Resurrection Girls Review

Releases October 1, 2019

Where do I begin with this book? Let me start by saying that this book felt like a gift. You could tell that this story is personal, which added a depth to the story. There was always an undercurrent of “realness” to the story that intertwined with the multiple types of grief. Which leads me to a trigger warning. This book covers some really difficult topics. Topics on losing a child/brother/relative, grief, depression, addiction, and an inability to cope.

Now, onto the story. Let me start out by saying the story wasn’t what I was expecting going in. I thought the book would be more magical/witchy. And it’s not, until the very end (which I will come back to later). This book is very much a real story. It is a kick in the gut and scary, because it can happen to anyone. We all think that we will remain strong when faced with losing a loved one. But what if this loss is an accident? What if you are left feeling guilty for the loss?

I was death’s sister.

She was murderer’s daughter.

Ava Morgyn

So, let me provide a brief summary of the book, you know, now that I’ve vaguely rambled about it. Olivia Foster and her family have been living in a state of limbo ever since the her brothers death. Her mother has shut herself in her room and is living from one pill to the next. Her father leaves for work every day and doesn’t come home until late at night. Olivia? Well, she’s just breathing. That’s it. Her life has basically been put on hold. Enter the girl next door and her family of generational women. Kara Hallas along with her mother and grandmother lift the lenses that have been covering Olivia’s eyes and help her to begin to live her life again.

Morgyn has a lyrical way of writing. The prose just flowed in a gorgeous manner. This is definitely an amazing debut for the author, and I believe that the personal aspects helped elevate it. While the story was very poignant, the more witchy elements seemed rushed and undeveloped. The book wanted to take it there, but it just didn’t quite make it.

Also, I need to talk about our girl next door, Kara. I wanted to enjoy her character, I could tell that there are many elements to her. But I just couldn’t. She was such a terrible friend, even if she was the friend Olivia needed at the time. I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this particular character!

*I received an arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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