Cries From the Lost Island Review

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About the Book

This standalone fantasy brings an ancient Egyptian mystery to life against a modern background, in a tale expertly crafted by a seasoned anthropologist

Set against the glory and tragedy of ancient Roman Egypt, this novel brings to bring to life the greatest love story of all time.

Sixteen-year-old Hal Stevens is a budding historical scholar from a small town in Colorado. A virtual outcast at high school, he has only two friends: Roberto the Biker Witch and Cleo Mallawi. Cleo claims to be the reincarnation of Queen Cleopatra. She also believes she’s being stalked by an ancient Egyptian demon, Ammut, the Devourer of the Dead.

But when Hal and Roberto find Cleo murdered in the forest near her home, it appears she may have been telling the truth. Her last request sends them journeying to Egypt with famed archaeologist Dr. James Moriarity, where it quickly becomes clear that Cleo has set them on the search of a lifetime: the search for the lost graves of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

But they are not alone in their search. Cleo’s murderers are watching their every move. And not all of them are human…


So, if there is one way to turn me into a petulant child with sticky fingers screaming, “gimme!” it is to combine the two words: anthropology and book. It’s just an instant draw, love, and obsession for me. Has been since middle school. There’s just something about the profession that is so dreamy and wondrous to me. Tie in a book with anthropological aspects WITH an author who is an anthropologist? Well, that’s just like handing me a bar of gold!

But: Happy Book Birthday to this sweet book! It’s been a while since I’ve read a book set in Ancient Egypt, which is really sad because it’s such a fascinating subject. This also means that my memory of ancient Egyptian myths is shoddy at best. So, I really appreciated all of the information in this book! And there is a lot in it. It’s almost as if you’re reading a companion textbook while also reading the story. Which isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Or should I say holy dagger?

The story itself was quite interesting and I love the blend of ancient myths/history blending with modern times. It’s such a unique flair. And speaking of flair, I absolutely LOVED Roberto. The king amongst this cast of misfit, creating wars to stand up for his fellow misfits. And that’s what this story really is about: The underdogs.

About the Author

My professional life began in the dark basement of the Museum of Cultural History in Los Angeles, where I was cataloguing three-hundred-year-old Guatemalan saint carvings. I quit this fascinating job and moved to Wyoming to work for the U.S. Department of the Interior as a historian and archaeologist. When I finally understood the error of my ways I moved to Wyoming and started writing books. Since then, I’ve authored or co-authored 54 novels and around 200 non-fiction publications.

I love writing. And buffalo. And hiking the wilds of Wyoming’s backcountry.

I’m married (until he comes to his senses) to W. Michael Gear, the novelist and my co-author, and we live at the edge of the Wind River Indian Reservation in the Owl Creek mountains of Wyoming. We’re contented watching buffalo and writing books.

*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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