How to Be a Badass Vigilante Tour – Review & Giveaway

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About the Book

Publisher : Lmbpn Publishing (February 10, 2021)
Language : English
Paperback : 274 pages
ISBN-10 : 1649714467
ISBN-13 : 978-1649714466

Virtutis gloria merces

Translation: Glory is the reward of valor

When given power, what would you be willing to sacrifice for the greater good?

Fed up with playing the normal game, recent university graduate, ex-cum laude, ex-soccer star, ex-popular and mostly broke Kera MacDonagh changed her life when she read ‘How to be a Badass Witch’ and shockingly, the spells worked.

She barely made it out of the first few weeks of on-the-job training before her powers got her in trouble.

Hunted as a magical vigilante, the Kims sacrificed to keep her safe.

Kera hunts criminals in the darkness of LA, but will she be able to hide the signature of her powers, too?

Having made the decision to come clean with a boyfriend, she must now live with the results.

With everything happening, Kera is balancing her sanity as well. Will magic be enough to help her come out on top?

Of course, she hopes. Because the other way lies madness.

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Praise for How to Be a Badass Vigilante

“Once again, I find myself in a reader’s paradise with this ‘Bad Ass’ series!” Alicia G., reviewer

“A different twist to the fantasy world. The main character is feisty, fun, loyal & honorable. A theme I love in Michael’s stories.” Kathleen R., reviewer

“A number of unexpected plot twists form a novel solution. Action galore as usual.” Kevin S., reviewer

“It’s extremely hard to find such an interesting and exciting author who not only writes intelligently, but also provides top-rate plots, characters, and excitement in their stories.” — Jim N., reviewer


I mean, the title on this book alone should tell you it’s one you need to read. But this book really takes a strong female lead to the next level with an expertly woven story surrounding out main character. And boy oh boy is there a lot of action packed throughout this one, so buckle up because you’re in for an exciting ride!

There’s so much to unpack with this story, but I really think it all boils down to there being a little bit of something for everyone. And I mean magic, powerful females, action, and more. And instead of falling into the trap of throwing everything together and hoping it all works, this book really took all of these elements and made them its own. So, basically what I’m trying to say is that it works and with all of these elements that could easily go so wrong it all seemed to go so right.

I really enjoyed this book and just fell right into the story. It’s one of those books that you can pick up, easily read, and find yourself entertained by the story.

About the Author

Photo Content from Michael Anderle

Michael Anderle was born in Houston, TX. A very curious child, he got into trouble — a lot. What to do with an inquisitive mind when he was grounded? Read!

For his first 20 years, he mostly read Science Fiction and Fantasy. In the last 10 years, he has enjoyed Urban Fantasy and Military Fiction. With this background, he created The Kurtherian Gambit series, a well-selling and fan-loved collection of stories. Fans have propelled these stories beyond Anderle’s wildest imagination and Anderle says they should get all of the credit for sharing with friends, family and occasionally the random person on the street.

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Shadow Crusade Review

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About the Book

Centuries ago, against the will of the mages, the humans hunted and killed the Primordials.

All except one.

Now the creature has blighted the lands. It cast a spreading net of darkness over dozens of villages where now only demons can dwell. All of Arcathain is in danger unless the spread can be contained.

It’s up to the Shadow Crusade to slay the last Primordial, destroy the Shadowthorn, and return their homeland to the light of day.

And who better to carry the title of savior than the recently orphaned, vengeful, and reckless, Halira Devonshire?

Shadow Crusade is the first in a NA, gothic, epic fantasy series with badass demon huntresses, immortal creatures, epic world-building, and a budding romance. If you enjoyed books by Cassandra Clare, Jay Kristoff, Shannon Mayer, and KF Breene, then Shadow Crusade will keep you reading long into the night!


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I was introduced to Jessaca Willis last year with her Reapers of Veltuur series and I absolutely fell in love with her dark style. So, as you could guess, I jumped at the chance to read this one. And it did not disappoint. There was just so much to love and just so many characters you couldn’t help but to love to hate.

So, like I said there are a lot of characters that you might not love so much, but… you know… still love. And that’s because these characters are beautifully morally grey and imperfectly perfect. Which you know I absolutely live for in books. And characters aside the plot is crazy so buckle up for some mysteries and twists and just a whole bunch of…. yeah, well, I’m not gonna actually tell you. So read it to find out.

But yeah, this was one heck of a read and I definitely might have found myself losing some sleep to binge it. So don’t start this one late at night if you aspire to go to sleep at some point in the night. But make sure you don’t miss out on this one! And also check out her other works while you’re at it.

About the Author

JESSACA WILLIS is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the dark, the horrifying, and the paranormal.

She studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees, and incorporates themes from her education (family dynamics, mental health, oppression) into her writing.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to cosplay at conventions, play video games or read comics in her downtime, and to binge-watch the latest fantasy and sci-fi television series. Along with a bunch of other self-proclaimed nerds, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies.

Her debut series, The Awakened is an apocalyptic fantasy series about four people from across the world, trying to learn to live with their powers after society has collapsed.

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Running Beside the Alpha Review

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About the Book

My life has taught me to expect the unexpected.

A serial-killer rampaging through the New York Pack?

Sure. Why not?

But a serial killer who smells like me?

That’s a heck of a lot more than unexpected.

With the Alphas of All poking around and my own Alpha on a rampage to figure out who the murderer is, it becomes a race to see who finds the truth first.

I’ll find the killer.

Or the Alphas will find me.

Either way, it’s time to face the facts.

There’s a lot more to being “Wolfsbane” than suppressing my pack’s shifting.

And I’m pretty sure it starts with my freakishly red hair.


Sigh, another late review and post. I miss the days of being able to post on my “schedule” but things have been so chaotic on my end and I am all sorts of out of whack because of that. BUT, I’m getting this up because holy heck I need to just get my thoughts in order from this whirlwind of a book.

I think it is safe to say that I enjoyed this book a little more than the first. Which, if I’m being honest, is actually rare for me to say. I often find that when I REALLY enjoy the first book in the series the next one just doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. But, Running Beside the Alpha was the gift that kept on giving. And that ending is something that I won’t be recovering from until I get my grubby little hands on the third book.

But yeah, this series is a set of easy and enjoyable reads that you will find yourself needing to binge. And like I already mentioned I need the next book, so as you can see they hook you! So, here’s to me getting this review out because man oh man I had so much to say but also didn’t want to ruing anything. And lets also hope that I finally get some time to sit down and write out all of the reviews floating around in my brain, because I’d like to get them out to you!

About the Author

Author of books. Wrangler of children. Buyer of Chinese food. Designer of art. Lover of life.

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Current Release: RUNNING FROM THE WOLVES (Wolfsbane Book 1)

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Courting Moon Tour – Review & Music Playlist

Author: Adom Sample

Narrator: Mikaela Davis Sargent

Length: 8 hours 9 minutes

Series: The Bloods Passion Saga, Book 1

Publisher: Adom Sample Publishing

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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The Demon in Business Class Tour – Review, Music Playlist, & Guest Post

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Author: Anthony Dobranski

Narrator: Laura Petersen

Length: 18 hours 26 minutes

Publisher: Anthony Dobranski

Released: Aug. 19, 2020

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

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Running From the Wolves Review

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About the Book

Never run from an Alpha.

As the only werewolf immune to the curse forcing my kind to shift every night, I’m a bit of a hot commodity… and not in a good way. 

I went to New York thinking it would be the safest place to hide from the abusive Alpha who had me last.

Wrong decision.

The city is home to one of the largest packs in the world. Its leader?

Tall, strong, sexy, and determined that I’m his.

As if being chased by a crazed lunatic isn’t enough, my scent starts driving unmated men insane and that giant, possessive beast who won’t leave me alone?

He’s the only one who can protect me.

One way or another, I’m totally screwed.

If you love books by Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, Melissa Haag, Olivia Wildenstein, Kelly St. Clare, K.F. Breene, CN Crawford, Linsey Hall, and Jennifer L Armentrout, you’ll devour RUNNING FROM THE WOLVES.

*recommended for mature readers


Eeeee! This book was so amazing! Plus WEREWOLVES! I mean, they’re basically my most under-read paranormal creature (I know, shame on me) and I am always reminded of how much I love them when I do pick up a werewolf book. And this one definitely inspired me to make sure I read more of them. I mean, it has a slow burn will they won’t they romance that will just HOOK you!

I think what I loved most about this romance is that it was almost a healing slow burn romance. It was a more of growing to trust one another in order to let those feelings in between these “destined” mates. And I love that going about the relationship this way showed so much growth as Henley learned to attune to what her actual feelings are and let her guard down a little. And our two MCs aside, I really adored the supporting cast of characters. Having a firmly developed and lovable set of side characters is always such an automatic plus for me!

Honestly, I just really loved this book. It was such a great start to a new series and had so many amazing characters for me to fall in love with. I am also most definitely looking forward to continuing this series and seeing where book two leads to. But there was definitely so much to love about this book and if you love paranormal books you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

About the Author

Author of books. Wrangler of children. Buyer of Chinese food. Designer of art. Lover of life.

