Composite Creatures Tour – Review

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About the Book

In a society where self-preservation is as much an art as a science, Norah and Arthur are learning how to co-exist in their new little world. Though they hardly know each other, everything seems to be going perfectly—from the home they’re building together to the ring on Norah’s finger.

But survival in this world is a tricky thing, the air is thicker every day and illness creeps fast through the body. And the earth is becoming increasingly hostile to live in. Fortunately, Easton Grove is here for that in the form of a perfect little bundle to take home and harvest. You can live for as long as you keep it—or her—close.


This book is just so interesting and wild and such a good read! Plus that cover should be enough to intrigue you. I really am a sucker for a good cover and will willingly admit that that is what first drew me to this one. And I’m glad I listened to that because it’s also a really great story.

So, surprise surprise, this is another book that I don’t really want to get much into. It’s just something that you have to let unfold around you as you read it. But just be prepared for an extremely ephemeral and haunting read. It’s one of those books that is just so well written that you could see the events actually unfolding.

This book is both an excellent read as well as one that will make you take a moment to think once you’re done. And that moment might turn into something longer because it’s really one of those stories that will stick with you long after. So this is definitely one that I recommend you pick up!

About the Author

Author. Poet. Novelist. Occasional librettist. Sporadic puppeteer.

Caroline Hardaker lives in the north east of England and writes quite a lot of things. She earned her BA (English Literature) and MA (Cultural and Heritage Studies) from Newcastle University, and her main problem is limiting herself to one idea at once, or maybe two ideas, or three…

Caroline’s debut poetry collection, Bone Ovation, was published by Valley Press in 2017, and her first full length collection, Little Quakes Every Day, was published by Valley Press in November 2020. 

Caroline’s debut novel, Composite Creatures, will be published by Angry Robot in April 2021. It’s available to pre-order now (please do take a look!)

Caroline’s poetry has been published worldwide, most recently in Magma, The Interpreter’s House, The Emma Press, Neon Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, Eyewear Publishing’s Best New British and Irish Poets, and Contemporary British Poetry from Platypus Press. This blog was set up in late 2015 and you can see some of her publication credits since then via the Poems and Stories section.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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