Sorcery of Thorns Review

I still want the original cover.

Ok, so I finally finished Sorcery of Thorns and I have some thoughts. This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year because I absolutely love An Enchantment of Ravens. An Enchantment of Ravens is everything I miss in ya. It is a magical and whimsical story that doesn’t try to be anything else. It’s just a good story with no “ulterior” motives. So, I came into Sorcery of Thorns expecting something similar, only to find out it isn’t.

So, while Sorcery of Thorns isn’t like An Enchantment of Ravens, I still enjoyed it! It was, as expected, amazingly written and had such a magical tale within it. And Nathaniel Thorn is a little cutie patootie. I’m a sucker for a sarcastic warlock, what can I say?

Now, if you’ve watched Howls Moving Castle you’ve pretty much read this book. Instead of Sophie a hatter you have Elizabeth a librarian. And Howl is now named Nathaniel (and yes, he’s still melodramatic). Instead of Calcifer a fire demon, we have Silas a demon who can shift into a fluffy kitty. And that is basically where all of the differences end. Am I myself being melodramatic about this? Yes, a little. But it was so overhyped that this was such a unique story, only for me to start it and realize it’s a retelling of one of my favorite movies (and I say the movie because the book has a slightly different plot).

The book starts off a bit slow, but it soon picks up and becomes a wild ride of magic, demons, and tricky grimoires.

For those of you who have read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And see if you agree with me on the Howl’s Moving Castle comparisons.

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