City of York Review

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About the Book

The Kingdom has been around for as long as mud has been on the planet. Magic abounds—and dragons are its physical manifestation. Once vibrant and proud, they now live in varying states of depression after having their wings clipped. New dragons have not been created since that fateful day, and the magical force has only dwindled with the passing of each dragon.

The Community, the residents of the Kingdom, are no longer the dominant beings in the world. They have ceded that title to humans, or as they inconsiderately call them, Cromies. To ensure the Kingdom’s survival, the Council of Elders made the monumental decision to concentrate all the magic in one place: New York City. From the far corners of the world, the Exodus occurred. Dubbed the City of York by this mythical Community, here they all follow the Order to stay concealed and not bring harm to the general population. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants at large, the Community lives among them.

In the present day, Emily and her friends Cat and James run a start-up news organization. Their quest to inform the public has them unexpectedly crossing paths with members of the Community. When it is discovered that they have an affinity to magic, they are all provided guides, and they immerse themselves in this hidden world.

A motley cast of additional characters is encountered along the way. Prominent among them is Hollister McAvoy, who is a magically made billionaire. He has harnessed the power emanated by dragons and brought cheap, renewable energy to the city. While the Cromies rejoice, he continues to work toward his ultimate objective. There is an age-old prophecy that foretells the dawn of a magical revival. With access to money and technology, he aims to fulfill it by creating prosthetic wings and returning dragons to their former prestige. Can the Kingdom remain in darkness when dragons once again fly?


City of York contains such a fun an interesting world rolled into one book. Throughout the beginning chapters you get introduced to multiple characters and begin to learn about the world through their eyes. Plus there’s dragons and that’s always an immediate win in my eyes. But dragons aren’t all you’re going to find in this magical world rife with adventure, so buckle up when you pick this one up!

This is one of those fantasy books that dives right into the story and world. So, if you’re not super familiar with many fantasy creatures just stick with it and soon enough everything gets explained. The writing in this book is really unique and Person did a wonderful job of creating something unique yet familiar. You’ll find yourself reminiscing as you read even though it’s an entirely new story.

But all in all this one has a little bit of everything. There’s great characters, delightful creatures, and an enthralling story throughout. And it’s all wrapped up in a wonderfully written way (just read it and then you’ll understand).

About the Author

A. Person is a dreamer who has finally been able to give those manifestation tangible form.

What you have here is mush. Sit in front of a screen for too long and apparently your brain will turn into it. For decades upon decades, the imaginary has been colliding with items heard and remembered alongside those enjoyably misremembered. The media has successfully crafted concepts and rhythms which have incepted their way into my head. The proof is in the pudding or should I say mush.

Take out my brain from which all these files are stored and place it in a slow cooker for ten hours. Set it and forget it. Come back later in the day and uncover the appliance. Stir about the gooey creation nice and well. No one likes lumps in their grits or their brains. Take a spatula full and swing it at a wall. Do so as if you were in a frantic attempt to ward of a pesky little flyer. The globs that fall off, discard. The stuff that sticks is to be held in high regard. This I now present to you, clingy, questionably nourishing, intriguing mush.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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