The Vine Eater Review

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About the Book

The highly anticipated sequel to The Frost Eater, a post-apocalyptic YA fantasy novel reviewers called “a wild ride” that “sizzles along to an unexpected end” with “heavy-hitting action,” “magic and dragons,” and “a touch of romance.”

Nora, Krey, and Ovrun rescued vine eater Zeisha Dennivan from magical enslavement. But none of them are truly free.

They’re stuck in the ancient city of Deroga. Together, they must protect the city’s trogs from the vengeful king.

The ongoing conflict is changing them all. Krey and Zeisha don’t truly know each other anymore—he hungers for battle, while she dreads it. Nora and Ovrun are closer than ever, but with her destined to take the crown, their futures are at odds.

And one of the four friends is keeping a terrible secret that will alter everything when it comes to light.

The king expands his army, preparing to vanquish Deroga. Even with two dragons on their side, the teens and trogs will be hard-pressed to defend themselves.

It’s not just the city at stake. It’s the future of Cellerin…and the fates of four hearts.

The Vine Eater takes what you loved about The Frost Eater and kicks it up a notch, with more magical action, heart-pounding romance, and thrilling flights with dragons.

Devour it today.


EEEEE! I’ve been so excited for this book since I read the first one this past year (link above)! I just instantly fell in love with the utterly unique world and characters. Plus the magic system is something entirely new and different. But The Vine Eater was everything I had hoped it would be and I was able to easily fall right back into the world.

In this book the world just continues to expand and evolve, allowing for even more wild adventures. The characters also get some fantastic growth and they truly start to come into themselves. Unlike some books where the second book in a trilogy feels like a filler, The Vine Eater really managed to avoid that common trap. And it managed to be successful because of the careful balance between the plot and the characters. I feel like a lot of second books often only remember to focus on one or the other, so I was really happy to see that I didn’t feel this way at all while reading this one!

And boy oh boy did we also get some world building! I don’t want to go into specifics but my Tolkien addled brain was so excited to learn so much more about not only the world but also it’s history! I mean, we NEED that information! It is what helps make the present actions and events make sense (rant over, I promise, I just get so excited about this kind of stuff!)! But for those of you who aren’t at my level of obsession with world building don’t worry, the pacing of this book is done well enough to keep the action going even when we get these little tidbits of extra information. So yeah, now I just need to twiddle my thumbs until the third book arrives (and you guys, if you haven’t checked it out already the cover is JUST as gorgeous as the first two).

About the Author

I’m Carol Beth Anderson (Beth), an author of YA fantasy and microfiction (super-short stories).

I’m also a mom, wife, dog mom, knitter, and sourdough bread baker,.

You can connect with me through social media using the links on this page, and read about my books by clicking here.

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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