Journey Tour – Review

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About the Book

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Publisher: Radius Book Group 

What happens when a male version of Eat Pray Love meets The Alchemist?

Paul is a top business executive hoping to be the next CEO of Ascendant―a New York-based tech giant. He neglects everything―his family and himself―in the race to the top. His fast-paced life is interrupted when he travels to Glastonbury, England, to visit friends in a village rich in history and mysticism. 

Glastonbury represents a complete counterpoint to Paul’s elite corporate day job. It compares to an amusement park, with shops and venues catering to spiritual seekers ranging from would-be witches, goddesses and druids, and burned-out hippies. Like many seekers before him, he is attracted to the energy of a nearby hill―Tor―said to be the mythical Isle of Avalon. Paul meets a beautiful soul reader, Christine, who reads his soul and plants the seeds that turn his life upside down. 

When he returns to New York, his wife, Mary, is skeptical. Is Paul having a spiritual awakening or is he falling in love with an attractive charlatan? His journey both scares and intrigues her as she watches him struggle to navigate between the business and spiritual worlds. A series of synchronistic events draws Paul closer to Glastonbury and Christine, compelling him and a reluctant Mary to return, unaware that their lives will never be the same.


What a subtly magical book! I wanted to read this book because it is so different from everything I typically read. I’ve been working on expanding my reading preferences this year, and so far this tactic hasn’t failed me! This is a story of awakening unto oneself and treading that line between your old and new life. I think that every person goes through this at least one point in life, so it is definitely a highly relatable story!

This book is a perfect read for those days where you just want an escape. It’s not heavy on intense action scenes, but definitely delves into the person and the relationships we gain and lose. Focused on Paul, we learn all of the nuances that can come with life as he travels to Glastonbury and has a spiritual awakening.

I don’t typically read books that are from a male perspective, but I’m really glad that I picked up this one! I still found it really relatable and loved the whole spiritual aspect of the story. It was a thought-provoking yet relaxing read. Reading this is a journey, as the title suggests.

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About the Author

Andrew Zimmerman is the CEO of frog, a global leader in design and strategy. There, he’s responsible for driving the firm’s global strategy, business development and operations. The first in a trilogy, Journey is Zimmerman’s first novel.

*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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