Winters author of The Raven’s Tale

“Miss Fisher meets Tinseltown in this addictive mystery full of Old Hollywood glamour and slow-burn secrets. Chasing Starlight is the journey of aspiring-astronomer-turned-reluctant-sleuth Kate as she works not only to solve a murder but find her place in the world after a tumultuous past. Come for the gossipy glam of old Hollywood; stay for a cast of charmingly quirky characters and a mystery that will have you guessing until the end.” ―McKelle George, author of Speak Easy, Speak Love

“Chasing Starlight is a mystery as alluring as old Hollywood itself―and fun! Teri Bailey Black’s story has a historical-yet-modern feel, and the setting is so creative and cinematic you’ll feel as if you’re sitting on a film set. With a cast of dream-chasers who showcase both the glamour and the grit, Chasing Starlight is delightful from the first scene to the last.” ―Jodie Lynn Zdrok, author of Spectacle

“Black delivers an atmospheric mystery with cinematic flair that’s chock full of period detail, highlighting women’s roles in front of, and behind, the camera during Hollywood’s golden age. A captivating crowd pleaser.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“This complex tale featuring blossoming romance, an edge-of-your-seat murder, and a host of characters to love and hate is recommended for collections where mysteries are popular.” ―School Library Journal

“Entertainingly conveying the glitz of Kate’s Hollywood life and romantic interests, this breezy whodunit is a fun historical escape with satisfactory twists.” ―Publishers Weekly

“A thrillingly romantic dive into Old Hollywood that will appeal to cinema and history buffs alike.” ―Booklist


Gah, Old Hollywood. The glamour. The fashion. I mean, it was also a time where actors and actresses were terribly exploited, but there was honestly no other time that produced such amazing styles and pictures. So, as you can see I am a bit of an Old Hollywood fan, so I was extremely interested in Chasing Starlight when I found out about it. And boy did it live up to its expectations!

One thing that I crave when reading historical fiction is feeling like I’ve been transported back into the time that the book is set. And Black did an amazing job at this! I loved getting a peak behind the scenes of making movies way back in the Golden Age. And for me that was the highlight of the book. It just piqued all of my interests and made it such an enjoyable read.

Now, there still was a whole murder mystery aspect. Which is honestly just perfect for an Old Hollywood setting (any Basil Rathbone fans out there?). It’s just something that pairs so perfectly with the setting and I was able to just curl up with this book and wholly enjoy it. Now, it may have been a little predictable, but isn’t that the fun of old movies? They are predictable but they’re so well done that you will want to watch them over and over because they become a friend to you. And this book will do the same!

About the Author

Photo Content from Teri Bailey Black

Teri Bailey Black is happiest when she’s creating things, whether it’s with words, fabric, or digging in the garden. Her debut novel, Girl at the Grave, won the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel, and the Whitney Award for Best Debut and Best Young Adult Novel. Her second novel, Chasing Starlight, will be published June 2020. She and her husband have four children and live in Orange County, California.

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