Soul of the Crow ARC Tour – Review

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About the Book

Nevernight meets Reign of the Fallen in this dark saga where assassins wield not blades, but death itself.

When a mortal wants someone dead, they contract a Reaper of Veltuur, an individual born from the underrealm with fatal magic coursing through their veins.

Sinisa is one of them.

For three years, she’s slain her targets dutifully with the aid of her crow familiar. She only needs one more kill to ascend as a Shade, a coveted status of power. And when the King of Oakfall requests a Reaper to execute his daughter for an unforgivable crime, Sinisa is first to volunteer for the job.

It should be easy.

But when the Prince of Oakfall discovers his sister is in danger, he flees the palace with her. Sinisa is left with only two options: journey through the mortal realm to find and slay her mark, or face the consequences of returning to the underrealm empty-handed. It’s no choice at all. She has come too far and is too close to earning her title to let it be taken away from her now.

Besides, no one can outrun a Reaper of Veltuur.

Or can they…

Soul of the Crow is a dark high fantasy adventure with reapers/assassins, bandits, prophets, and enough death magic to keep the entire mortal realm quaking with fear. If you loved Throne of GlassDark MajiKing of ScarsThe Shadows Between Us, or books by Jenna Moreci, Jay Kristoff, Kel Carpenter, and Laura Thalassa, you will devour this epic, gothic saga.

Come. Walk through the forest of the underrealm and discover what’s lurking there in the shadows.


Click the image to see my booksta post!

Ok, I had to admit that this story took me a little while to get into, but once I did oh mamma was it good! I mean, I am the queen of all things doom and gloom and dark and dead. So when yo give me a book with reapers and crows and just such twisted elements you know I’m going to salivate and contemplate numerous was to sell my soul to get my hands on it. But yeah, melodramatics aside this book was everything I could hope for and then some!

So yeah, did I mention that this book has reapers? Because it does. And the creation of these reapers is so interesting. The world is so unique and in this world killing any creature means a life sentence of a reaper, continuing to bring death with just a touch. And then there are crows. Gah I love crows. The crows in this one are the trusty (welllll, as trusty as a crow can be) sidekicks of the reapers, and they have some pretty cool powers of their own. But I think most shockingly my favorite character was the Prince. Can’t say that I’ve ever related to a prince so much but as soon as I met his awkward anxious self I immediately wanted to coddle him because I get it.

But that’s really as much as I want to get into the story plot wise because I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything. Like I said before, this book took me a little bit to get into (and I mean literally about a chapter) because I just had to adjust to the writing style and should honestly probably stop picking up books and starting them at midnight, but it is SO worth sticking with it and devouring this amazing story! And, just a gentle PSA, there is a prequel story to this world and you best believe I’m off to skip away and read this next!

About the Author

JESSACA WILLIS is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the dark, the horrifying, and the paranormal.

She studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees, and incorporates themes from her education (family dynamics, mental health, oppression) into her writing.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to cosplay at conventions, play video games or read comics in her downtime, and to binge-watch the latest fantasy and sci-fi television series. Along with a bunch of other self-proclaimed nerds, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies.

Her debut series, The Awakened is an apocalyptic fantasy series about four people from across the world, trying to learn to live with their powers after society has collapsed.

Click the image to see my booksta post!

*I received a digital arc in exchange for an honest review*

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