The Frost Eater Review

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About the Book

The Frost Eater by Carol Beth Anderson
The Magic Eaters Trilogy
410 pages
Eliana Press
January 28, 2020

A lonely princess.
A flying teen.
A kidnapped girl who only remembers what happens at night.

Seventeen-year-old Princess Nora is a frost eater who creates magical ice. Her royal life is luxurious but stifling.

Krey West has a rare magical talent: when he eats feathers, he can fly. His one goal is to find his missing girlfriend, Zeisha. He thinks someone in power abducted her.

Krey’s daring feats of magic earn him an invitation to the palace. Craving adventure and friendship, Nora offers to help him find Zeisha. He’s desperate enough to accept—though he hates the monarchy.

The truth is more terrible than they could imagine.

Every night, Zeisha wakes in a dark room full of sleeping people, unable to remember what she did in the light. Her dreams provide violent glimpses into her forgotten days.

If Krey and Nora can’t save her, Zeisha may lose herself forever.

The post-apocalyptic fantasy world of The Frost Eater will keep you compulsively turning the pages. Devour it today.


Look at me writing a review that isn’t for a tour! This semester was supposed to give me a bit more time to plan out my days and *gasp* read more. But alas, so far that has not been the case. Sigh.

So, my grand idea was to start this book at 1AM last night. And well, a few hours later it was both a genius idea and a terrible idea. I mean, this is a book that talked about pimples by the second page (THANK YOU, I AM HERE FOR PIMPLE NORMALIZATION) and had me literally laughing out loud within the next few pages. Lets just say that this high reviews on this book aren’t for naught.

But after weeks on the road, she had pimples from the molded metal that rested on her forehead.

Carol Beth Anderson

So, this is the first book in a new trilogy and I am pumped to continue reading it! The magic system is really interesting and I like the concept of having to “eat” it in order to perform it. But maybe that’s just my constant hangry self appreciating it. I haven’t been reading a ton of fantasy books lately, even though it’s my favorite genre, so this was a great addition to my reading to satiate my starvation for the genre (I’m trying to expand my tastes here).

You are a seventeen-year-old magic eater with the talent of a forty-year-old and the judgement of a toddler.

Carol Beth Anderson

The Frost Eater is incredibly easy to read. Now, don’t get me wrong, I mean it is an easy read in that it’s just that good. It is a book that you will just enjoy reading and feel happy to pick up. It legit had me reaching for my tabs to highlight things I was loving (which I really only do for books I have to pick specifics out for). The characters are actually likeable and the plot is intriguing. This is a fantasy book, but it’s also a post-apocalyptic book. So of course it made my heart sing with joy when I found that out. And, as you can tell, this is one of those books that I’m remaining vague on my review for just because I don’t want to ruin any of the amazingness found within. And my heart was immediately given to a certain manly guard FYI.

About the Author

I’m Carol Beth Anderson (Beth), an author of YA fantasy and microfiction (super-short stories).

I’m also a mom, wife, dog mom, knitter, and sourdough bread baker,.

You can connect with me through social media using the links on this page, and read about my books by clicking here.

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*I received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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