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About the Book

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Forge Books (March 3, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250312744
ISBN-13: 978-1250312747

The nurses of the US Army’s Field Hospitals, mobile units that operate just behind the battle lines, contend with heat, dirt, short-handed staffs, the threat of German counterattack and an ever-present flood of horribly wounded GIs. At the 11th Field Hospital near Palermo, Sicily in the bloody summer of 1943, nurses also live with the threat of violent assault by one of their own–at least until someone shoots Dr. Myers Stephenson in the head.

Enter Eddie Harkins, a tough former Philadelphia beat cop turned Military Police lieutenant, who is first on the scene. Although he has never been a detective, Harkins soon finds himself the lone investigator, either because the Military Police are under-staffed or because someone in power thinks this rank amateur will never get close to the real killer. When the hospital commander tries to derail Harkins’ investigation by transferring or harassing key witnesses, it becomes clear to Harkins that the unit is rotten to its core, that the nurses are not safe, and that patients who have survived Nazi bullets are still at risk after they arrive at this place that is supposed to save them.

Harkins fights–and worries that he is losing–multiple battles. He is driven to give hope to nurses who just want to do their life-saving work, to right at least a few of the wrongs around him, and to do penance for sins in his own past. The one bright note for Harkins is a rekindled relationship with Kathleen Donnelly, a nurse from Harkins’ old neighborhood; but even that is complicated when Donnelly becomes a victim.

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Praise for Blame the Dead

“The title of this riveting, finely crafted novel may be Blame the Dead, but I blame author Ed Ruggero–for keeping me up at night, reading “just one more” chapter then another and another. Whether your interests lie in a well-wrought mystery, a classic cop story, historical settings or first-rate military fiction, this thoroughly enjoyable novel set during World War II checks the block. Great pacing, compelling characters, solid research and a fiendishly clever plot add up to non-stop reading excitement.” ―Ralph Peters, author of Cain at Gettysburg and Judgment at Appomattox

“This book is a lot of fun, written with an insider’s feel for the U.S. Army and its history.” ―Thomas E. Ricks, author of The Generals and Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

“Ruggero’s story sets itself apart with the vividly rendered field-hospital setting and the focus on the battle-hardened nurses. A solid choice for WWII-thriller fans.” ―Booklist

“At the start of this exceptional WWII mystery and series launch, Lt. Eddie Harkins, an MP who was once a Philadelphia beat cop, comes across a murder scene near Palermo, Sicily…. Ruggero plays fair with his readers and makes the carrying out of a homicide inquiry in wartime both exciting and plausible.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ruggero uses his military expertise to create a vivid and unconventional setting for a murder mystery, crafting an intriguing quagmire of institutional corruption to challenge his everyman hero.” ―Library Journal


Happy day late book birthday! Blame the Dead is a gritty and raw mystery book set in the middle of WWII. Phew, that was a mouth full but it got the major plot across. I think the most effective part of this book is that it is so (sometimes brutally) honest. The characters are in the midst of war, so you are oftentimes not seeing any of them at their best. And as it was mentioned in the beginning, many of them never really had a best. These characters are tired, hungry, cut-off, and trying to survive.

So I want to focus my review on the nurses in this book. The unsung heroes, as you might say. This cast of women swear just like all the men they work with and have to appear even tougher than anyone else on the warfront in order to protect themselves. There is rampant rape and sexual assault in this workplace and none of the women go unscathed. Yet they persevere because they know just how good at their job they are, and in war these sets of expertise are needed. I dunno, maybe it’s my faux sailor’s mouth that just really appreciated their brutal honesty. But, I can say that they were definitely my favorite part of the book.

Now, this book is written in a very sharp manner, but there is still A LOT of description. Which was quite jarring at first and I struggled a bit to keep everyone straight. But, once I got used to that and got in the zone and flow of things I was all set to devour this book. I also want to point out that even though this book touches on some really dark topics I still found myself giggling and chuckling. There is a good amount of humorous parts and characters to lighten up some of the harder to swallow (and graphic) plots.

