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About the Book

Vengeance will find me.

Jill Criswell

Kingdom of Ice and Bone (Frozen Sun Saga #2)
by Jill Criswell
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Release Date: September 22nd 2020
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

I am a wreck, I am drowning, I need to be saved from myself.

Jill Criswell

Lira and Reyker have lost everything. Including each other.

Lira of Stone watched her home burn and her clan fall beneath the sword of the warlord known as the Dragon. She believes the man she loves, a warrior who defected from the Dragon s army, is dead. Alongside her exiled brother and his band of refugees, she will fight the forces that conquered her island. But the greatest danger may come from Lira herself with the blood of banished gods running through her veins, she s become a weapon, and no one is safe from the power of her wrath.

Reyker Lagorsson thought he was done being a Dragonman. That was before he saw Lira leap from a cliff and vanish into the sea. Determined to honor her memory by protecting her people, Reyker must feign loyalty to the warlord, undermine him at every turn, and seek alliances with renegade soldiers without succumbing to the battle-madness that threatens to possess him once more.

When the Fallen Ones offer Lira a chance to defeat the Dragon, her quest leads her to a place she never expected Iseneld, the warlord s homeland. Her journey into the heart of the Frozen Sun will put her on a collision course with Reyker, costing both of them more than they ever imagined, and leaving her with a terrible choice: to save their countries, she must forsake everything she loves.

Death’s second lesson was about many things. Patience. Desire.

Jill Criswell


Even though this is the second book in the series it didn’t leave out the action! Starting off where the first book ends we’re tossed right back into the thrill of everything going on. And as always, it’s still a brutal world in these pages. So, be prepared and grab yourself a bunch of caffeine because you won’t want to put this one down!

I wanted to stop him. To show him I could. To touch the man who thought himself untouchable.

Jill Criswell

I love how different and unique this world is. And even when we get backstories and world building the adventure continues to build. And the characters! Phew! I love me some morally grey characters and we have plenty in this story! Even the bad guy has me going, wellllllll, I mean *shrugs*. So be prepared for some more darker themes and all the fun that goes along with that!

This is the war. It is where we make our stand. Where we end his reign.

Jill Criswell

So, be prepared for this book. If you’re just as invested in these characters as I am you just need to be ready. And that’s all I’m going to say on that. But wow, I kind of need the next book ASAP but you know, I GUESS I’ll wait. It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

About the Author

Jill Criswell is a writer of Young Adult Historical Fantasy. She was born and raised in the swamps of northeastern Florida. She earned degrees in English and Psychology and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. Her greatest passion, besides reading and writing, is traveling the world; she’s visited fifty countries across six continents, falling in love with places like Iceland, Namibia, and Cambodia. She works as a university English teacher and lives in South Carolina, near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with her husband and daughter (who is named after a volcano in Iceland).

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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