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About the Book

Delphi Federation
Book 6: Delphi in Space Series
by Bob Blanton


On the continued quest for a harmonized society on Earth and beyond, author Bob Blanton brings attention to the civilians most in need of peace, societal advancements, and equality with the sixth installment of his popular Delphi in Space series, Delphi Federation (April 7, 2020 [Paperback], April 21, 2020 [eBook]).

The best-selling science fiction series follows two brothers, Marc and Blake McCormack,who unleash new technology that will forever improve our dying environment while making a nice profit to boot. With the arrival of Marc’s daughter Catie, they begin introducing the new technology while fighting off enemies and foreign countries who fear the technology will disrupt their economies. It’s not long before the alien rebels from Paraxea come to claim the technology for themselves, starting a galactic war of the ages that spans the next five books Blanton has planned.

In Delphi Federation, the McCormacks have successfully defeated the Paraxean rebels, but now face an even tougher question: where do they go from here? As they are now responsible for 1.5 million alien lives, they must search for other inventions and advancements in technology that will help them find a good home for the Paraxeans.  All while they continue to disperse technology across the globe.  Their plans hit a snag when their clinic in Guatemala gets taken over by a cartel boss.

As moving to space, along with other technological and economical advancements, may not be decades away like we once assumed, Blanton explores the benefits of space habitation through the McCormack family’s epic adventures, leaving any space lover itching to pack their bags. With his forceful yet focused writing style, Delphi Federation also puts a spotlight on various underdeveloped countries and habitats outside our atmosphere, encouraging readers to appreciate what we have in the present and pay attention to a future that’s more reality than space fantasy. When the sky is no longer the limit, the possibilities to create a better world are endless.

About the Author

BOB BLANTON began the Delphi in Space Series after retiring to the beach in Mexico with his wife. An avid reader, he began thinking of novel ideas and becoming a writer after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to his writing career, Blanton worked as an engineer and manager in San Diego for over 30 years. He is also the author of The Stone Series trilogy and plans to continue his Delphi in Space Series well beyond his 2020 release, Delphi Federation. Learn more about Blanton on his website and connect with him on Facebook and GoodReads.

The paperback edition Delphi Federation: Book 6 of Delphi in Space Series is available now while the ebook will be released on April 21, 2020 and is available for pre-order.

Author Interview

Q: What makes Delphi Federation and the Delphi in Space Series different than other science fiction books that take place in space?

Bob Blanton: I focus on fun and adventure while keeping the science as realistic as possible. Generally, I find some scientific basis for my alternate science. These characters have grown throughout the series, but from the beginning I painted them as capable, making the situations as realistic as possible, saying what would be the likely response to a given situation.

Q: The characters in the series live in space, and some scientists and entrepreneurs believe we’re closer than ever to making that a reality. What are your thoughts on having a society in space?

BB: Outer Space is just another piece of real estate.  We’re already learning about manufacturing processes that are best suited to space and microgravity through the ISS2.  The asteroid belt will undoubtedly be an important source for raw materials that are becoming even more scarce on Earth.  Investors are viewing the first forays into space as more adventure, novelty oriented.  Eventually we’ll have a manufacturing presence which will require a larger, more permanent presence.

Q: Many science fiction books warn about technological advancements over time, but the series does the opposite. What do you think are some advantages of technology?

BB: Technology is a means to an end.  It doesn’t have a political or emotional component, that comes from people who are trying to avoid the disruption it causes in one’s life.  It’s difficult to predict what will happen as it becomes integrated into our lives.  Just imagine the first portable phones, they were huge, but who would leave the house today without their smartphone.  Technology unleashes the human mind to accomplish great and amazing things, unfortunately criminals also have imaginations.

Q: You also highlight different regions in your book that are more vulnerable and may not be able to handle such advancements, such as Ukraine and Guatemala. What is your hope in bringing awareness to these countries and their issues?

BB:  It’s easy to look at underdeveloped countries and write their situations off as their own fault.  That ignores the enormous damage that a colonial economy did and does to countries that are relegated to sources of raw material and cheap labor.  The average people in those countries are doing the best they can with the hand they’ve been dealt.  When presented with unbiased opportunities, they can step up and make a much better life for themselves.  Unfortunately, the wealthy and powerful in those countries prefer the status quo.  Corruption favors them; who would clean their houses if everyone had a high school education.

Chasing Cleopatra Review

About the Book

To the untrained eye, Cleopatra Gallier appears to lead a charmed life in Honolulu’s paradise. She is impossibly beautiful, clever, wealthy and … trained to kill.

When she enters into a love affair with the much younger, irresistibly handsome rogue, Jake Regan, she finds herself colliding with an intricate terrorist plot. Her secret past, like Hawaii’s smoldering volcano, is ready to erupt. In the four days leading up to Christmas, two stunning betrayals and a terrorist attack threaten to reduce her and the island she loves to ashes.

As Cleopatra’s deadly skills are put to the test, she must first untangle the devastating secrets of her past.

Don’t miss this debut novel, a gripping page-turner from acclaimed American actress, playwright, and author, Tina Sloan.

Chasing Cleopatra will get your heart racing and reveal what it truly means to love.


Well dang, I power read this book! I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this book as it isn’t my typical read, but I’m really glad I gave it a chance! This year I have really focused on reading outside of my comfort zone and so far it has served me well! At this point last year I was already in the middle of my first slump, but this year I continue to be excited for what I’m going to read next!

Cleopatra is a wild character! She’s older, so I wasn’t sure if I would connect with her, but she lives with a young vivacity! I found myself overly amused with her antics and I am here for her living life to its fullest! I have been in a romance mood lately, so I’m glad that I read this book now! It had enough romance mixed with some spy intrigue that I was engaged throughout the whole book.

This story flits between the main characters, and while I was more intrigued with some, I was impressed with how the multiple POVs helped draw everything together. I have to admit that before the whole terrorist plot was introduced I could tell which character was going to be plugged in for that plot, but then again I’m usually really good at “guessing” things like this. HOWEVER, this in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the story!

About the Author

Tina Sloan is best known for her 26-year-role on CBS’s soap opera Guiding Light and as the author of Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace, based on her autobiographical one-woman show. Some of Sloan’s most notable on-screen appearances include roles in Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch, Celebrity, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The Brave One, Changing Lanes, The Guru, People I Know, and Black Swan. Her latest projects include being part of an all-star cast on the soap web series Beacon Hill and Venice, and she continues to be a sought-after speaker. She divides her time between Florida and Maryland with her husband of 44 years, where they enjoy time with their son, his wife and 2 grandchildren.

*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*