About the Author

Photo Content from Ed Ruggero

Ed Ruggero has studied, practiced, and taught leadership for more than twenty-five years, helping organizations develop the kinds of leaders people want to follow. His client list includes the FBI, the New York City Police Department, CEO Conference Europe, the CIA, the Young Presidents Organization, Forbes, the SAS Institute, Hugo Boss USA, CitiFinancial, and Time, among many others. He has appeared on CNN, The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and CNBC and has spoken to audiences around the world on leadership, leader development and ethics. Ed is a senior advisor to McKinsey & Company and has been a panelist for The Washington Post’s On Leadership series. He also has been a guest speaker at Harvard Business School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Ed is the author of eleven books, including Duty First: West Point and the Making of American Leaders, a study of leader development at the US Military Academy; and Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault Into Fortress Europe, July 1943, which became a one-hour docudrama on The History Channel. Ed is also the co-author of The Leader’s Compass, a fictional story of how one leader developed a personal leadership philosophy. His most recent book is The First Men In: US Paratroopers and the Fight to Save D-Day.

After his graduation from West Point, Ed received his commission in the United States Army and served as an infantry officer in a variety of leadership positions, followed by an assignment teaching at West Point. After his service, Ed continued to share his insights about leadership, leading to his career as an author, public speaker, and trainer.

Ed is the founder and principal of The Gettysburg Leadership Experience, The Concord Leadership Experience, The Valley Forge Leadership Experience and the Normandy Leadership Experience, four distinct experiential learning programs in which participants walk the grounds of great military struggles and learn battle-tested leadership lessons that will help them meet today’s business challenges.

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All the Silent Voices Tour – Review

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About the Book

Twenty-one years ago, Emma Shephard was sexually assaulted and forced to leave college. She has tried to forget the trauma, building a new life as a loving wife and parent with a successful marketing career. Then her world is rocked when her rapist buys the pharmaceutical company where she works.

Now it’s an impossible choice between keeping the safe life she’s created and pursuing justice. With her marriage at risk and her child in danger, Emma finds herself at the center of ugly secrets and scandals.


All the Silent Voices is an ode to every woman who has been silenced through trauma. To every woman who has been told it was her fault. To every woman who felt that she couldn’t speak up. To every woman afraid. In a time of the Me-Too movement, this book is poignant and important. It will not be a story for everyone, it may trigger some terrifying memories and it is important to note that this book is vivid. But, it is important. It is horrifying and visceral because it is so real.

Now, I must admit that I kept holding off on writing this review. It is not because I didn’t like the book, but that I was afraid I wouldn’t do the topic justice. Sexual assault is something women fear daily. Walking alone at night, catching the eye of someone who doesn’t look away, the feeling of being brushed up against in public. We are taught to be cautious and afraid on the inside while maintaining composure on the outside.

Reading All the Silent Voices you feel that fear and anxiety. Mikalsen does an amazing job of conveying all of the emotions that come with being forced to face the man who assaulted you. Which is probably why this book captures and keeps your attention. The realness of the story is sad, in a this is a terrible situation, but something that far too many women face.

All the Silent Voices takes you on many twists and turns. Drama, scandals, and more unwind throughout these pages.

About the Author

I am a Women’s Fiction author. My novels are about brave women and about love. 

WRAPPED IN THE STARS is about love that lasts forever. Two lovers, Mark and Rebecca, got separated in the early 20th century, but their love remained behind, it didn’t die. Part of their love stayed in the ring that Mark gave to Rebecca. So, when this ring is found years later, another couple picks up the energy from Mark and Rebecca’s love and fall in love.

In THE HOUSE BY THE CYPRESS TREES I explore romantic love. That wild feeling of new love when you first fall for someone and you want to spend every moment with them and you will do anything for them.

ALL THE SILENT VOICES is about the depth of love between a husband and wife and what challenges a good marriage can withstand. How far will a wife go for her husband and how far will a husband go for his wife?

Finally, in the novel I am working on right now, CITY OF GLASS, the focus is on sibling love. A sister sacrifices everything to save her brother.

I am somewhat obsessive about travel, but, when I am at home, in San Antonio, I can be found browsing through bookstores or antique shops with my husband and two children.

When not writing stories, I am a Pediatric Psychologist helping children with chronic medical illness. I blog on issues of mental health for teens and adults. I enjoy working with the media due to my expertise in managing anxiety, stress, and parenting issues. I provide consultation to authors on writing about mental health.

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