I write YA/NA romance, mostly paranormal and urban fantasy. Never reverse harem, and always with an eventual HEA 🙂

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Current Release: RUNNING FROM THE WOLVES (Wolfsbane Book 1)

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Winter’s Wolf Tour – Review

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About the Book

The impact of the sucker punch sent Louvette to the ground hard. Pain flared across her cheek as it split. The effects of her adrenaline paused as her mother’s words of warning replayed in her mind: Make this school last until graduation. She knew this would break her mother’s heart.

A shout that did not come from her mother took her back to present reality. She hadn’t started this fight, but she knew she wasn’t going to let her butt get stomped, either.

She jumped up. Her fist balled as a blonde pixie of a girl came at her. Louvette dodged her this time and swung her fist straight into the girl’s nose. A solid crunch sounded as her attack landed. Her momentary satisfaction was thrown off along with her balance as the girls fell to the ground.

A large arm separated them apart as the coach finally arrived to do his job. They continued to kick at each other, looking like barrel monkeys hanging off a barrel.

“Break it up! Lynskey and Mallory, report to the principal’s office immediately,” snapped Coach No Clue. No clue what his name was because she hadn’t been in his class or let alone the whole school of Farwell long enough to learn it.

She was more dragged down the hallway toward the principal’s office than reported to it.

The Queen B, otherwise known as Tiffany Mallory, began to beg immediately, spawning an eye roll from Louvette. She was a whiny beggar. Just one of many B words that could describe her to a T, but it was the nicest one that Louvette could think of.

Her pleading stopped as they arrived at the door of the principal’s office. They locked eyes for a second, hatred flaring toward each other.

“I’m first. I’m on my third offense and I’m not waiting all day for you to get a slap on the wrist,” Louvette said to Tiffany as she darted past her into the office. The only thing that stopped her from slamming the door in the B’s face was the creature on the other side of the door.


I’ve been reading a lot of paranormal books lately and it’s made me realize that I’m not really sure why I stopped reading them for so long. There’s just something about a great paranormal book, especially if there are werewolves involved. I particularly loved how Winter’s Wolf had a lot of romance but still managed to also fit in a bunch of action and even a hint of some thriller thrown in.

I think the thing I liked best about this book was that it reminded me a lot of old ya. And while I love all of the recent new ya releases, sometimes I miss that easy reading feel that I always felt from ya books years back. I mean, there was still all of the drama and angst as anything revolving around teenagers entails but the stories were just that, stories. And Winter’s Wolf took me back to that and I was able to just sit down and enjoy the story. And honestly, given everything going on in the world right now, that’s kind of what I want in my books. A great story that I can fall into and want to binge because it takes my mind off of everything.

I really enjoyed the characters and the romance. It was very typical of what you expect from ya books and I love that! One thing I didn’t expect from this story, given that it is a paranormal book, was the world building. And I’m definitely not complaining, I mean it’s my favorite thing in books honestly. And it’s also something that I’ve found seriously lacking in the past few books I’ve read. So it was such a nice surprise to find it done so well in this book!

About the Author

Lou Grimes was born and raised in Texas. She writes in the comfort of her own home. When she is not writing or working part-time, she is outside gardening, swimming, and hiking. Another favorite past time of hers is anything that involves creating art and traveling as much as possible.

When she was growing up, her nose was either stuck in a book or stuck in her own daydreams. Her main objective as an author is to create a world that people want to get lost in.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Brambles Review

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About the Book

Nineteen-year-old Sidney Philips lives in the shadow of her grandmother, a wealthy socialite with towering expectations and a controlling hand. She’s expected to either find a respectable career and marry well, or to simply marry well. Believing she has no choice, Sidney walks the path laid out for her—that is until a destined meeting with a terrifying ghost turns her world upside down. All at once, Sidney is at the center of a curse that has nothing (and everything) to do with her. She’s faced with a terrible choice, and no matter what she chooses, someone will suffer.

Brambles is a coming-of-age story that’s a mash-up of paranormal romance and Sleeping Beauty lore; a delicious blend of drama, action, and humor perfect for both YA and NA (New Adult) readers.

The Brambles Series has the romance of Vampire Diaries and the humor of Gilmore Girls. The heroine of this tale, Sidney Philips, is a sarcastic young adult with a fiery wit and a semi-serious mocha obsession.

Do you want to hear a ghost story?


What do you get when you combine The Vampire Diaries, Sleeping Beauty, and ghosts? Brambles. And, just as a side note, those are three of my favorite things. So, as you can probably guess, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s just one of those highly enjoyable books that you can read rain or shine, slump or no slump. It’ll just pull you in and make you want to find out what’s going to happen.

