Good Enough Review

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About the Book

Ten facts about myself.

1. My name is Simon Baker.
2. I’m seventeen years old.
3. I have two sisters. Jessica, who’s fourteen and Bailey who’s twelve.
4. My parents aren’t divorced, they’re still together.
5. We live in a nice two-story house in a nice neighborhood.
6. My parents don’t do drugs, they don’t even drink that often, and neither do I.
7. My parents have never hit us, they’ve never kept us locked up in the basement or kicked us out of the house.
8. No one has ever touched me in the wrong place.
9. I’ve been to parties and I’ve been in a few fights but never over anything serious.
10. I didn’t try to kill myself.

Except that Simon wakes up to find that his parents have had him committed to Palmdale Psychiatric Hospital after a failed suicide attempt. Simon wasn’t normal and he knew it. He was struggling after losing his best -and only- friend, with being an outcast at school. He tries his best to pretend that everything is okay, but there is still a part of him that he would always keep locked away from everyone else.

Here, Simon meets the other patients and is finally able to confront the sources of his anxiety and depression. His healing process has just begun when he meets Oliver, another patient, who changes his life.


This book is just right up my alley. It talks about all of those things that are oh so commonly swept under the rug and puts them right out in the open. There’s a lot of difficult topics covered around a cast of amazing characters. And it’s one that once I started reading I couldn’t stop.

I am a huge fan of books that talk about and have mental health representation. And with a setting in a psychiatric ward the author is able to cover so many different things that people go through. But the best part of this story was how well each of the characters were developed throughout the book.

This book will draw you in and make you need to uncover all of the secrets within. There is a mystery aspect to this book and with each chapter you learn a little more. So make sure you’re wide awake (my personal mistake) and have plenty of time to devour this one! Because you won’t want to stop reading it until it’s over!

About the Author

Gemma Donoghue is a first-time self-publishing author, and a lover of anything that involves horror, mystery, and romance.

*I received a ebook in exchange for an honest review*

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