The Devil’s Heir Tour – Author Q&A

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About the Book

Twice she was found drenched in someone else’s blood. 

Calla Jones found her grandmother dead on their kitchen floor. 

Grandmother can’t hurt her anymore. 

And Calla’s finally free. 

Now living in the small-town of Diablo, Washington, Calla is learning what it means to be a regular teenager. But Sunday mass at St. John’s Catholic School for Girls didn’t prepare her for return of the town’s founding family, which is said to include the Devil himself. 

Calla thought she knew what hatred felt like— until Luke Hale glares down at her with his midnight eyes. The other kids say Luke is the son of the Devil, but not even a hundred Hail Marys can keep Calla away. Despite what his eyes say, Luke’s touch sets her aflame, and it’s a burn she’s afraid she’ll come to crave.

About the Author

Leilani Lopez writes romance books. Sometimes she writes about Paranormal romance (The Devil’s Heir Trilogy). Sometimes she writes about college romance (coming soon!). But, she always writes a love story with some cool side-kicks. When she’s not writing, Leilani can be found drinking an iced caramel coffee with breve, watching a rom com, or filming a video for her Authortube channel. 

She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing and is part of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. 

Leilani currently lives in the Bay Area with her Doberman Pinscher named Koda (@KodaDoberman) and her Maltipoo, Casper.

Author Q&A

What made you decide to become a writer?

I love love! I’m a romance writer through and through and a big “shipper” when it comes to other characters so it just seemed natural for me to create my own characters to fall in love with. 

What were your top three reads of this year?

Serpent & Dove
To Kill a Kingdom 
Broken Knight
Two traditional YA and one self-pub romance! 

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Oh man! It’d have to be “Vicious” by LJ Shen. The same author as Broken Knight! She’s an amazing romance writer and truly knows how to write broken bad boys. Which is kind of my guilty pleasure *enter hair flip gif*

Have you been writing all your life, or is it something new that has found you?

Not always! But as cliche as it sounds, Twilight changed my life. It was the first series I truly fell in love with and started my obsession about vampires. So I started writing my own vampire love stories in middle school! LOL

What advice would you give to new writers?

Believe in yourself! At every stage. 

If you hadn’t become an author, what would you be doing?

Living a mediocre life probably. Honestly, as a self-proclaimed affezionato of love, I don’t think I could have stopped myself from being a writer! 

Do you have a “routine” when writing or any rituals?

I try to write from 8-10:30pm almost every day! But now that I’m not technically on a deadline, I don’t push myself to sit and write. Though I did win Nano and was super disciplined about it so I know I can get a good chunk of writing done if I set my mind to it. I always light a candle and tend to watch a rom-com I’ve seen a 100x on my seperate monitor because I can’t write in silence. 

How did you become inspired to write The Devil’s Heir?

I was tired of the bad guys not winning! #TeamKlaus 

What inspirations did you draw from when writing The Devil’s Heir?

Klaus Mikaelson 100% Damaged, misunderstood, passionate, family orientated.

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