A Misplaced Child Tour – Review

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About the Book

Torn between two worlds, which will she embrace?

Elodie Harper is heir to the magical kingdom of Aluna. Trapped by an evil wizard in an illusion; Elodie grows up caught between two worlds, one of magic, and one of technology.

As the facade of her mundane life of lies and fake smiles cracks, her kingdom crumbles in the absence of its ruler. Join Elodie as she navigates both lives not knowing which to embrace, and which to push into the back of her mind and forget as a bad dream.


A Misplaced Child tells us the story of a girl stuck between two worlds: the “real world” and a magical realm in which she is a princess. This is a whimsical and lush story that interweaves some deeper themes throughout. As I read it I kept flipping back and forth with theories on the underlying themes and just fully immersed myself in the story. This was truly just such a delightful book!

While this book is fun and whimsical there is still so much depth to the story. There is something almost dark to the content that is layered in magic and wonder. And the switches from the real world to the magical world of Twoshy and the characters in each of the worlds just makes this story seem that much bigger! Yet everything was still really well elaborated on and I never felt lost or confused.

This book definitely toes the line between middle grade and ya. I could see younger individuals really connecting with the story as well as some sightly older ones. Plus the magic and delightfulness of the story just makes it something that can be easily enjoyed by anyone. So if you’re in need of some comforting and heartwarming magic, this one is for you!

About the Author

Heather Michelle is an emerging author of young adult fantasy. She lives in Acworth, GA with her cat Mister Bingley and a slew of unique roommates.

Growing up, Heather Michelle spent more time living in her imagination than outside of it. Small town life sandwiched between the redwood forests and the Pacific ocean provided a rich scope for the imagination. Before the age of twelve, Heather Michelle was not a reader, but a chance encounter with a rented audiobook launched her into the vast world of the printed word, and she never looked back.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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