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About the book

Furious Thing
by Jenny Downham
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Release Date: January 7, 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Bad things happen when you’re around, Lex… 

That’s what her stepfather tells her. That’s what she believes about herself.

But how can she convince herself and everyone around her that her anger doesn’t make her a monster? If only she could stop losing her temper and behave herself, her stepfather would accept her, her mom would love her like she used to, and her stepbrother would declare his crushing desire to spend the rest of his life with her. She wants these things so badly, she’s determined to swallow her anger and make her family proud.

But pushing fury down doesn’t make it disappear. Instead, it simmers below the surface, waiting to erupt. There’ll be fireworks when it does…

An intensely real story of manipulation and identity, Furious Thing is about the slippery slope of manipulation and how one girl can fight to claim back the spaces that belong to her. 


There are three rules for making another human happy. The first rule is to be kind. The second rule is to be kind. The third rule is to be kind.

Jenny Downham

So, as soon as I started reading this book I immediately messaged my friend and excitedly told her, “it’s good!” Now, this isn’t because I wasn’t expecting this book to be good, it’s because I have been struggling to remain interested in any books lately. I felt like my love for reading flew out the door. I was reading and enjoying books, but it wasn’t just a careless love. It was something that I was enjoying while also feeling like I had to enjoy it. But this book was different. Special. And it will remain with me for a long time.

Well, let me just be straight with you: I read this book in one sitting. I mean, I didn’t even want to go to the bathroom because I couldn’t put it down. It was powerful. It was inspiring. And I also cried. A lot. Which, is probably because the story hit really close to home for me.

This is a story about anger. A monster of rage brought on by years of emotional abuse. When I first met Lexi, I immediately saw myself in her before any of the warning signs even started showing. I recognized that temper. That fiery spirit. Then the story became more personal to me. I was constantly reminded that Lexi’s mom could have easily been me, if I didn’t have that temper that Lexi does. I was always taught to stand up for myself, which has not always worked in my favor, but in the important instances it has.

I’m being vague on purpose. This isn’t a story for me to tell, it’s a story for Lexi to share. A story to help open people’s eyes that abuse isn’t always visible. A story to help us all to fly.

But obviously, there are some trigger warnings. There is a lot of emotional and verbal abuse in this story, a lot of manipulation, and even forced sedation. So, you might wind up like me and become a blubbering enraptured fool or this story might prove to be too difficult to get through. However, this is such an extremely important and poignant story for today and for always. So please, read it and give it a try.

About the Author

Jenny Downham is a critically acclaimed, international bestseller. Her debut novel, Before I Die, was shortlisted for numerous awards in the UK, including the Guardian Award and the Lancashire Children’s Book of the Year, was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Prize, and won the Branford Boase Award. Before I Die was turned into a movie called Now is Good starring Dakota Fanning in 2012. Her most recent novel, Unbecoming, garnered four starred reviews and was an Entertainment Weekly Must List pick. Jenny lives in London with her two sons.

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