Necromancer Rising Review

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About the Book

The delicate balance of this world is threatened when Babd, goddess of war, is unleashed. With the help of other immortals drawn to her cause, she seeks to free her sisters and merge with them once more to form The Morrigan. Adeline Verone was prophesied to be the Queen of the Dead, the most powerful necromancer to ever grace this earth. The problem? She can’t access her powers. A group of immortals make it their mission to capture her, forcing Adeline to run for her life…and when that doesn’t work; to trust a brooding werewolf that is hiding an agenda of his own. William Flynn had his life turned upside down at the loss of his brother. When a witch falls under his protection he makes the choice to betray her in order to protect his pack. He didn’t realize how much he would regret that decision. Can Adeline and William ally for the sake of defending the world against The Morrigan, goddess of war, fate, and death? Or will William’s betrayal and the uncontrollable lust they feel for one another be their downfall?


This book, this book, this book! I want more stories like this! I mean, look at how unique the synopsis is! And necromancers are an automatic cool factor! But on top of all of this the characters are all well developed and there was enough world building to satiate my Tolkien-esque world building loving self (but don’t worry, it’s not on THAT level, it’s just really tastefully done).

So, I really love when authors aren’t afraid to take on more than one type of paranormal being. And while this can easily lead to a murky and underdeveloped world, that wasn’t the case with Necromancer Rising. All of the supernaturals were well developed (and even if we all recognize werewolves and the like, each author always has a personal style) and I think it helped that the author pulled from some traditional lore. It left the paranormal aspects feeling recognizable but still fresh.

This is the first book in the Raedan Warrior series and I’m really excited to see where the author takes the story next! The book was written in such a beautiful way and I loved seeing the relationship between Adeline and William grow and develop. Add in all of the different types of paranormal elements and this book really is a winner!

About the Author

Ashton Abbott is a home body with a passion for all things paranormal. She lives in the midwest with her husband and two children. Ashton has a penchant for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Minecraft, and getting lost in a good book.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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