Make Your Own Beauty Masks Review

IT’S DIY TIME! So, I have problem skin. It’s sad, but it’s something I have to deal with daily. When I get stressed (which is basically 24/7 now that I’m working on my PhD) my skin breaks out. One solution I have found to try and manage this is masks, specifically sheet masks. So, when I was asked if I would like to be a part of a tour for this wonderful little book, I jumped at the opportunity!

So, let me tell you a little about the book. It comes with a recipe book that contains 38 SIMPLE recipes for face masks. Now, when they say simple they mean it! Most of the recipes use only 3 ingredients and the biggest tool you may need is a blender. The beginning of the book gives you a step by step guide on prepping for the mask, using the mask, and after care. Then it goes into the recipes. Each of the recipes lists out what the mask is best for (i.e. reducing redness, hydration, etc.), the ingredients, and step by step instructions. All of the masks have really fun names and the ingredients are geared towards things you can find in your pantry! Hello money saving! Once you use the mask, if you have leftovers you will just put the rest in an air tight container and apply again the next day!

The book also contains 10 GORGEOUS sheet masks! I mean, just look at them all! I do want to point out that the book reminds you that these are SINGLE use sheet masks, so you are supposed to toss them when you’re done. But, if you’re like me you’ll rinse and reuse these babies!

Each of the recipes can be applied with a sheet mask or on their own, there are instructions for either way.

So, for my first mask I chose the “Mamma Chia!” mask. I don’t know if it is my Greek blood that called me to it or if it’s the fact that it’s supposed to help with a plethora of issues I’m dealing with currently. Probably both. This mask was super simple and I did have all of the ingredients in my pantry, so no grocery store visit for me!

So, first thing I did was get out all of my ingredients. Like I said, this mask only required three things so it didn’t take me long at all to get everything prepared. First I brewed a cup of green tea (I used a Yogi brand), and while that was brewing and cooling I grabbed some of my local honey and some chia seeds (I only had my white chia seeds open, but they are normally black in color).

Once the tea had brewed and cooled a bit I mixed everything into a small mixing bowl based off of the measurements in the instructions. This was super easy and the chia seeds helped to thicken up the mixture.

Next I put my sheet mask in the mixture and let that soak for a few minutes. I chose the doggo mask because I wanted to match my Ziggy (my mini poodle fur baby). I wasn’t sure how this mask would work with the chia seeds because they can be slimy, but everything stayed where it should when I put on the mask (see photo at the end)! The only thing I would say about the sheet masks is that if you have huge eyes like I do you may want to enlarge the eye openings slightly, as it was a tight fit for me. BUT, I made it work!

While I hung out with the sheet mask (they recommend 10-20 minutes) I decided to pack up all of my leftovers. I used a small glass container because I felt like it would be easier to scoop out if I decide to try it without a sheet mask or to just soak a mask up on top. Using the glass container also means I can reheat it a little bit really easily if I decide!

I had a bit of leftover tea after I measured out the 4 tablespoons, so when I was packing up my leftover mask I decided to add in the rest of the tea. This is going to slightly throw off all of the measurements, but since chia seeds expand so much I didn’t want to risk them soaking up all of the liquids.

So, as you can see my major breakouts are obviously still there. BUT, they are reduced and all of the smaller blotches of red are gone. I used ZERO filters or photo editing on these photos, so what you see is what is really there! My face also felt really firm and moisturized after I took the mask off. To take off the mask you first rinse off all of the residue with lukewarm water (if you use a chia seed one it’ll take a while to get those sticky buggers off) and then you help close up your pores with some cool water. That’s it! All I did for some after care was a spritz of rosewater and some of my light daily moisturizer.

P.S. Sorry I have RBF, I was trying not to get chia in my eyeballs and it’s just natural for me, lol!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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