The Edifice Review

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About the Book

Connor Laurel was always small, normal, and routine. He lived in a tiny, tight neighborhood where nothing ever happened. This was his life until he found out he had a rare disease.Connor wasn’t just frightened, he was also getting taken away from his home by strange men. He soon finds out that these men, and the place they’re taking him is anything but small, normal, and routine. Finding out who he really is, what he really has changes everything and raises the stakes. If Connor wants to find understanding, he has to be patient and learn everything he can from his new home. There’s only one problem — Connor isn’t sick, he has an unseen, super power.R. K. Holliday introduces an unforgettable boy who must learn to fight, learn to fly, and defy all he knows to uncover the truth.


Now I don’t always read middle grade books, but when I do you best believe they have magic involved! The Edifice is such a fun, quick, and delightful read! As soon as I started it I was transported back to the feelings I had when I first read Harry Potter. I actually kind of reminded me of a cross between HP and X-Men. But anyways, I just find something so relaxing about stories set in schools for the gifted, don’t you?

The one thing that surprised me the most, and that I absolutely adored, was all of the wild technology in this story! It added a bit of a sci-fi element and I think that really helped this story stand out. I mean magic and technology really do go hand in hand, so it was only fitting that it was added. The world in itself was kind of futuristic which was another cool addition. It made all of the new technology fit in with the story and nothing seemed out of place.

The characters themselves were really charming and fun to read about. Connor is a great example of a young male character and I can see many young boys reading this book. Some of the dialogue was occasionally awkward sounding, but then again this is a middle grade book, so I could just feel that way since I’m *old.* But this in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the story! It was just such a fun read from start to finish and I look forward to the next book in the series!

About the Author

R. K. Holliday was born and raised in central Mississippi. He was a psychologist and software developer before shifting to publishing and writing. He lives in Winter Park, Florida and is often sunburned. THE EDIFICE : BOOK ONE is his debut into fiction

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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