Why Physical Copies?

Physical copies of books have always been something I prefer. I used to read ebooks back in the day, but as I’ve aged I have found that I just cannot read ebooks. I always wind up with a migraine whenever I try to read an ebook.

Does anyone else have this issue?

The fact that I’ve given up on ebooks is unfortunate on a multitude of levels: my house has stacks of books everywhere (although, I don’t really see this as a problem), I don’t get the sweet deals on physical books like ebooks have, and as a reviewer I cannot always get physical arcs and have to politely decline e-arc offers.

Stacks on Stacks

Is my house becoming overrun with piles and stacks of books? Yes, yes it is. This is both a blessing and a curse. I have at least one bookcase in every room, but this isn’t enough anymore and I have pretty much run out of room. So, now I’m struggling with figuring out how to rearrange my shelves or where I might add in an additional shelf. I’ve been in a house rearranging mood so I have some new spots available in some of my rooms. But even if I have stacks of books everywhere I am happy, I’ve always wanted my own personal library and it is shaping up to be a wonderful collection!

Book Deals

Ebooks always seem to have some sort of deal going on. Amazon always seems to have bestsellers listed between $1-$2. But physical books cost most to produce. Between the paper for the book, the covers, the printing, and marketing for the book it ratchets up the cost. Being broke 24/7 I have learned how to find books at a cheaper cost. First and foremost: see if you have a local used bookstore. This not only supports a local business, but I always seem to find new releases that have obviously never been read. For books that I’m not too concerned with how perfect of condition they are in I generally buy a used one on Amazon. These copies typically go for around $5 (once you’ve added in shipping costs). Finally, I have learned to stalk and love Book Outlet. Here you can find amazing deals on books that publishers had an overstock of. I must warn you, they don’t have the best customer service. But out of all of the books I have ordered only one came in damaged condition (a torn dust jacket) and even though they never responded to my ticket about it, I really can’t complain because I get such good deals!


As a Reviewer it can be difficult to not read ebooks. I would be able to read and review a lot more books if I read ebooks, as publishers only have a limited amount to share of physical arcs (advanced reader copies). This has just made me understand that I will not be able to review every book I want. But I’m ok with that, there aren’t enough minutes in a day to do that. It has also led me to being careful about which books I select to request and to be thankful for when I do receive one in the mail.

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