Practical Magic Review

I’m finally back and writing a review! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, my mother was up for an extended stay so I didn’t have time to update! So, I’m going to start my *hopefully* rapid fire reviews with a review on Practical Magic. My reading this has been a long time coming, and I’m so happy I finally picked it up! I’m going to do something a little different, and probably blasphemous, and I am going to compare it to the movie. Now, hear me out, I’ve loved the movie for a long time and I was really intrigued with all of the differences between the book and the movie and how differently I felt about the same things between the two portrayals.


Ok, can I just say I need more Sally in the book? Sally was always my favorite in the movie, which is why I think book Sally fell a little short for me. Her story in the book was rushed over that last chapter or so and I just wanted more of it throughout the book.


Gillian was pretty similar and I’d say she actually had a bigger role in the book than the movie. She’s one of those characters that you love to hate. She’s clearly and obviously one of those people that can’t help but be selfish, but she’s also not someone that you utterly loathe. I feel like this is a terrible description, but that’s what has come out of my brain.

Sisterly Love

I mean, these sisters fight like sisters and they love each other like only sisters can. Their love for one another transcends the movie and the book.

The Aunts

The aunts in the movie are VERY different from the aunts in the book. In the movie they’re a couple of fun loving wild women. In the book they’re a bit more mysterious and I was left wanting to know more about their backstory. The aunts weren’t in much of the book, but when they were things were intriguing!

Next Generation Owens

Ok, seriously, Sally’s children were the biggest and weirdest change for me between the book and the movie. Seriously, it had me questioning if I remembered the movie correctly. You guys, just… I’m still shook over this and questioning my sanity.

So, some final thoughts and points I’d like to make. FIRST AND FOREMOST, WHY ARE THE CHAPTERS SO LONG?! I need to stop at the end of a chapter, but this book is basically split up in giant sections instead of chapters. WHY? I had to stop in the middle of pages and chapters and it was so confusing.

Now, there are a lot more differences, but I don’t want to spoil anything from the movie or the book. They’re both amazing in their own rights. The book is written with a lyrical mysticism that aids in increasing the magic of the story. The movie is basically the quintessential 90s witchy movie, I mean, need I say more?

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