Breaking Eselda Review

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About the Book

Strength, humility, speed, mirth, and wisdom are perfectly balanced in the kingdom or Fraun where council leaders make decisions in the best interest of all Fraunians. Meanwhile, young Princess Eselda is being groomed to eventually take the throne of Enchenda. But as her reign draws closer and long-held secrets are revealed, she realizes that her title comes with challenges she never imagined.

After Eselda hears the council has been withholding valuable information about age markers that only affect those born of royal blood, she is horrified to learn that she will soon become malicious, power hungry, and lustful. As she struggled to accept her destiny, Eselda is overwhelmed with fear. Still, she must face her future, one way or the other. There are rulers who will kill to keep these secrets hidden; and rulers who will kill to change the council. What kind of ruler will Eselda be?

In this fantasy tale, a young princess must overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges as she prepares to take the throne of a kingdom in turmoil.


LOOK AT THIS BOOK! ISN’T IT STUNNING?! It’s so sleek and sexy and I’m coming to realize that I have a deep obsession with green and black. But don’t let the outside fool you, this inside is just as amazing! Breaking Eselda is just so good and contains elements that will feel familiar to you while also being an all new and unique world.

So, what do I mean by this? I guess what I’m trying to convey that this book has like a traditional ya feel that I’m always missing. It has those wonderful overlays of important life lessons that I always love to see but is also just a really fun story! There is a delicate balance between the seriousness, the romance, and those cheesy moments I just love to eat up. So yeah, this is a good one. Plus it’s like an epic fantasy without being too bogged down with so many details that it’s hard to read.

This was a great start to a brand new world! The worldbuilding was done really well and I loved learning all about it! And the characters, particularly our Eselda, we so much fun! I really just enjoyed this read, you know? I was able to curl up under the blankets and devour it. And I seriously can’t wait to learn more about these characters and this world and the overall story.

About the Author

Tabatha is the author of the Kingdom of Fraun series,Projection, and 30 Days Without Wings. She believes strongly in the power of helping others and is always willing to help out a fellow writer or reader. Find and connect with her on whichever social media platform you love best.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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