In Light of the Summit

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About the Book

The much-anticipated sequel to IN SIGHT OF THE MOUNTAIN!

After Anna Gallagher’s first climb on Mt. Rainier, she faces a new challenge—enduring the ridicule and threats that come with breaking tradition. In 1890, being a young female mountaineer makes polite society uncomfortable, even angry. But despite the threats and inherent risk, she still has plans for another climb, even if it jeopardizes her family bookstore, and puts her in more danger than she ever imagined.

Emily Watson has always been close with the Gallagher family. As a young girl she dreamed of a wealthy husband, a fine house, and a future in Seattle society and now she finally has it. Her desires couldn’t be more different than Anna’s, but she’s confronted with her own invisible mountain to climb when she’s suddenly poverty-stricken. She must decide what matters most, and whether true love is worth waiting for.

IN LIGHT OF THE SUMMIT is a captivating story of ambition, heartbreak, and redemption. It’s a tale of two childhood friends navigating womanhood in the late 19th century, with as much grace as they can muster, while still figuring out how to be true to themselves.

Praise for In Light of the Summit

Turn of the century social conventions come in conflict with a determined young woman’s desire to climb Mt. Ranier in Washington State. Anna must make a choice, to be true to herself or “know one’s place” and conform to avoid conflict within her family and society at large. Author, Jamie McGillen, explores this and other social injustices historically imposed on women, many that still resonate a century and a half later – mountains yet to climb.” — San Francisco Book Review

“In Light of the Summit by Jamie McGillen is a charming sequel to her first novel, In Sight of the Mountain. McGillen’s love for her home state and Mt. Rainier shines through her writing. Her description is vivid and beautiful. Readers will be inspired to climb the mountain themselves. She brings Mt. Rainier and the Pacific Northwest climate to life. Anna is a strong and determined female character, and her husband Ben is always supportive. Their love is believable and sweet. This book is filled with adventure and romance and danger. The mystery is well-plotted, with several great twists. If you are looking for a good, clean novel to curl up in front of a cozy fire with, you can’t go wrong with this one.” — Heather Stockard, Readers’ Favorite (5 Star Review)


You know, I really enjoy books like this. They’re soothing to read yet feature such powerhouse and inspiring women. It’s just a really nice combination that draws you wholly into the story. Plus the backdrop to this series is amazing and beautiful.

There were so many elements to this book that wove together so perfectly into one story, but I don’t want to get too much into the plot because the events are a direct follow up to the first book in the series. But the characters and setting have such amazing backgrounds and backdrops that you’ll find yourself flipping as fast as you can through this book.

The last nice, but also sad, thing about this book is that it isn’t terribly long. So if you’re like me you’ll be able to stay up late and devour this one in one go. But don’t worry, the book isn’t so short that it makes you feel as if the story got lost along the way.

About the Author

Jamie McGillen lives in the shadow of Mount Rainier, and no matter how many times she moves away, it draws her home. Everything about large evergreen trees delights her, except how poky they are, and the sap. Her poems and essays have been published in numerous literary journals, and she teaches English Composition at Highline College.

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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