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About the Book

Hope City: The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope by Neil Perry Gordon
Publication Date: May 31, 2020

Two teenage boys from San Francisco set off in the summer of 1898 into the goldfields of the Alaskan wilderness.

Warned by his father to conceal his Jewish heritage from the ruffians he may encounter, Samuel Rothman changes his name to the less conspicuous Percy Hope. This fateful decision gives a yet-unnamed mining village a new identity and catapults Percy into a world where the good and the righteous must face greedy and ruthless adversaries.

Along a waterway known as Turnagain Arm, the newly named Hope City and the more established Sunrise are like opposite sisters. The good and virtuous Hope, with a Catholic church led by the influential Reverend O’Hara, admonishes residents against committing the seven deadly sins. In Sunrise, villainous saloon owner Magnus Vega tempts prospectors with whiskey, gambling, and women.

Hope City weaves the tale of a young man falling down a rabbit hole of unexpected hardships and struggling to find his way out, amid a wild and unforgiving environment where ambitious men and women seek their fortunes.

This fast-paced adventure is full of unforeseen twists and will delight all readers looking for a rich and dramatic page-turner with a shocking twist.

Praise for Hope City

“… Gordon’s beautifully imagined prose has clarity and dimension, and he keeps the pacing relatively quick and does justice to the impressive array of characters. Samuel’s emergence from a typical teenage self-doubt is beautifully imagined. Ripe on unforeseen twists and shocking turns, this fast-paced adventure will delight action-adventure fans as well as lovers of nuanced coming-of-age tales. This is a complete entertainment package.” ~ The Prairies Book Review

“The hunt for gold was a time of discovery and excitement for many people. Neil Gordon Perry has crafted a story that takes this time period and allows readers to connect with two friends on their journey in Alaska. Hope City is the type of story that will remind people of the beloved stories like Call of the Wild that bring the adventures of the past to a present audience in an engaging way…” ~ The Nerdy Girl Express

“…But the real treasure in Hope City is to be found in its character development with Gordon once again demonstrating a gift for nuance that vividly brings his characters to life. A rich and dramatic page-turner with a shocking twist, Hope City proves a must-read and is highly recommended.” ~ Book Viral


I feel like you can tell I’ve been watching a lot of adventure and treasure hunting shows lately based off of the books I’ve been reading. What can I say, I really find the subject enjoyable! Plus this is a story of adventure in Alaska, which is one of the places I want to visit the most. So yeah, this was a story that seemed to be made just for me.

And adventure abounds in this story. There are some twists that will keep you interested in finding out what will happen next. And the characters themselves provide plenty of entertainment while reading, helping to develop the plot and give a more realistic appeal to the hunt for gold in the Alaskan wilderness.

This is such a lush novel. The writing just has that something extra that really draws you in and makes you think. There were so many enjoyable moments and the plot really kept you on your toes and made you consider what life was like back then. And all in all, it’s just a really good story.

About the Author

Beginning with his debut novel in 2018–A Cobbler’s Tale, followed by Moon Flower, The Righteous One, The Bomb Squad and Hope City, Neil Perry Gordon has established himself as a well-respected and prolific historical fiction novelist. His story telling ability has earned him high editorial praise from the likes of Kirkus, Midwest Book Review and others, including hundreds of four and five star reader reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Neil attributes his love of the writing process from his formative education at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, where he learned that subjects such as music, dance and theater, writing, literature, legends and myths, were not simply things to be read about and tested, but lessons to be experienced.

His creative writing methods and inspiration have been described as organic; meaning that he begins his work with a general storyline for his characters, rather than working with a formal, detailed outline. This encourages his writing to offer surprising twists and unexpected outcomes, which readers have celebrated. His novels have the attributes of being driven by an equal balance between character development and face-paced action, which moves his stories along at a swift page-turning pace.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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