Red Noise Review

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About the Book

Caught up in a space station turf war between gangs and corrupt law, a lone asteroid miner decides to take them all down.

When an asteroid miner comes to Station 35 looking to sell her cargo and get back to the solitude she craves, she gets swept up in a three-way standoff with gangs and crooked cops. Faced with either taking sides or cleaning out the Augean Stables, she breaks out the flamethrower.


Have I sorely been lacking in the space opera reads lately? Yes, yes I have. Has this book reignited my love of all things spacey reads? Yes, yes it has. I can’t believe I had forgotten just how good a book based in space can be, you know, if done right, but Red Noise sure hit the spot that I didn’t know needed filling (which I feel like I’ve been saying a lot this year and is making me have an existential crisis when I realize how niche my reading had become).

This book is a gritty and Western feeling story with some added samurai stylization in space. So, you know, like all the good things in life rolled into one. And on top of the story flows so well and we don’t have to deal with being told the story, it just sort of comes as you read. And what I love most is that while our mc is a woman, she’s not your typical damsel in distress. She’s rough and uncouth and all the other “tom-boyish” characteristics that I love to see shared in stories.

Since we’re coming up on spooky season I’ve been enjoying more gritty and darker reads lately and this one was the perfect sci-fi addition to my season of spook reads. Be prepared for some twists and some darker themes the deeper you get into this story. And saddle up for a fun and amazing read!

About the Author

John P. Murphy is a speculative fiction writer and engineer. His short work includes science fiction and mysteries, and his 2016 novella The Liar was nominated for a Nebula Award. He has a PhD in engineering, drinks a lot of coffee, and lives in New Hampshire.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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