A Song for the Road Review

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About the Book

An outcast in her tight-knit community, Larkspur endures her poor health with help neither from her family nor her fickle sweetheart. At a yearly moon festival she beseeches the spirits for better luck…but they lead her to a foundling elf child she did not want and a quest she did not ask for.

Yet she and the mute spryte form a bond over their shared struggles. When danger arrives at their cottage, Larkspur sets out with the girl she’s named Gentian from the country of her homefolk into the land of songs and tales itself.

Through leagues of treacherous border woods lies miraculous Beledan, where the dwarf chieftains quarrel amongst themselves and, far to the north, the mysterious elves marshal for war…


Phew! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a review for a book not on a tour! But it’s just been so chaotic on my end that I literally haven’t had much time to read. PLUS I had to pack up my books because of some home renovations (good lord do I not want to ever move now, haha!). And on top of all of that I decided to go a little crazy and take my booksta in an entirely new direction. But I’m back now and I’m so happy that my first post back with my new and (maybe) improved self is about A Song for the Road. Because, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sharing the heck out of this book and now I also get to gush about just how much I loved it.

There’s something that I really love about this style of fantasy and Labadie always manages to make me fall in love with her characters and worlds. Her writing is just so elegant and beautiful that I get transported into the story. And everything is just so well done. There is excellent world building, character development, and the plot is just amazing. And there’s something about it that feels so nostalgic while also being fresh and entirely new.

I wish there were more stories like this out there, but then again I also don’t because then I’d probably feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed by everything. As it is, stories like A Song for the Road really get to shine and stand out when I read them. And I hope that more and more people find this treasure of a book!

About the Author

Catherine Labadie lives in the mountains of the picturesque Carolinas with her husband and her dogs Fannie, Heidi, and Zoey. She’s written and self-published five novels: four new adult fantasy books and one young adult dystopian.

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