Victims for Sale Review

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About the Book

BBC stringer Sandy lives as a paying guest with the Sawants, a regular, quiet family. Or so she thought. Until she woke up to a woman with a knife … and a dark secret.
It is only after she runs a sting operation on a home for the differently abled that Sandy makes a connection between an institute acting as a front for something sinister and the strange family she lives with. Chasing the truth up a trail of brutal murders, Sandy must evade the clutches of a thriving sex racket and expose the predators before her time runs out.

Praise for Victims for Sale

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“Reminds you of a David Fincher movie.” – HT Media.

“A perfect companion for a mystery-solver’s mind.” – The Free Press Journal.

“Brilliant, stylish and compelling. A new voice whose sharp, descriptive prose is reminiscent of Megan Abbott.” – Charles Salzberg, author of the Swann detective series, New York.

“A thriller that accentuates the cadence of a finely crafted literary oeuvre.” – ITV America.

“A dark, well-crafted tale that takes readers on a disturbing ride through society’s underbelly.’ – Adam Hamdy, author, screenwriter and film producer, London, UK.

“Nish Amarnath’s new book gives you the chills, showing how crime can unfold in both lethal and cosy setups.” – The Hindu.

For fans of Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ and Sophie Hannah’s ‘A Room Swept White’, this debut psychological thriller and crime suspense novel, set in London, is a strident expose on an under-reported form of social injustice where the line of distinction between the betrayer and the betrayed increasingly fades into oblivion.


Well, this book started dark and just kept building and building. Throughout the whole story there is a feeling of unease and something sinister lurking beneath the pages. I honestly don’t even know if I could compare this book to any other book I’ve read, there were just so many well thought out stylization choices that made such a perfectly creepy, dark, but tantalizing story. I am honestly shocked that this is a debut novel because it most definitely doesn’t read as one.

Victims for Sale is listed as a psychologically-driven thriller, as typically when I read books like this I either find them creepy, thought provoking/mind twisters, or mind blowing. Rarely, however, do I find them to fit into multiple buckets, let alone all three like I did with Victims for Sale.

I think my favorite part of this book is how it is paced. We get snippets of information here and there instead of a full train of thought type of thing, and I think that this set up really worked in the authors favor for this book. It added to that creepy feel of the story and continued to build on the mystery of the book. The more you read the more the story comes together into a heart pounding conclusion.

Knowing the theme of human trafficking in this story makes all of the secondary characters suspicious throughout the story. Amarnath’s choice to sort of blend all of these characters together was another well thought out move as it made it so you would second guess everyone at some point. The dark themes were also handled really well and made for such a relevant story. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers and/or mysteries.

About the Author

Nish Amarnath, previously known as Nischinta Amarnath, is a New York-based journalist and writer. She is the author of three books: ‘The Voyage to Excellence: The Ascent of 21 Women Leaders of India Inc.’, ‘Citi and its Scuffle with the Watchdogs’ and ‘Victims For Sale’. Her debut novel, ‘Victims For Sale’ was released worldwide as a psychologically-driven crime thriller by HarperCollins in 2018 and is now a paperbacks bestseller in India. Victims For Sale, nominated for the Mumbai Film Festival Awards, has taken Nish on a journey ranging from the everyday challenges of London’s Scotland Yard and a murder trial at London’s Old Bailey to the practice of breaking vermicelli with a local at a Jalandhar Haveli in the Punjab to the United Nations in New York. Victims For Sale, which gained momentum among television channels across the U.S. and India, against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, won Nish the honor of addressing commercial, crime, literary and fantasy fiction authors and novelists as a speaker at Algonkian NYC’s New York Pitch Conference (in March 2019), tagged by Writer’s Mag and other outposts as one of the top ten literary conferences in North America.
Her upcoming novel, ‘Twin Flame’ is a Trans-Atlantic love saga whose theme song, Incarnation, premiered at New York’s Ripley Grier Studios in March 2019.
Nish infuses her fiction work with elements of magic, mysticism and magic realism in ordinary and starkly real settings, although she would not wish to pigeonhole her oeuvres into the box of ‘magic realism’.
Nish is a member of International Thriller Writers, where she is a Contributing Editor at The Big Thrill Magazine. She also contributes to New York’s Writer’s Edge, guiding authors and novelists towards a realistic path to publication, and has given various workshops in that regard at U.S. State Department affiliates, British Council outposts, and other public and private forums. Nish has written for Dow Jones’ outposts, including The Wall Street Journal. She was previously Managing Editor at Euromoney Institutional Investor and a reporter at S&P Global where she was recognized as an Outstanding Reporter in 2017 as part of the AMMYs, or Alerian MLP Awards, across North America. Her articles have appeared in, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, India Today, The Hindu and Times of India’s city supplements, among others. Upon earning a Distinction in Economics at university, she was the youngest post-graduate media student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, where she was a Margot Naylor Scholar. Later, she received the James W. Robins Reporting Fellowship – a development that urged her to quit a well-paying job as a management consultant at KPMG and attend a business journalism program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism instead. A former Londoner, she lives and writes in New York City.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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