So, did I mention there are ghosts in this story? Because there are two very important very British very victorian ghosts in this story. Just saying. They kind of steal the show and I looked forward to some ghostly scenes throughout the book. I also love that the females run the show in this book, from Sidney’s crotchety old (and very wealthy) grandmother who’s a rich boss to Sidney taking control of her own life and decisions.

One thing I must say is make sure you have book two ready when you start this! You’ll thank me because the ending of Brambles just warrants you to immediately continue the story. Like, wow, what a cliff hanger! And towards the end I found a new favorite character that I wasn’t expecting to love, but more details on that coming in my review of book two. So, in conclusion, keep an eye out tomorrow for my review on book two in the Brambles Series: Thorns.

About the Author

A little about me: I’m an author, lover of creepy-cute things (you know sparkly skulls and black unicorns and candles that melt and show skeletons), and an all around weirdo. I’m the happiest when playing with my kitties or exploring a haunted cemetery. I love YA books. If I could, I would live in one. Just not The Hunger Games. I want to live!! 

I’ve just finished the Brambles Series and am working on a dystopian series that will release late 2020/early 2021. It’s super dark and I’m super excited.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Dark Fae Cursed Cover Reveal

About the Book

The fae king once tried to break me, but now… I’m coming for him. After being exiled from the Fae Islands, I refused to let it stop me from being who I’ve always been: a punisher who gets what she wants. Since then, I’ve found a new start among other supernaturals and humans, enjoying life to its fullest. That is, until a disarming, yet infuriating, fae named Finn shows up asking for my assistance. The problem? Helping him means going back to the one place I vowed to never return. Now I must face my past and figure out a way to destroy the fae king who banished me all those years ago. But when the darkness in Finn proves to be problematic, I need to decide whether I’ll stick to my solitary ways and do things my own way… Or just maybe it’s time to let others in, no matter the risk.

*** This is the first book in a new series featuring a crass anti-hero female lead and recommended for ages 17+ ***

About the Author

Heather Renee is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in Oregon. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels with a mixture of adventure, humor, and sass. Her love of reading eventually led to her passion of writing and giving the gift of escapism.

When Heather’s not writing, she is spending time with her loving husband and beautiful daughter, going on their own adventures. She loves to hear from her fans, so visit her website and the Contact Me link for ways to connect.

Books by the author:

Elite Supernatural Trackers (Completed)

Royal Fae Guardians
Of Dreams and Sorcery
Of Blood and Sacrifice – June 2020

Raven Point Pack Series (Completed)
Shades of Fury
Shades of Magic
Shades of Deceit
Shades of Secrecy (prequel novella)
Shades of Vengeance

Shadow Veil Academy (Completed)
Delayed Admission
Deadly Declaration
Daring Provocation

Blood of the Sea Series (Completed)
Crimson Horizon 
Pale Horizon
Obsidian Horizon

Marked Paradox

Necromancer Rising Review

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About the Book

The delicate balance of this world is threatened when Babd, goddess of war, is unleashed. With the help of other immortals drawn to her cause, she seeks to free her sisters and merge with them once more to form The Morrigan. Adeline Verone was prophesied to be the Queen of the Dead, the most powerful necromancer to ever grace this earth. The problem? She can’t access her powers. A group of immortals make it their mission to capture her, forcing Adeline to run for her life…and when that doesn’t work; to trust a brooding werewolf that is hiding an agenda of his own. William Flynn had his life turned upside down at the loss of his brother. When a witch falls under his protection he makes the choice to betray her in order to protect his pack. He didn’t realize how much he would regret that decision. Can Adeline and William ally for the sake of defending the world against The Morrigan, goddess of war, fate, and death? Or will William’s betrayal and the uncontrollable lust they feel for one another be their downfall?


This book, this book, this book! I want more stories like this! I mean, look at how unique the synopsis is! And necromancers are an automatic cool factor! But on top of all of this the characters are all well developed and there was enough world building to satiate my Tolkien-esque world building loving self (but don’t worry, it’s not on THAT level, it’s just really tastefully done).

So, I really love when authors aren’t afraid to take on more than one type of paranormal being. And while this can easily lead to a murky and underdeveloped world, that wasn’t the case with Necromancer Rising. All of the supernaturals were well developed (and even if we all recognize werewolves and the like, each author always has a personal style) and I think it helped that the author pulled from some traditional lore. It left the paranormal aspects feeling recognizable but still fresh.

This is the first book in the Raedan Warrior series and I’m really excited to see where the author takes the story next! The book was written in such a beautiful way and I loved seeing the relationship between Adeline and William grow and develop. Add in all of the different types of paranormal elements and this book really is a winner!

About the Author

Ashton Abbott is a home body with a passion for all things paranormal. She lives in the midwest with her husband and two children. Ashton has a penchant for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Minecraft, and getting lost in a good book.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*